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Accepted steam (source) into proposed-updates->stable-new, proposed-updates

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Format: 1.8
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2021 12:16:26 +0000
Source: steam
Architecture: source
Distribution: buster
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Debian Games Team <pkg-games-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org>
Changed-By: Simon McVittie <smcv@debian.org>
Closes: 930613 957284 977272 979121
 steam ( buster; urgency=medium
   * Rebuild updated steam package for Debian 10
     - Change libgcc-s1 dependency back to libgcc1. It was called libgcc1
       in buster.
     - Disable dh_dwz. The version of dwz in buster gets confused by the
       proprietary Steam executable.
 steam ( unstable; urgency=medium
   * New upstream release
     - No changes relevant to this Debian package
 steam ( unstable; urgency=medium
   * Swap Suggests: nvidia-driver-libs-i386 to nvidia-driver-libs.
     The nvidia-driver-libs-i386 package is unavailable since bullseye.
     However, nvidia-driver-libs is Multi-Arch: same and the steam package
     is Architecture: i386, so the new Suggests will also pull in
     nvidia-driver-libs:i386, which is what we want. (Closes: #979121)
 steam ( unstable; urgency=medium
   * Add Recommends on libasound2-plugins.
     This is required for PulseAudio output in 32-bit games. amd64
     users will typically already have libasound2-plugins:amd64, but not
     libasound2-plugins:i386; however, the steam package is on i386, so it
     is in an ideal position to pull in 32-bit libraries. (Closes: #977272)
   * d/steam.lintian-overrides: Remove an obsolete tag
   * d/source/lintian-overrides: Mark source-is-missing as known.
     The Steam client's source code is not available, and we don't need
     a reminder from Lintian.
   * Standards-Version: 4.5.1 (no changes required)
 steam ( unstable; urgency=medium
   * Release to unstable.
     Version has been promoted from beta to stable status.
   * d/watch: Update for new upstream layout.
     This only watches for upstream stable releases. Replace stable with beta
     to get upstream betas before they are promoted to stable status.
 steam ( experimental; urgency=medium
   * New upstream release (currently a beta)
     - Update steam binary
     - Update udev rules to cover DualSense (Playstation 5) controller
   * Add Recommends on xdg-desktop-portal and a backend.
     These are used by Proton 5.13, which runs in a Steam Runtime v2 container,
     when a game asks to open a URL in the host system's web browser.
 steam ( unstable; urgency=medium
   * Release to unstable.
     Version has been promoted from beta to stable status.
 steam ( experimental; urgency=medium
   * New upstream release (currently a beta)
     - Update steam binary
     - Make udev rules compatible with eudev and older udev
   * Add Recommends: bubblewrap, required by the experimental container
     runtime system
 steam ( unstable; urgency=medium
   * New upstream stable release
     - No changes since that are relevant to this package
   * d/rules: Look at stable rather than precise upstream apt suite.
     The official sources.list.d fragment shipped with the Steam launcher
     now uses the 'stable' apt suite, since the Steam client doesn't
     actually work on Ubuntu 12.04 'precise' any more.
   * Release to unstable
 steam ( experimental; urgency=medium
   * New upstream release (currently a beta)
     - Update steam binary
     - Update steam-devices udev rules
   * debian/steam.postinst: Notify udevd to reload its rules.
     This means the steam-devices rules should take effect immediately,
     instead of being deferred until after the next reboot.
     - Thanks to Ludovico de Nittis
   * Remove unused lintian override for
 steam ( unstable; urgency=medium
   * steam(6): Don't redirect stderr to a log file.
     The upstream developers of Steam recently removed its own launch
     script's redirection (to /tmp/dumps), which has been noted to
     sometimes fill /tmp, and is less useful in practice than it was hoped
     to be. They have asked that we remove the similar redirection from
     Debian's equivalent script, so that when debugging game launch issues
     they can instruct users to run steam from an interactive terminal,
     and expect it to produce both stdout and stderr, regardless of
     whether their launch script or ours is in use. (Closes: #957284)
   * Remove libtxc-dxtn0 alternative dependency.
     We now require libgl1-mesa-dri (>= 17.3), which is available in
     Debian 10 and up, as well as Debian 9 backports.
   * Release to unstable.
     Version has been promoted from beta to stable status.
 steam ( experimental; urgency=medium
   * New upstream release (currently considered to be a beta)
     - New directory layout
     - Update steam binary
     - Update steam-devices udev rules from
       add ZeroPlus P4 (hitbox) hidraw device, 0c12:0ef6
   * d/rules: Make .orig directory configurable.
     It's canonically "..", but users of git-buildpackage often separate
     the directory with git repositories from the directory with large
   * d/rules: Add support for downloading beta steam-launcher versions.
     The launcher release is currently considered to be a beta,
     which will be promoted to stable status after it has had more testing.
   * d/rules: Cope with the upstream release having an epoch.
     Ubuntu's modified version of this package has an epoch as a result of
     an older, unrelated package "sTeam" with a higher version number, which
     used to be in Debian and Ubuntu many years ago. Valve's steam package
     now has an epoch so that their 1: will be compared correctly
     against Ubuntu's 1:
   * d/rules: Be more verbose about the extraction process
   * d/rules: Keep most upstream files in the orig tarball.
     The upstream "source" tarball has been restructured, and in particular
     the udev rules (which are MIT-licensed and come from a separate git
     repository) are now in subprojects/steam-devices.
     bootstrap*.tar.* contains precompiled libraries without their
     corresponding source code (it's available from repo.steampowered.com but
     not part of the "source" package), which we intentionally don't ship. The
     crashhandler module and the steamerrorreporter executable are also
     non-essential binaries.
     The other scripts and auxiliary files in the orig tarball are
     likely to be useful references, even if we don't actually ship them in
     binary packages.
   * d/copyright.in: Update
   * d/steam-devices.install: Update for upstream restructuring
   * d/steam.install: Update for new location of steam binary.
     I've left it in a subdirectory to reduce confusion with the top-level
     ./steam in upstream's "source" tarball, which is a symlink to
   * Standards-Version: 4.5.0 (no changes required)
   * d/rules: Don't run upstream Makefile
   * Build-Depend on the libraries Valve put in their bootstrap tarball.
     This ensures that we have all the necessary metadata for dpkg-shlibdeps
     to generate the ${shlibs:Depends} for the proprietary steam executable.
   * d/scripts/steam: Distinguish between ~/.steam/steam and ~/.steam/root
   * Explicitly depend on the libraries that we delete from the Steam Runtime.
     We probably shouldn't be deleting these any more, because the Steam
     Runtime explicitly prefers newer versions from the host system in all
     cases, and if there are bugs in that mechanism that make deleting them
     necessary, Valve would like to know about them so they can be fixed -
     but for now, preserve historical behaviour.
   * d/steam-bug.presubj: Recommend running steam-runtime-system-info.
     This diagnostic tool was written for use in upstream bug reports, but
     is equally valuable for downstream distributors like us.
   * Depend on libgl1 instead of transitional libgl1-mesa-glx
     (Closes: #930613)
   * Use https for more URLs.
     In particular, https://repo.steampowered.com now works, and appears
     in upstream documentation.
   * d/copyright: Set Upstream-Name to steam-launcher.
     The upstream dpkg source package is still named steam for historical
     reasons, but it builds steam-launcher_*.deb, and calling it
     "steam-launcher" is a good way to disambiguate between the
     launcher/bootstrapper (which is what we're actually packaging here)
     and the full Steam client (which is downloaded by the launcher, and
     is what users normally see).
   * Move steam-devices Recommends into sorted order
   * Add Depends on file, used by the Steam Runtime setup scripts
   * Add Recommends on xdg-utils, which is used to launch URL handlers
   * Add Recommends on zenity, which Steam assumes is present
   * Add Depends on curl, used to download Steam updates
   * d/scripts/steam: Put location and version in environment variables.
     Recent Steam diagnostic tools use this to identify how Steam was
 steam ( unstable; urgency=medium
   * Upload to unstable
   * d/control: Make Homepage more specific
   * Standards-Version: 4.4.0 (no changes required)
   * Use debhelper-compat 12
 steam ( experimental; urgency=medium
   * New upstream release
     - Adds udev rules for NVIDIA Shield input hardware
     - d/p/udev-uinput.patch: Drop, applied upstream
     - d/p/udev-permissions.patch: Drop, mostly applied upstream.
       The only remaining differences in our package were:
       + Setting TAG+="uaccess" twice on SteamVR device nodes, which
         we can drop since it's redundant (once is enough)
       + Setting MODE="0660" on /dev/uinput, which is the default anyway
 6c06eb99f80e0578f7906ce5cc1b792f01a6e648 2315 steam_1.0.0.68-1~deb10u1.dsc
 00e884484ce5c276833d53a7ed3bade8fff6ca7d 31028 steam_1.0.0.68-1~deb10u1.debian.tar.xz
 6d4e96772e0f38f3443359d6ad69c6dc9c918a3f 6180 steam_1.0.0.68-1~deb10u1_source.buildinfo
 b01cfb78f71c9fdfa1ca10183a9c5bafbe6a7de0b65046ea84c9bbf2dffabcf2 2315 steam_1.0.0.68-1~deb10u1.dsc
 388cc9c0aa346be1b5f5b541f6809aa60b698d13f2f3be208dcada9f22de3652 31028 steam_1.0.0.68-1~deb10u1.debian.tar.xz
 a5e35263e7b635c73ff3dcbe68f68f254b271209dd390abbf6a8cdbbf33ad069 6180 steam_1.0.0.68-1~deb10u1_source.buildinfo
 dbcbfab3ba369adfbe23ddf0c030516f 2315 non-free/games optional steam_1.0.0.68-1~deb10u1.dsc
 8df08eea482d42b5559e8ef405e13b63 31028 non-free/games optional steam_1.0.0.68-1~deb10u1.debian.tar.xz
 6e311ddf426162d464ff34ea3e8bb259 6180 non-free/games optional steam_1.0.0.68-1~deb10u1_source.buildinfo



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