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Re: □戒□□界□ libc6 2.1.95□□□gb2312□□big5 locale?

Hello 鈭?嘀颲?
On Mon, Oct 16, 2000 at 08:35:01AM +0800, Yu Guanghui wrote:
>      ok , link 銝銝?停?臭誑鈭?? //fool saka,憭扳??典予?交?鈭??瘝⊥??啣?隞亥??瑯?>    ???摨?砲蝏?ocales銝銝沱ugreport.

You should not need to link anything, glibc 2.1.95 locales should work just
fine out of box, unless debian maintainer accidentally broke it. Did you tried
and failed, or you just didn't see the familiar zh_CN.GB2312 and zh_TW.Big5
directories? By default, glibc 2.1.95 installs 5 zh locales in /usr/lib/locale,
zh_CN (gb2312), zh_CN.gb18030, zh_HK, zh_TW (big5) and zh_TW.euctw. As you
can see the two locales are there and just got different names. Glibc is smart
enough to know that you want to use zh_CN even if you set LC_* to zh_CN.GB2312
or zh_CN.gb2312, same holds true for zh_TW.Big5 and zh_TW.big5. Actually it's a
little bit too smart and outdone itself, even you set locale to zh_CN.garbage,
it will set it to zh_CN.

If you really want to create an alias for a locale, soft link is not the
suggested way. You might want to use /usr/share/locale/locale.alias instead.


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