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[FWD] Re: [Pfaedit-devel] About loading Chinese TTF/TTC


  報告大家一個好消息,PfaEdit 現在已可以支援 Big5 碼(CVS version)。

  File => References => NewCharset 就可以看到啦!:-)

  多謝 George Williams,他已努力了將近半個月。

----- Forwarded message from George Williams <gww@silcom.com> -----

From: George Williams <gww@silcom.com>
Subject: Re: [Pfaedit-devel] About loading Chinese TTF/TTC
To: "Edward G.J. Lee" <edt1023@ms17.hinet.net>
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2001 21:01:46 -0800

>  They said in Big5 encoding, I will try to contact with the author of
>  the fonts. Becuase WCL adn Arphic fonts are free fonts, maybe it's
>  more important than kaiu/mingliu. Thanks.
Ah ha! Got it. Microsoft's docs say it should have a PRC encoding. Adobe's 
docs say it's big5. I presume Adobe is correct here.

Anyway PfaEdit should support big5 now.

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Warm Regards,
Edward G.J. Lee(李果正)

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