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Re: ??漣?逃de2.0-20001016debian?,koffice?臭誑?曄箔葉???

On Thu, Oct 19, 2000 at 01:49:51AM +0800, Yu Guanghui wrote:
> hi
>   隡啗扇摨?砲?疼de?芸楛???憸????憭拙??舀?koffice??debase??漣?唬?2.0-20001016
> ???,?啣??男word??歇蝏??隞交?撘銝剜???辣鈭?銋??隞亥????芣?餈??鈭??憸????銝?> ?賢?銝剜?銝?宏??雿??kedit????臭?銵?????芾????摮?泵??挽??et-gbk,kedit撠?> 撏拇?鈭????銋?瓷???????嗡葉敹????閫??->摮??霈暹? set-gbk. :(
>   ???霂??zh_TW.Big5,銝?瑞??桅?.
>   ?啣???挽??? LC_ALL=zh_CN.GB2312, KDE_LANG=zh_CN.GBK,憒????C_ALL=zh_CN.GBK
> ???,kde?箸?銝???賢?鈭?xfs-xtt??server???鈭?0%隞乩???pu.

Hi Yu Guanghui, sorry I wasn't able to reply your earlier emails. I'll just
comment on this one. GBK is absolutely not necessary. I had run 5 kde2 betas
and 2 release candidates all under gb2312 locale and they all seem to be happy.
There isn't a lot to set it up either. For a glibc2.2 (beta) system, the
following simple steps are enough, probably you have done them all.

1. installed all necessary kde2 packages.
2. install kde-chinese localization package.
3. make a link /usr/share/locale/zh_CN to zh_CN.GB2312, since now kde will
   look for the "charset" file under zh_CN, not zh_CN.GB2312.
4. If your .kde directory is from kde1 or the very early betas, delete it (or
   better yet, rename it and later merge the config files manually).
5. Start kde under C (default) locale and in control center->country & language
   setting: set Country to China (cn) (Language automatically zh_CN.GB2312)
   and charset to set-gbk. Quit.
6. From now on, you can start kde under gb2312 locale:
       export LC_ALL=zh_CN
       export LANG=zh_CN
       now start kde

The last kde2 I tested was RC2 which is roughly the same as 2.0-20001016. 
I didn't see any of the problems you mentioned. Kword, kedit and kwrite all
basically function correctly in opening chinese files, inputing chinese (with
chinput) and displaying chinese. My system is RH7+glibc2.1.95, though I doubt
the system making any difference. 

You are right, let's just wait a couple days and see the final release.


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