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Re: The XCIN IM tables

On Wed, Aug 16, 2000 at 05:38:41PM +0000, Ben Luo wrote:
> Dear Xie,
> I am so sorry for emaill in GB code. But I am in mainland and only can
> read Big code text, but can
> not write. Pls forgive me.

That's OK. I can read GB too. :-))

> 今天我打電話去尋問表型碼版權事宜,得到一個不好的消息.首先該輸入法有版權
> 限制,
> 其次由于盜版問題該公司已經停止表型碼的開發和維護,並將版權抵押給銀行.我想也
> 就是說他們已經失去了對表型碼版權的控制,我們也沒法去和他們談開放源碼的事.我
> 想在下一個版本中還是移掉比較好.

Thank you very much for your information. So now I will remove the
biaoxingma.cin from the xcin source tree. This is really not a good news.

Besides, I don't know the wubizixing.cin inside xcin source tree is
level 1 or level 2. As said by Tung-Tung, if it is level 2, then we
should also remove it, too :-(((

> 由此想到,大陸有這麼多人在 Windows 平台搞智能拼音輸入法,為什麼在 Linux
> 下見不
> 到相應的軟件?還請謝兄多為呼吁.

In xcin, we have a bimsphone module to do intellegent character selection
input method. It is still not good enough, but should be useful to many
people in Taiwan. However, it currently can only handle Big5. So in the
future, I will add an encoding translation layer into xcin. This will make
the GB users to use bimsphone, too. :-))

> 用謝兄的 XCIN 給謝兄寫信,幸甚!但是,我還是有一些抱怨(不要打我哦 ;-)
> ).我怎
> 麼樣才能讓 GB 的拼音輸入法輸入詞.每個漢字都打出來太累了.
> 感謝您寫出了這麼好的軟件給我們用.

Yes, I know. This is the current restriction of xcin-2.5. In the next version
the phrase handling ability of gen_inp module will be added. So at that time
this problem will be solved.

Thanks very much for your information and suggestion :-))


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