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Re: The glibc-2.2 locale name problem

On Tue, Oct 24, 2000 at 10:07:57PM +0800, thhsieh@linux.org.tw wrote:
> Excuse me, may I ask a FAQ? Why does glibc normalize the charset name
> to lower case? Is this way a standard or something like that?

Hello T.H. Hsieh,

AFAIK, there's no standard regulating the charset names (upper case,
lower case or mix). Because of the lack of standards, we have seen 
a great deal of chaos and confusions in locale naming, as you can contest. 
>From what I understood and what I heard, this is exactly the reason why
glibc decided to normalize the charset names internally. So be it zh_TW.Big5
or zh_TW.BIG5, they all internally become zh_TW.big5. By doing so, glibc
does not violate any standard, yet put great ease on users. They can use
whatever name they used to and have same locale support. IMHO, this is
GOOD THING (TM). It's not like one night Mr. Drepper drunk too much coffee
and decided to force everyone to use lower case names.

To summarize, the reason of glibc normalizing charset names is not due
to any specific standard, instead it's due to the lack of standard. The
benefit of doing it is to relieve user from being forced to use any
particular locale name (so called "official" names :)).


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