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Re: howto setup xcin OverTheSpot window font

On Fri, Aug 11, 2000 at 04:33:15PM +0800, thhsieh@linux.org.tw wrote:
> : 請問我如何設定
> : XCIN 的 OverTheSpot 窗口中的中文字形的大小呢?
> Sorry, you cannot set it. The fontset in the OverTheSpot window is
> completely determined by the XIM client you are using. If the client
> cannot specify useful fontset, xcin will use the fontset which is
> used to draw its main window to draw the OverTheSpot window.

I use 24pt fonts in xcin main window, but when in either xemacs
or mozilla, i get OverTheSpot window using the font size less then
16pt (which is fuzzy)

yeah mozilla is just a disaster for now for someone as stupid as me
to play with. :P

but my xemacs can display pretty chinese, gb2312 or big5, in nice fonts
at the time OverTheSpot window uses font size too small.

P.S someone can introduce me a lightweight screenshot grabber which
can be as easy to use as gimp's? thanks.

best regards,

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