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Re: JMCCE 1.0中文環境

On Mon, 12 Feb 2001, Anthony Fok wrote:
> Actually, I have already made a preliminary deb package of jmcce about a
> month ago.  (It has a file date of 2001-01-16.  :-)  It is still sitting
> on my hard drive, not uploaded yet.
> I noticed some problems too, probably minor ones:
>   * DOS-style CRLF in the program source.  (Okay, I'm being picky.)
>   * The input method files are in binary format, and there was
>     no documentation on how to add/modify them.  In this sense,
>     it is not very "open source".  Hope it is just an oversight.
> I am too lazy, so I haven't e-mailed Taiwan Linux yet, but maybe some day.
> :-)
> Meanwhile, Linuxrat, would you like us to make an OLE deb?  :-)
Well, that'll be great if someone would like to make an OLE deb to
replace CCE. For OLE is a supperset of CCE. All modified code of
CCE could be used in OLE.
> I do have a question though:  Did you make up the name
> "Oriental Language Environment"?  Or did Kevin Pang rename
> his old JMCE package to OLE?
Kevin did it. :) It seems that you could check it out within the
CLE devel maillist. I got that news from there.

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