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Accepted udev 0.125-7+lenny3 (source i386)

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Format: 1.8
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2009 22:04:43 +0200
Source: udev
Binary: udev libvolume-id0 libvolume-id-dev udev-udeb
Architecture: source i386
Version: 0.125-7+lenny3
Distribution: stable
Urgency: high
Maintainer: Marco d'Itri <md@linux.it>
Changed-By: Marco d'Itri <md@linux.it>
 libvolume-id-dev - libvolume_id development headers
 libvolume-id0 - libvolume_id shared library
 udev       - /dev/ and hotplug management daemon
 udev-udeb  - /dev/ and hotplug management daemon (udeb)
Closes: 462655 504107 504928 512442 517389 520742 521845 523019 524906 526621 530213
 udev (0.125-7+lenny3) stable; urgency=high
   * Stable update: backported many fixes and rules updates from unstable.
   * Run modprobe scsi_wait_scan in the initramfs before udevadm settle.
   * Support kernel-specific firmware directories. (Closes: #504928)
   * /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist: added hpwdt, it8712f_wdt, iTCO_wdt,
     pc87413_wdt, sbc7240_wdt, sbc_epx_c3, smsc37b787_wdt, w83697hf_wdt.
     (Closes: #504107)
   * Set all devices created in d-i to mode 666. (Closes: #517389)
   * postinst: do not try to start the daemon when run by debootstrap
     --second-stage because start-stop-daemon is not functional.
     (Closes: 520742)
   * postinst: do not use /proc/sys/kernel/hotplug to allow installation
     (disabled) in OpenVZ VEs.
   * postinst: restart rsyslogd too on the first install.
   * Added patch fix-path_id-bashism. (Closes: #530213)
   * Added patch cdrom_id_fix: improve support for some broken fake drives.
   * Added patch bp_rules_generators: backported some fixes related to
     persistent rules.
   * udev.rules: added block/MAJ:MIN and char/MAJ:MIN links.
   * udev.rules: create the rtc link only for rtc_cmos devices.
   * udev.rules, permissions.rules: added uat and ucma group rdma.
   * udev.rules: make sr* the device names and scd* the compatibility links.
   * permissions.rules: added mISDNtimer group dialout. (Closes: #521845)
   * permissions.rules: correctly ignore the removable flag for aacraid
     devices. (Closes: #462655)
   * permissions.rules: added pmu group video.
   * permissions.rules: added mwave, hvc* and hvsi* group dialout.
   * permissions.rules: added cpu[0-9]* mode 444.
   * permissions.rules: added rfkill mode 644.
   * persistent-input.rules: exclude digitizers from the joystick class.
   * persistent-storage.rules: fixed matching of cciss non-partition devices.
     (Closes: #523019)
   * persistent-storage.rules: ignore mtd[0-9]* and mtdblock[0-9]* devices.
   * persistent-storage.rules: ignore btibm* devices.
   * persistent-storage.rules: do not probe optical drivers which do not
     have a media inserted. (Closes: #512442)
   * persistent-storage.rules: run edd_id on cciss devices. (Closes: #524906)
   * persistent-storage-tape.rules: do not add a second -nst suffix.
   * persistent-net-generator.rules: whitelist some MAC addresses which
     violate the local/global scheme.
   * drivers.rules: always use modprobe -b.
   * drivers.rules: added workaround to load the drivers for Sparc VIO
     devices. (Closes: #526621)
 1033185c1c7dd5ca3f2c7f2662dcc8ceba0da694 1031 udev_0.125-7+lenny3.dsc
 a948489bf20e123a3879ac517bbf11d4f5f3ee82 68030 udev_0.125-7+lenny3.diff.gz
 ccdeec1004994a32751a83c942ff5fabbdb3440d 254602 udev_0.125-7+lenny3_i386.deb
 58271e6a380bca90a5580950252bffa8845712ee 77026 libvolume-id0_0.125-7+lenny3_i386.deb
 ca92111c74273866eac63e062019545cd82fbb61 2426 libvolume-id-dev_0.125-7+lenny3_i386.deb
 ef84704ac1d80c5990ce135cb90317f218a5b42f 116470 udev-udeb_0.125-7+lenny3_i386.udeb
 312ffb81707f44a6fa8e0eb8e78ec1100ff4f4c3dd05844b2ea81b225d858ab1 1031 udev_0.125-7+lenny3.dsc
 ae069f8266758666a6613885d49897bfbdea2b874537afd4223e11252dc0b558 68030 udev_0.125-7+lenny3.diff.gz
 f46e6c91c2f3dc0fb3fb735e085baa37a2c3a10faf7dbbf8f109791c596f9816 254602 udev_0.125-7+lenny3_i386.deb
 6db7e7ac12b895a3fb9eb6286f089bc15ec8c713182f6e6893ef25ac355f9ebf 77026 libvolume-id0_0.125-7+lenny3_i386.deb
 5affd416598890893ed6e384f99ceaf34d91331d951b058c554637a653f7ec4f 2426 libvolume-id-dev_0.125-7+lenny3_i386.deb
 d2e394ba79ba4661ca57dc4d158d35932c1970be9213ee99e089e42b5f274314 116470 udev-udeb_0.125-7+lenny3_i386.udeb
 3e5b2e3ec5ff4fb481924a3d0f27641e 1031 admin important udev_0.125-7+lenny3.dsc
 fd2a059133f5abca726ee1c14bca87c3 68030 admin important udev_0.125-7+lenny3.diff.gz
 0db202ded0a5060ea34f7805577fcc4f 254602 admin important udev_0.125-7+lenny3_i386.deb
 efcb92d296e0573fad432ee9952203b7 77026 libs required libvolume-id0_0.125-7+lenny3_i386.deb
 0ce848c2e35a078035d4de92c37db18e 2426 libdevel optional libvolume-id-dev_0.125-7+lenny3_i386.deb
 20c0cc8ec212a13124491f898a7fef67 116470 debian-installer important udev-udeb_0.125-7+lenny3_i386.udeb
Package-Type: udeb

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