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Re: locales


> BTW, it might be safer to use "zh_TW.Big5" instead of "zh_TW.big5".

Urk - that's what I meant to type. Sorry. :-)

> Please check two things:
>   1. If something like xa or cv or xa+cv is loaded, *kill* it.
>      (I wonder if cpanel still loads it or not... I dare say it shouldn't
>       use xa+cv any more.)

I actually have uninstalled cpanel. But will check into this anyway.

>   2. In Netscape, go to menu: View -> Character Set -> Western (ISO-8859-1).
> > I asked in debian-users and in the #debian chat channel on
> > irc.openprojects.net, but the question was ignored. :-(
> Of course... few, if any of us, hang out there.  :-)

Heh. Thanks.

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