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Re: Testing list changes.

On Fri, Dec 07, 2001 at 11:16:28AM -0800, Nicole Zimmerman wrote:
> That said, debian-changes is not really a discussion list, so why would
> wanting to post to it be a large issue for anyone but people providing
> changes -- hopefully people smart enough to change their mailer's from:
> field?

All this address checking or mangling isn't necessary, even. The only
person/thing that should post to this list is the Debian archive maintenance
software, when it installs a new package to stable. It can communicate with
the list management software to authenticate itself, using a special header,
or something like that.

This recent discussion perhaps seems redundant and offtopic to some people,
and I agree, however, it can one positive effect -- the listmasters can see
that the readership is really interested in them implementing the above
solution, which would be an incentive for them to do it. (I guess :)

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