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Re: More test of the gateway... 測試

And please add 

Content-Type: text/plain; charset=gb2312

into mail header :-)

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Sent: Wednesday, August 16, 2000 4:00 PM
Subject: Re: More test of the gateway... 測試

> Anthony Fok wrote:
> > 
> > Just made some minor changes (關于 logging 方面的),再試試 gateway
> > 操作正常否。 :-)
> Hi, Anthony: 
> If you can, would you please modify Reply-To: address to
> debain-chinese-gb@lists.debain.org so that less extra
> mails will be created and we can use "Reply" to reply
> the mail instead of "Reply All".
> I think it is a majordomo system. You can modify
> repty_to line in .config file of this list.
> Thanks.
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