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Pardon me for jumping in - I just joined this list.

I have been playing with Chinese computing under Debian /Linux but have
been confused by the topic of locales.

I couldn't get applications to display characters consistently, so started
looking into locales ... I found that my locale settings were all --
without my having done anything explicit -- set to zh_TW.big5. My only
guess was that perhaps the Debian Chinese Panel application had done this,
but I am not sure.

I finally figured out how to reset locale values; however, most
international characters in Netscape (French, Spanish characters with
accents) show up as Chinese characters. And it seems that it is a *pair*
of alphabetic chars (the 'ca' in the word 'Francais' for example) that is
being translated to a Chinese character - which makes sense since Chinese
characters are double byte. 

But I don't know how to get Netscape to *not do this*. It isn't language
or font settings in Netscape ... it isn't locale settings. What could it

I asked in debian-users and in the #debian chat channel on
irc.openprojects.net, but the question was ignored. :-(

Glenn Becker
Online Producer, Community

At 10:19am on Wed, 28 Feb 2001, ha shao wrote:

> On Wed, Feb 28, 2001 at 12:34:08AM +0800, phinex@hpcc.ee.nthu.edu.tw wrote:
> > > 
> > > Can you unset all the Chinese locale related environments? It seems
> > > that you still have Chinese messages. From some ptrace I got, it seems
> > > the problem is gettext related. So ...
> > > 
> > 
> >	Thanks, it works after I unset all of the locale setting related
> >	to "zh_TW.Big5".  But other problems have happened again, and
> >	I am in trouble again.	I remeber when I upgrade the "potato"
> >	to "unstable", whenever there is a error message like this
> >	( dpkg error). I just run "dpkg --cofigure -a" or go to the
> >	/var/cache/apt/archieves/ to directly use "dpkg -i package" to
> >	correct the error messages.  But know, either way can not work.
> >	Can I get more information about this kind of error messages? Or
> >	is there exist any kind of methods which can be used to trace
> >	this kind of errors?
> I don't really understand you here. I am not really familiar with dpkg.
> I suggestion is for now, wrap apt-get arounnd a script, unset locale
> before running apt-get in the script. I think there is a dpkg mailing
> list. You might have better luck there.
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> Best regard
> hashao
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