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defoma 銝??甇?&憭??gbk?

??蝙?牡efoma憭??simsun, hints??辣憒??:

category truetype
begin /usr/share/fonts/truetype/sim/simsun.ttf
  Family = Sim-Song
  FontName = Song-Medium
  Encoding = Unicode
  Location = Chinese-China English
  Charset = ISO10646-1 GBK GB2312 ISO8859-1 BIG5
  UniCharset = GBK GB2312 ISO8859-1
  GeneralFamily = Song
  Weight = Medium
  Width = Fixed
  Shape = Upright
  Alias = SimSun
  Foundry = Sim
  Priority = 20
  X-Family = SimSun
  X-ElementAlias = foundry=default:family=song:resx=72:resy=72
  TTCap = halfwidth-bw=0.5 italic-angle=0.167 no-roblique no-oblique

蝏??defoma撠?onts.dir銝貞imsun gbk?????????bw=0.5, ?嗅?X撠勗??曄內撌血?銝芣?摮??.
霂琿??留efoma???憸???舀???ints??辣???憸? 靚Z陝.

N?I@R	??hu糋jw!?津褯?紱b羞y??鉰+aj??-↘妓緶r?y:頩鉋
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