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Re: Yeah! www.gnuchina.org got 7 potato(i386) ISOs fully!

On Thu, Aug 17, 2000 at 03:04:58AM +0800, linuxrat@gnuchina.org wrote:
> BTW: Could dpkg do the varify work as rpm -Va in rpm-style GNU/Linux System?
> I read a few docs and haven't found the answer yet. Forgive me for asking
> such a question here. //bow

RPM 我不熟。我剛 "man rpm",見到關于 --verify 的說明,我猜是跟
Debian 中的 debsums 差不多吧?如果您沒有安裝,
請 "apt-get install debsums",再運行 "debsums" 即可。
debsums 只檢查每個已安裝文件的 md5sums,而有少數軟件包沒有附 md5sums
檔,所以 debsums 可能不及 rpm -Va 全面。不妨在 debian-devel 發表一下
意見。 :-)  (這方面希望在 DPKGv2 會做得更好。)


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