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Accepted apache 1.3.33-6sarge1 (source i386 all) Accepted apache2 2.0.54-5 (source all i386) Accepted backupninja 0.5-3sarge1 (source all) Accepted backuppc 2.1.1-2sarge1 (source all) Accepted cdebootstrap 0.3.4sarge1 (source s390) Accepted cgiemail 1.6-26sarge1 (source i386) Accepted clamav 0.84-2.sarge.4 (source all hppa) Accepted common-lisp-controller 4.15sarge2 (source all) Accepted courier 0.47-4sarge2 (ia64 source all) Accepted courier 0.47-4sarge3 (source all powerpc) Accepted f-prot-installer 0.5.14.sarge.1 (source i386) Accepted gcvs 1.0final-5sarge1 (source i386) Accepted gnome-system-monitor 2.8.1-4 (source i386) Accepted gopher 3.0.7sarge2 (source i386) Accepted gtkdiskfree 1.9.3-4sarge1 (source powerpc) Accepted helix-player 1.0.4-1sarge1 (source i386) Accepted kazehakase 0.2.7-2.sarge1 (source i386) Accepted kdebase 4:3.3.2-1sarge1 (ia64 source all) Accepted kdeedu 4:3.3.2-3.sarge.1 (source i386 all) Accepted krb5 1.3.6-2sarge2 (source all powerpc) Accepted libapache-mod-ssl 2.8.22-1sarge1 (source i386 all) Accepted lm-sensors 1:2.9.1-1sarge2 (source all powerpc) Accepted loop-aes-utils 2.12p-4sarge1 (source i386) Accepted maildrop 1.5.3-1.1sarge1 (source hppa) Accepted mc 1:4.6.0-4.6.1-pre3-3sarge1 (source i386) Accepted mozilla 2:1.7.8-1sarge2 (source i386) Accepted mozilla-firefox 1.0.4-2sarge3 (source i386) Accepted ntlmaps 0.9.9-2sarge1 (source all) Accepted ntp 1:4.2.0a+stable-2sarge1 (source i386 all) Accepted pcre3 4.5-1.2sarge1 (source all hppa) Accepted phpgroupware (source all) Accepted polygen 1.0.6-7sarge1 (source all) Accepted python2.1 2.1.3dfsg-1sarge1 (source i386 all) Accepted python2.2 2.2.3dfsg-2sarge1 (source i386 all) Accepted python2.3 2.3.5-3sarge1 (source all i386) Accepted squid 2.5.9-10sarge1 (ia64 source all) Accepted squid 2.5.9-10sarge2 (source all powerpc) Accepted sudo 1.6.8p7-1.1sarge1 (alpha source) Accepted tdiary 2.0.1-1sarge1 (source all) Accepted turqstat 2.2.2sarge1 (source powerpc) Accepted webcalendar 0.9.45-4sarge2 (source all) Accepted xfree86 4.3.0.dfsg.1-14sarge1 (source i386 all) Accepted zsync 0.3.3-1.sarge.1 (source i386) The last update was on 19:04 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 43 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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