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Re: gaim 中文支援

>  version 0.59.1 (08/25/2002)
>         * Created a gtk1-stable branch for GTK+ 1.2 bugfix releases.
>           Development will continue in our main branch in GTK+ 2 only.
>         * Fixed a security bug in the manual browser setting (Thanks
>           Robert McQueen)
>         * Now using libiconv for better i18n support (Thanks Junichi
>           Uekawa)
>         * Will work with Perl 5.8 (thanks, Timothy Lee and Dan
>           Colascione)
>         * Fix for HTTP proxies (thanks, Ethan Blanton)
>         * Read proxy environment variables. (thanks, Christian Hammond)
>         * Use the pretty gaim.png for our menu entry.
>         * Added support for gettext 0.11.x.
> 我包了一份 unofficial debian package,這是 for woody 的。給急需要中文支援的朋
> 友使用。如果使用 unstable ,Debian Maintainer Robert McQueen
> <robot101@debian.org> 已經將 0.59.1 放出來了。
> # Gaim
> deb http://kalug.linux.org.tw/~chihchun/debian/gaim ./
> deb-src http://kalug.linux.org.tw/~chihchun/debian/gaim ./

Does this fix the problem that typing chinese crashes gaim?
I have the package from debian unstable branch, same version. When I start 
gaim in xcinterm and type some chinese characters, gaim crashes at once and 
attempts to make a core dump. This does not happen with all chinese chars, 
but with some.


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