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Re: ¸ËMySql-3.22.32

Ken Chi,

½Ð¸Ë libncurses5 ¥[ libncurses5-dev (©ÎªÌ libncurses4 ¥[
libncurses4-dev) «K¥i¥H!!

Ken Chi wrote:
> ±z¦n §Ú¦b¤@¥x·s¸Ë¦nªºpotato¤W­n¸ËMySql-3.22.32(­ì©l½X¦w¸Ë)
> debian:/home/ken/mysql-3.22.32# ./configure --prefix=/usr/local --with-charset=big5
> .
> .
> .
> checking for curses.h... no
> checking for termcap.h... no
> checking for termio.h... (cached) yes
> checking for termbits.h... no
> checking for asm/termbits.h... yes
> checking for lstat... yes
> checking for putenv... yes
> checking for select... yes
> checking for setenv... yes
> checking for setlocale... yes
> checking for strcoll... yes
> checking for tcgetattr... yes
> checking whether stat file-mode macros are broken... no
> checking return type of signal handlers... void
> checking for type of signal functions... posix
> checking whether programs are able to redeclare getpw functions... yes
> checking for TIOCGWINSZ in sys/ioctl.h... yes
> checking for FIONREAD in sys/ioctl.h... yes
> checking for TIOCSTAT in sys/ioctl.h... no
> checking if struct dirent has a d_ino member... yes
> checking whether signal handlers are of type void... yes
> checking for tgetent in -lncurses... no
> checking for tgetent in -lcurses... no
> checking for tgetent in -ltermcap... no
> checking for termcap functions library... configure: error: No curses/termcap library found
> debian:/home/ken/mysql-3.22.32#
> ·|¥X²{¦p¦¹ªº°T®§
> ©ó¬O§Ú´N¦A«×¦w¸Ë termcap-compat_1.2.3.deb
> µ²ªGÁÙ¬O¤@¼Ë
> ½Ð°Ý¦³¨S¦³¤H¸I¨ì¤@¼Ëªº±¡ªp? ¦³¸Ñ¨M¤èªk¶Ü?
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Christopher Wayhorn LEUNG

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