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Re: enlightenment chinese support?

¡° ¤Þ­z¡mstatue (statue)¡n¤§»Ê¨¥¡G
> ¡° ¤Þ­z¡mmxu@cae.wisc.edu (Min Xu)¡n¤§»Ê¨¥¡G
> > Can you give more detail on this? I am using aqua theme and I try to
> > change the font to Chinese font, but failed. Which place in the theme
> > should I look for changes?
> > thanks a lot
> > -Min
> > On Sat, Jun 22, 2002 at 12:03:33AM +0800, Clive Lin wrote:
> ftp://freebsd.sinica.edu.tw/pub/clive/zh-Aqua-DR16.tgz
½Ð°Ý¤@¤U¡A¤j®a¥Î¤F¤W­±©Ò´£¨Ñªº theme ¤§«á¡A¦b menu ©Mµ{¦¡ªº title ¤Wªº¤¤¤å
¦³¥hºô¸ô¤W¤U¸ü¨ä¥L theme ¦^¨Ó·ÓµÛ freebsd handbook ¤W©Ò´£ªº¥h§ï enlightenment

¹ï¤F¡A§Ú¬O¥Î debian unstable ª©¥»ªº¡C


¬O¤£¬O unstable ª©ªº enlightenment ¦³°ÝÃD©O¡H¦³½Ö¦³¹J¨ì¤@¼Ëªº±¡§Î¶Ü¡H

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