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Re: see chinese filenames in fat32 partition

i solved the problem already...
the key is to add the parameter "iocharset=cp950" when mount...

¡i ¦b gallon (Terry) ªº¤j§@¤¤´£¨ì: ¡j
: On the command prompt,
: type "mount -t [DEVICE] [MountPoint]"
: which option 't' specified the filesystem type.
: type "man mount" for more information.
: ¡i ¦b ykcheung (§â§Úªº¹Ú·n¿ô¤F) ªº¤j§@¤¤´£¨ì: ¡j
: : does anyone know how to do this?
: : i can see and create files of chinese filenames in my ext2 partition 
: : already, but can't see those chinese names in the mounted fat32 drive.


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