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Re[2]: Chinese installation on debian?

Hello Xuedong,
Wednesday, December 06, 2000, 10:21:51 AM, you wrote:

XZ> On Tuesday 05 December 2000 21:15, hashao wrote:
>> Hello Xuedong,
>> On Wednesday, December 06, 2000, Xuedong Zhang wrote:
>> XZ> From Debian website, they said there is a international installation
>> for XZ> potator2. and I didn't find a chinese version, anyone is working on
>> that?
>> I believe those are in develope phrase. And no one is working on the
>> Chinese translation of the installation disk. zhaoway mentioned it
>> some days ago.
>> 有意做 debian 下的翻譯的同好可以考慮加入 debian 安裝磁碟的翻譯工作。

XZ> If no one else is doing that, I am insterested in joining that. where should 
XZ> I go?

you can join the debian-boot list and check out the archived mails in
that list. There are no organized effort in the debian-chinese list
yet. So you can start it and manage the project (like cooperate other
people who are interested in it too).

All mail archives are in http://lists.debian.org/ . I think there
are instructions on how to start bootdisk localization work in
this month and the month before in the debian-boot mailling list.

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,
 hashao                            mailto:hashao@chinese.com

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