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Re: 安裝時需要裝有軟碟機嗎

On Sat, 26 Aug 2000, ghost wrote:

> 電腦無3.5磁碟,裝到install 核心和模組時,
> 選了 cd-rom,但debian不斷找3.5 floppy,
> 是一定要有floppy才能順利安裝嗎?
應該不必,以下節錄自Installation manual:
First, you will be asked to confirm that the device you
have mounted on root is the proper one. Next, you will be offered a
menu of devices from which you can install the kernel. Choose the
appropriate device from which to install the kernel and modules.

/dev/hdc、/dev/hdd等等(或者是/dev/scd0??您用SCSI cdrom??)。


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