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Re: Chinese KDE on Debian 2.2

Sonia Lin 寫道:
> Thank you for the response. The version of KDE that I have is 1.1.2 and I
> downloaded it from http://kde.tdyc.com
> I have the correct locale setting, but when I change the language setting to
> zh_TW.Big5, from the KDE control center, all the menus will display some
> strange characters that I can't read. I don't know if it has to do with
> missing fonts, or KDE is just having problem displaying multybyte, or maybe
> I need to do some other configuration.

Yes! Qt 1.4x and KDE 1.1.x have problem for multibyte locales.
You need i18n patch for qt to make it work.
Some KDE programs also need be patched.
You can find all of this from CLE.

BTW, Qt 1.4x and KDE 1.1.x are almost obsolete and we don't
care about them. Qt 2.2 and KDE2 have better i18n support, including
We are working on this. Please be patient.
If you'd like to help, just tell me.

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