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Re: Gdk fontset waring??

On Mon, Feb 26, 2001 at 08:30:57PM +0800, changcs@santos.ee.ntu.edu.tw wrote:
> Hi, there,
> 我按照faq的說明設定了 /usr/share/abisuite/fonts/Big5/fonts.dir
> 但是一執行abiword就跑出以下訊息:
> Gdk-WARNING **: Missing charsets in FontSet creation

This is your /etc/gtk/gtk.zh_TW.big5 problem. make it point to
some big5 font in your system.

> 有人知道原因嗎?當然,中文word檔還是show不出中文... :(

Have you set LANG=zh_TW.big5?

Best regard

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