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Accepted libav 6:0.8.9-1 (all amd64 source)

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.8
Date: Sat, 02 Nov 2013 19:36:44 -0400
Source: libav
Binary: libav-tools ffmpeg ffmpeg-dbg libav-dbg libav-extra-dbg ffmpeg-doc libav-doc libavutil51 libavcodec53 libavdevice53 libavformat53 libavfilter2 libpostproc52 libswscale2 libavutil-dev libavcodec-dev libavdevice-dev libavformat-dev libavfilter-dev libpostproc-dev libswscale-dev libavutil-extra-51 libavcodec-extra-53 libavdevice-extra-53 libavfilter-extra-2 libpostproc-extra-52 libavformat-extra-53 libswscale-extra-2
Architecture: all amd64 source
Version: 6:0.8.9-1
Distribution: stable-security
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Reinhard Tartler <siretart@debian.org>
Changed-By: Reinhard Tartler <siretart@tauware.de>
 ffmpeg-dbg - Debug symbols for Libav related packages (transitional package)
 ffmpeg-doc - Documentation of the Libav API (transitional package)
 ffmpeg     - Multimedia player, server, encoder and transcoder (transitional p
 libavcodec53 - Libav codec library
 libavcodec-dev - Development files for libavcodec
 libavcodec-extra-53 - Libav codec library (additional codecs)
 libav-dbg  - Debug symbols for Libav related packages
 libavdevice53 - Libav device handling library
 libavdevice-dev - Development files for libavdevice
 libavdevice-extra-53 - Libav device handling library (transitional package)
 libav-doc  - Documentation of the Libav API
 libav-extra-dbg - Debug symbols for Libav related packages (transitional package)
 libavfilter2 - Libav video filtering library
 libavfilter-dev - Development files for libavfilter
 libavfilter-extra-2 - Libav filter library (transitional package)
 libavformat53 - Libav file format library
 libavformat-dev - Development files for libavformat
 libavformat-extra-53 - Libav video postprocessing library (transitional package)
 libav-tools - Multimedia player, server, encoder and transcoder
 libavutil51 - Libav utility library
 libavutil-dev - Development files for libavutil
 libavutil-extra-51 - Libav utility library (transitional package)
 libpostproc52 - Libav video postprocessing library
 libpostproc-dev - Development files for libpostproc
 libpostproc-extra-52 - Libav video postprocessing library (transitional package)
 libswscale2 - Libav video scaling library
 libswscale-dev - Development files for libswscale
 libswscale-extra-2 - Libav video software scaling library (transitional package)
 libav (6:0.8.9-1) stable-security; urgency=low
   * Imported Upstream version 0.8.9, new releases fixes:
     - x86: fft: Remove 3DNow! optimizations, they break FATE
     - x86: ac3dsp: Drop mmx variant of ac3_max_msb_abs_int16
     - aac: Check init_get_bits return value
     - aac: return meaningful errors
     - dsicinav: K&R formatting cosmetics
     - mov: Seek back if overreading an individual atom
     - vcr1: add sanity checks
     - pictordec: pass correct context to avpriv_request_sample
     - dsicinav: Clip the source size to the expected maximum
     - alsdec: Clean up error paths
     - ogg: Fix potential infinite discard loop
     - nuv: check rtjpeg_decode_frame_yuv420 return value
     - nuv: Reset the frame on resize
     - nuv: Use av_fast_realloc
     - nuv: return meaningful error codes.
     - nuv: Pad the lzo outbuf
     - nuv: Do not ignore lzo decompression failures
     - oma: correctly mark and decrypt partial packets
     - oma: check geob tag boundary
     - oma: refactor seek function
     - 8bps: Bound-check the input buffer
     - rtmp: Do not misuse memcmp
     - rtmp: rename data_size to size
     - lavc: set the default rc_initial_buffer_occupancy
     - 4xm: Reject not a multiple of 16 dimension
     - 4xm: do not overread the prestream buffer
     - 4xm: validate the buffer size before parsing it
     - indeo: Do not reference mismatched tiles
     - indeo: Sanitize ff_ivi_init_planes fail paths
     - indeo: Bound-check before applying motion compensation
     - indeo: Bound-check before applying transform
     - indeo: reject negative array indexes
     - indeo: Cosmetic formatting
     - indeo: Refactor ff_ivi_init_tiles and ivi_decode_blocks
     - indeo: Refactor ff_ivi_dec_huff_desc
     - lavf: fix the comparison in an overflow check
     - dv: Add a guard to not overread the ppcm array
     - mpegvideo: Avoid 32-bit wrapping of linesize multiplications
     - mjpegb: Detect changing number of planes in interlaced video
     - matroskadec: Check that .lang was allocated and set before reading it
     - ape demuxer: check for EOF in potentially long loops
     - lavf: avoid integer overflow when estimating bitrate
     - pictordec: break out of both decoding loops when y drops below 0
     - ac3: Return proper error codes
     - ac3: Clean up the error paths
     - ac3: Do not clash with normal AVERROR
     - dxa: Make sure the reference frame exists
     - h261: check the mtype index
     - segafilm: Error out on impossible packet size
     - ogg: Always alloc the private context in vorbis_header
     - vc1: check mb_height validity.
     - vc1: check the source buffer in vc1_mc functions
     - bink: Bound check the quantization matrix.
     - xl: Make sure the width is valid
     - alsdec: Fix the clipping range
     - dsicinav: Bound-check the source buffer when needed
     - mov: Do not allow updating the time scale after it has been set
     - ac3dec: Don't consume more data than the actual input packet size
     - indeo: Reject impossible FRAMETYPE_NULL
     - indeo5: return proper error codes
     - indeo4: Validate scantable dimension
     - indeo4: Check the quantization matrix index
     - indeo4: Do not access missing reference MV
     - adpcm: Unbreak ima-dk4
     - ac3dec: validate channel output mode against channel count
     - dca: Respect the current limits in the downmixing capabilities
     - dca: Error out on missing DSYNC
     - pcm: always use codec->id instead of codec_id
     - mlpdec: Do not set invalid context in read_restart_header
     - pcx: Do not overread source buffer in pcx_rle_decode
     - wmavoice: conceal clearly corrupted blocks
     - iff: Do not read over the source buffer
     - qdm2: Conceal broken samples
     - qdm2: refactor joined stereo support
     - adpcm: Write the correct number of samples for ima-dk4
     - imc: Catch a division by zero
     - atrac3: Error on impossible encoding/channel combinations
     - atrac3: set the getbits context the right buffer_end
     - atrac3: fix error handling
     - qdm2: check and reset dithering index per channel
     - westwood_vqa: do not free extradata on error in read_header
     - vqavideo: check the version
     - rmdec: Use the AVIOContext given as parameter in rm_read_metadata()
     - avio: Handle AVERROR_EOF in the same way as the return value 0
     - wtv: Mark attachment with a negative stream id
     - avidec: Let the inner dv demuxer take care of discarding
     - swfdec: do better validation of tag length
     version 0.8.8:
     - kmvc: Clip pixel position to valid range
     - kmvc: use fixed sized arrays in the context
     - indeo: use a typedef for the mc function pointer
     - lavc: check for overflow in init_get_bits
     - mjpegdec: properly report unsupported disabled features
     - jpegls: return meaningful errors
     - jpegls: factorize return paths
     - jpegls: check the scan offset
     - wavpack: validate samples size parsed in wavpack_decode_block
     - ljpeg: use the correct number of components in yuv
     - mjpeg: Validate sampling factors
     - mjpegdec: validate parameters in mjpeg_decode_scan_progressive_ac
     - wavpack: check packet size early
     - wavpack: return meaningful errors
     - apetag: use int64_t for filesize
     - tiff: do not overread the source buffer
     - Prepare for 0.8.8 Release
     - smacker: fix an off by one in huff.length computation
     - smacker: check the return value of smacker_decode_tree
     - smacker: pad the extradata allocation
     - smacker: check frame size validity
     - vmdav: convert to bytestream2
     - 4xm: don't rely on get_buffer() initializing the frame.
     - 4xm: check the return value of read_huffman_tables().
     - 4xm: use the correct logging context
     - 4xm: reject frames not compatible with the declared version
     - 4xm: check bitstream_size boundary before using it
     - 4xm: do not overread the source buffer in decode_p_block
     version 0.8.7:
     - avfiltergraph: check for sws opts being non-NULL before using them
     - bmv: check for len being valid in bmv_decode_frame()
     - dfa: check for invalid access in decode_wdlt()
     - indeo3: check motion vectors
     - indeo3: fix data size check
     - indeo3: switch parsing the header to bytestream2
     - lavf: make sure stream probe data gets freed.
     - oggdec: fix faulty cleanup prototype
     - oma: Validate sample rates
     - qdm2: check that the FFT size is a power of 2
     - rv10: check that extradata is large enough
     - xmv: check audio track parameters validity
     - xmv: do not leak memory in the error paths in xmv_read_header()
     - aac: check the maximum number of channels
     - indeo3: fix off by one in MV validity check, Bug #503
     - id3v2: check for end of file while unescaping tags
     - wav: Always seek to an even offset, Bug #500, LP: #1174737
     - proresdec: support mixed interlaced/non-interlaced content
 bf1f61ccbda2b746ae1f839bcd3c43ee267f90e8 369416 libav-tools_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 4eba99a7f4c86914c757ea06026eee7b1e3eedbe 143698 ffmpeg_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 2cd8573d332defd44874f659a132abe609c59a55 48800 ffmpeg-dbg_0.8.9-1_all.deb
 b99354c3a59db83f979f76972f10834ecd71fc6c 21717048 libav-dbg_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 d2f0d0f1b77ae9212385a1c5a70fd45dab276157 48796 libav-extra-dbg_0.8.9-1_all.deb
 6f5337495bfe023069e258fab7b4f8e41e60f864 48872 ffmpeg-doc_0.8.9-1_all.deb
 ec00ced256eb32987dbe9487c36f87c2b7a75ef6 12457616 libav-doc_0.8.9-1_all.deb
 49e9df5d83228a7a7e8f106286c97acf00bb8fc1 98260 libavutil51_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 414c1217cf77e8ae657e0ee9aa70d899069357dc 2511224 libavcodec53_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 8df83053882c7c708b43a608bb92b1694dddbf82 73948 libavdevice53_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 2a6aab689060e4ba46dcf70e668791179a92e4cb 470236 libavformat53_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 a98f4371cd23a88c24af83944bf19e84c13ef286 120248 libavfilter2_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 60f6267dab9f633a16078f8eb3062c7077e8f3d3 94322 libpostproc52_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 5703432335540a3d8f7d8c4088fba29764b2fa23 126174 libswscale2_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 36f99f64a0e8e2f374e9bfd7e5e13b97f40d537e 138308 libavutil-dev_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 e9e5cc630d2fbe6ec5808a144981b4de0ef2a37a 2755580 libavcodec-dev_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 c8c72b0d28291b27851acb720d43356054907a63 75836 libavdevice-dev_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 f3a759af1ed80465eebd4a8860bed8c66dcccb56 556806 libavformat-dev_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 544eac66a33ef3d87da3c146b21f1f88df9b4cd2 139702 libavfilter-dev_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 aeb112649861ab69fa9defcbc91ba3fd43275e53 94480 libpostproc-dev_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 67494ada8fd7729e8e9dc4c3f85dc631f6b8ad0b 136618 libswscale-dev_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 a6ee4cda931ed029ea8d09b0bc9c361ddc2926c6 48836 libavutil-extra-51_0.8.9-1_all.deb
 dbc85752cbe50dc6f5f8262dc9515dc2e4e5b2ba 2514362 libavcodec-extra-53_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 92e8ee14c51ea4687260e4567e2f620c1a410f38 48836 libavdevice-extra-53_0.8.9-1_all.deb
 a9f732167b6e440b882090db11651fcdc7c563a9 48832 libavfilter-extra-2_0.8.9-1_all.deb
 47cb6840ccfad2c6ef8a1b8b933e9830d6ff821e 48840 libpostproc-extra-52_0.8.9-1_all.deb
 f2d1dd3ee2e4c3974453435571074ea2b837b4ee 48836 libavformat-extra-53_0.8.9-1_all.deb
 1f9186fd6fb21c10029d19f3c669c9b986249ba8 48838 libswscale-extra-2_0.8.9-1_all.deb
 ea4bdb1089c08ad0131e6fc4528f8532ca3ad6f0 3680 libav_0.8.9-1.dsc
 ac00ddf745dc9fe8122b6676a6310443b306e582 3765764 libav_0.8.9.orig.tar.xz
 4f289fd1c5e96c07d2a2148af1c3770c9e7fd9b2 44616 libav_0.8.9-1.debian.tar.gz
 4b442f5d555d846c6ebaebf4a41db946930839de856e5388f3990a39af3a92db 369416 libav-tools_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 96c49816046bf241e09fc1b669112d8ae2278d57e7e73aaf595104f9db0d41de 143698 ffmpeg_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 aec12188913445910855825d49ad3c72ab3534023372424db7a7506bc4e80f7d 48800 ffmpeg-dbg_0.8.9-1_all.deb
 ff045add471b9e43c6e64175f1141474cec2a966b474c2be777856545c8a2b3b 21717048 libav-dbg_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 8793b5e70fa1a5e43fb306285036671b8198b49b5a25b85181b169d525c8b06b 48796 libav-extra-dbg_0.8.9-1_all.deb
 02ce180e5f68e1c652703904b263d28ef7bc934253be1448d182ff094710a564 48872 ffmpeg-doc_0.8.9-1_all.deb
 72954ec74516c1e49639484f9313b2ba956b95621cdf46502df52eb6dc47e31c 12457616 libav-doc_0.8.9-1_all.deb
 0d07e9a1b8b2e2cd4ed389e8ad6d6baee897be46d9f80c0fa5e0a057cd64b66b 98260 libavutil51_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 ff70731ad50e6a504d0516ab09f8641fa6e36fc77bd650f6bb1b50c6bbb58a31 2511224 libavcodec53_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 408f98cd848e64692b9645ecacf283f0d1df2fcbb9e6fb4c0932ef007609731e 73948 libavdevice53_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 732d19aaaf3ce2024fb1898224d68e3daaa3bdd10799c2a669050f3411e20df8 470236 libavformat53_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 b6d065188d1f8b242d92d5a90d5e540042c505503801915d6f915f40c69ca226 120248 libavfilter2_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 2cb24f83975a6ba5d0c12fb9496e8e3df7c93f0b473c39d9c0ba08d603446c61 94322 libpostproc52_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 f9f0a5753d9e7b51b900c3f572db4621d266182017b1caf4811011ab690b9381 126174 libswscale2_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 66c3bd74414fa24428fb32e395367880bade4426a4b5df20ecdb227ff3aef8c1 138308 libavutil-dev_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 4b9e99493072705e0fd4acac60257f8a646b28e8ada2a7fa74a625f2c91f8a01 2755580 libavcodec-dev_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 f6d56b8b663e347645ac1aa94e6eff963acb04f96d455bbd69f8f9efc6f99e2e 75836 libavdevice-dev_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 24a7b3e7b877e26dd935683ec20c9e2d0844a00eb1bcfd0879b1e14c97eccb1e 556806 libavformat-dev_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 cc547e91f13c986cc830bb6eca578c86d3081d1a8691d43ed35d89a986bf5683 139702 libavfilter-dev_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 a4ac111f4dd63cb1458513fe9f903d6a639126de996e99a35f26da779a3d4b0f 94480 libpostproc-dev_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 33a6685e74acc64bb60821a3699a04d6aef56930e78924a9c1cc4df8d1ff2a26 136618 libswscale-dev_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 7079f34f10aca57bc468c15ec8b2c6a1f1851e966e26151f4a949f6b0e94cf5b 48836 libavutil-extra-51_0.8.9-1_all.deb
 f355aae0cc8b5574006ae817f47bbf692ee9bf69c9a100541bdcdb398fd7c036 2514362 libavcodec-extra-53_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 d380560e34ae05bb25d6934462da7fe9161e230310613d9942867cd870d23b26 48836 libavdevice-extra-53_0.8.9-1_all.deb
 b863a882456a053d64e0183105973912851ca28ca53d9b52656f88f9141e93fd 48832 libavfilter-extra-2_0.8.9-1_all.deb
 0a9ab91a21f11c86121e741efc1dd2972f46dcf3f518d3591decc6cd826c589c 48840 libpostproc-extra-52_0.8.9-1_all.deb
 d01bfe9186bba866fb5a0f9da5153be21e742986aa21ecd5d0de35c430d63f18 48836 libavformat-extra-53_0.8.9-1_all.deb
 5dd2b76876cda20aba3043886b63a0b65b566302dddddca189de7828ba88de20 48838 libswscale-extra-2_0.8.9-1_all.deb
 f2f06fa12740c1d2769c61ef69db88a96b325f7e976c7f5c8a91488c2a1c0575 3680 libav_0.8.9-1.dsc
 4f5181164e4007d5b0013bb3cc5e3b7393ab71ac286319c714b7697e2784f77f 3765764 libav_0.8.9.orig.tar.xz
 9a246ff7e90a851c3afa1d8faa8d3e151b2e5acfc5520e5c7ee4311c9e7cb3a6 44616 libav_0.8.9-1.debian.tar.gz
 c3c38e2fe47d8fc24aa1d7140354aa50 369416 video optional libav-tools_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 05f062eed0076ee05a9d94f40d83480e 143698 oldlibs extra ffmpeg_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 190b91dfc8bee53f1818efba325b5b4f 48800 oldlibs extra ffmpeg-dbg_0.8.9-1_all.deb
 57c94e8b485ca33898bb2ff24a64563f 21717048 debug extra libav-dbg_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 d540636942fa929e8bbe05093ca94bed 48796 oldlibs extra libav-extra-dbg_0.8.9-1_all.deb
 583f9067e0847f8b0c41e9233e1f5124 48872 oldlibs extra ffmpeg-doc_0.8.9-1_all.deb
 80049ca2f4fed8c0222f5e0f1601d8a5 12457616 doc optional libav-doc_0.8.9-1_all.deb
 7f26c8e55501329f0632008b94301950 98260 libs optional libavutil51_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 53ab8a00817f2d6bea3968cfee3572b3 2511224 libs optional libavcodec53_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 590c933a9706cf0650bc2980216f9d54 73948 libs optional libavdevice53_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 c2a305a4fea024ce91bc61f083048bec 470236 libs optional libavformat53_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 d4a1ae0815f22b09054ba41749b1ee59 120248 libs optional libavfilter2_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 b4a5d50bf5e2df498621b5bcd07f642f 94322 libs optional libpostproc52_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 5a55c30479b106b808e966fb4d47b43a 126174 libs optional libswscale2_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 28f3bf35f4b6db993368732ca9fb66ca 138308 libdevel optional libavutil-dev_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 b3d2eb8bfcda229b474b66a805f85dfe 2755580 libdevel optional libavcodec-dev_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 5707a6a1e584445c1ae4cd5d87a3b274 75836 libdevel optional libavdevice-dev_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 c9359d45bf5d92749f1d2639f19c79c8 556806 libdevel optional libavformat-dev_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 c7e84327ef31435d6a4a743199bdd257 139702 libdevel optional libavfilter-dev_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 eaf6445120139ecef73be9023f790b48 94480 libdevel optional libpostproc-dev_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 656cddb749440d75b5b261c1ff4b0bab 136618 libdevel optional libswscale-dev_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 00739e05d57251050b024815555c2546 48836 oldlibs extra libavutil-extra-51_0.8.9-1_all.deb
 dc2311b4537ab0844e05e189c6315188 2514362 libs optional libavcodec-extra-53_0.8.9-1_amd64.deb
 26133e02f07a8fe99cfa1d3c0eafad6e 48836 oldlibs extra libavdevice-extra-53_0.8.9-1_all.deb
 9ae568a3865bea6fd421075003e5ed69 48832 oldlibs extra libavfilter-extra-2_0.8.9-1_all.deb
 8f9dc014432b89eb782dd9dff797990f 48840 oldlibs extra libpostproc-extra-52_0.8.9-1_all.deb
 8f4ab485da1308d77aec4f16b424e35a 48836 oldlibs extra libavformat-extra-53_0.8.9-1_all.deb
 049495836c42e0f270dbc1635d1b468b 48838 oldlibs extra libswscale-extra-2_0.8.9-1_all.deb
 70a441ffc799e3f51fbb504a0320fc68 3680 libs optional libav_0.8.9-1.dsc
 7c0e5743cd5c4d4b1bcafd02a2e82e09 3765764 libs optional libav_0.8.9.orig.tar.xz
 41c4db40a8b95ffd05eb3ac5333f6d04 44616 libs optional libav_0.8.9-1.debian.tar.gz

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