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Re: Installed xfonts-arphic 2.11.2 (all source)

On Sun, Nov 19, 2000 at 12:36:39AM +0900, ISHIKAWA Mutsumi wrote:
> >> Changes: 
> >>  xfonts-arphic (2.11.2) stable unstable; urgency=medium
> >>    * [debian/control]: Changed dependency information to:
> >>         Depends: ttf-arphic-????????, xutils | xbase-clients (>= 3.3.6-4)
> >>         Suggests: xfs (>= 4.0.1-3) | xfs-xtt (>> 1: | xserver
> >>       so that the Arphic fonts won't conflict with the XFree86 4.0.1
> >>       packages.
>  I ckecked these in ftp-master, but all of these fonts's dependencies
> are:
> Depends: ttf-arphic-gbsn00lp, xbase-clients (>= 3.3.6-4), xfs-xtt (>> 1:
> No Suggests: line. Please fix :-)

Thank you very much for your message!  I totally didn't know about this
error until you notified me.  You see, my debian/control is automatically
generated from debian/control.stem.in and debian/control.leaf.in, and when I
made the dependency change, I forgot I had those *.{stem,leaf}.in files, and
instead edited the four entries in debian/control one by one.  Needless to
say, that means xfonts-arphic_2.11.2 is virtually the same as 2.11.1. 
(Oops!)  :-)

>  On the other hand, this Suggests: line is not better, I think:
>  Suggests: xfs (>= 4.0.1-3) | xfs-xtt (>> 1: | xserver
>  1) xfs (>= 4.0.1-3) includes freetype engine (xfsft's TrueType
>     engine) only, does not include xtt engine (X-TT TrueType engine)
>     freetype and xtt is conflicts each other.
>     and these font package's fonts.dir (fonts.scale) use TTCap syntax.
>     Freetype engine can not handle TTCap syntax.
>     So if user would use these font with xfs (>= 4.0.1-3), he should
>     not use fonts.scale in this package.

This I didn't know.  Thanks for letting me know!  :-)

>  2) xserver virtual package meens all ofxservers,
>     4.0.1's xserver (xserver-xfree86) and 3.3.6's xservers
>     (xserver-svga, xserver-mach64 etc etc etc...).
>     But X server of XFree86 3.3.6 is not able to handle TrueType font.

You're right again.

>  So I think better to modify this line like this:
>  Suggests: xfs-xtt (>> 1: | xserver-xfree86

Sure!  I have made the changes.

>  One more question. This package uploaded for stable tree.
>  These changes are needed for potato?

No, not really.  :-)  However, I recently heard that someone has ported
the XFree86 4.0.1 packages for potato, so I thought, what the heck, let's
upload it for potato too just in case some users are actually using those
unofficial XFree86-4.0.1-for-potato debs.  :-)



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