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Re: lyx-cjk 1.1.6fix2好像中文已經沒有問題了

On Tue, Jul 10, 2001, Gong Yi LIAO wrote:
> But it seems still can not process the chinese latex documents
> I got many problems while I want to makr a chinese .dvi file after finish the edition,
> How shoult i toc configure the .lyx files to make it works with cjk-latex?

  here is my ~/.lyx/preferences

  \language_package "\usepackage{CJK}"
  \language_command_begin "\begin{CJK*}{Bg5}{aming}"
  \language_command_end "\end{CJK*}"
  \language_auto_begin false
  \language_auto_end false
  \converter latex dvi "bg5latex $$i" "latex"
  \converter dvi pdf "dvipdfm $$i" ""
  \viewer pdf "xpdf"
  \font_encoding default

  another tags maybe need insert cjk-latex tag yourself.

Warm Regards,
Edward G.J. Lee(李果正)
edt1023 at ms17.hinet.net
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