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Re: 問個emacs的問題

Pun Kuan Tou <toukp@macau.ctm.net> writes:

> 這個設定只在fontset-0中顯示正常,就是不能顯示出中文的粗體及斜體。是
> 我漏設了什麼嗎?

i really don't know. for me, i am not a fan of stylized chinese
fonts. tell me, when did you ever see a italicized chinese character
in paper books? it looks ugly. (indeed, the emacs21 default use SongTi
for normal chinese text, and KaiTi for italicized text, which is
really cool for that they seems to understand the difference between
chinese and english.)

and before the anti-aliased fonts come into real life(tm) for xfree,
the bold faced chinese character looks really dirty.

but of course you may want to try this:

M-x set-face-font


M-x customize-face

hope that helps, (Cc:ed to debian-chinese 'cause others may be more
help to you.)

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