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Re: Using Acrobat 5.0 's Chinese OTF in XPDF Again


On Fri, Feb 15, 2002, mau_lee_hk@hongkong.com wrote:
> Dear All,
> let me further my question first. I am now using PDFlib 4.02 that supports
> HKSCS . and CMap file for HKSCS should be already bundled in the latest
> xpdf 1.00 pack. 

  Sorry, I'm out of date.

  Yes, PDFlib-4.0.2 can support OpenType with TT/PS outline.
  And xpdf-1.0 has HKSCS CMap file in Chinese-Traditional

> So , If converting Adobe's Chinese otf font to other truetype font is
> possible. What should i do ?

  FT2 support OpenType 1.3. But this does not mean X/xpdf can
  support OpenType(at least now, sorry I'm not very sure, but
  xpdf has CFF code in it).

  Maybe you can:

  1. embed the OpenType font via PDFlib.
  2. convert otf to TTF/CID-Keyed font with PfaEdit(?).

  If you don't embed the fonts, xpdf will use font loaded by X(
  I mean Chinese font), it means you need a TTF with extra HKSCS
  glyph. So maybe 1. is the better solution.
  * Can XFree86-4.2.0 load CFF?
  FYI only, maybe I'm wrong.

					Edward G.J.Lee

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