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Re: ADSL for Potato, IBM ThinkPad T20

Cheng Chih-Jem wrote:

> 想請問一下關於ADSL使用上的問題
> 當我使用ADSL撥接時,總是在進入PPP階段就得不到回應,然後斷線 :(
> 另外試過RedHat 6.2也是同樣的情形,明明HiNet說明書上註明有測試過啊
> 是否因為我使用的notebook的關係?是否有什麼需要特別設定的地方被忽
> 略了?如果知道的話,請幫幫忙,謝謝。

1. What ADSL client software are you using?
    I'm using RP-PPPoE (downloaded from Internet). In fact, I just install it
five minutes ago, and this is my first mail. I also connect with HiNet, and my
machine is also a notebook.

2. You should also check the 'messages' or 'syslog' log file, it should tell you
what's wrong.

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