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Re: 呵呵,我這裡拿到的Debian不是non-us的說。

On Wed, Aug 16, 2000 at 10:46:42PM +0800, linuxrat@gnuchina.org wrote:
> 出于速度的考慮,GNU/Linux研研發中心的SuZhe,也就是SmartBootManager的作者,清華大學直博生[
> 的作者蘇哲從賓夕法尼亞那裡當回來的。不過似乎這些東東對于國內用戶
> 作用也不是很大哦。不是很迫求的吧?如果大家覺得很必要,我們可以重新
> 當一次。:)
> 北京這邊的同道有什麼意見和建議呢?

non-us is very inetersetning, and very much needed for me al least. :)
thank you very much. i will have a friend there to get me some copy of
Debian potato from GNU/Linux research center. thanks you! :)

p.s. would you like the idea of a local debian fan gathering? :) that would
be cool! :)

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