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Re: [Q] My crazy keyboard

Thanks, I will do it if the keyboard dies again without knowing any reason
and hope it works without push the switch button.



edward.>   Recompile your kernel, when make config, set ``Magic System
edward.>   Request Key support'' to yes.
edward.>   Howto use it:
edward.>   Alt + SysRq(PrintScreen) + s  ==> sync
edward.>   Alt + SysRq + u ==> remount read only
edward.>   Alt + SysRq + b ==> reboot the system
edward.>   * detail in /usr/src/linux/Documentation/sysrq.txt
edward.>   Then you can say bye-bye to ``Reset''. :)
edward.>   And then, try to find out what's going on of your system.

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