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Re: 關_中文locale中~字的排序

On Wed, 13 Sep 2000, rigel wrote:

> On Wed, Sep 13, 2000 at 06:45:00AM +0800, hashao wrote:
> > 鑒于目前沒有完整的拼音對照表,目前只能使用筆畫排序,我只是
> > 提議對日後使用拼音排序加以考慮。因為中文化依靠的是國際化,
> > 僅僅是純中文程序是不夠的。
> "日後......加以考慮"?! 情況恐怕只會越來越懷. 現在有7000字無拼音, 等
> SuperCJK出來大概會有50,000字沒拼音了. 我懷疑有些字連專家都不知道怎麼
> 念.

Two examples are U+20091 and U+219CC[1], created by the Tang female
emperor Wu Zetian 武則天 to test Wang Qi 王起.  He didn't know what they
were, nor how to read them, because she just made them up on the spot! :)

(And even she doesn't know, because she didn't give them a reading nor a

[1] These are in CJK Extension B, on Plane 2.

They look like:
  http://www.mojikyo.gr.jp/gif96/000/000126.gif (U+20091)
  http://www.mojikyo.gr.jp/gif96/007/007061.gif (U+219CC)

(You can find them in the _Kangxi Zidian_ 康熙字典, _Dai Kanwa Jiten_
大漢和詞典, or the _Hanyu Da Zidian_ 漢語大字典.)

Thomas Chan

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