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Re: Unicode 版的 Debian/CLE

zw> > Me too. I could not read any chinese letter in the contents. The information
zw> > in the header shows,
zw> > Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary="H1spWtNR+x+ondvy"
zw> > Content-Disposition: inline
zw> > 
zw> > Could someone explain it?
zw> It's Big5, as I believe. Ohh, you mean it's Unicode? ;-)

Did you read it from chinese-gb? 
No,I did not think it is Unicode.

zw> (Nay, current XEmacs cannot read UTF-8, Hmm...)

Mew+Emacs+mule-ucs can read utf-8.

zw> P.S. Gnus can read that email. (It's MULE, I'd say...)

Form chinese-big5 or chinese-gb? Did you read the message by Fok.

foka> 奇怪,不知什麼原因,似乎我們的 Big5<->GB 轉碼程式沒有轉到信件的
foka> 正文。現在謹代重寄一次,希望在 debian-chinese-gb 上的朋友也能
foka> 看得到。



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