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Re: Inability to get any sound with RV player

That article reminded me of tape 13 of the Evangalion series (anime).

"I am the Shinji that Shinji knows. I am the Shinji that Asuka knows. I am
the Shinji that Rei knows."

Or the Lain series, which I won't try to make an example of. Lain: 12 year
old girl hacker in cute bear suit. Check it out. =)

Damn articles messing with head.

Although, to me, Linux is just the kernel. But people are lazy and use the
term in a much more vague and all-encompansing sense. *I* say "Debian
GNU/Linux". Gotta give props to mah man RMS, y0. =P

*waits to get yelled at for this going all off topic* :)


tried to save myself but myself keeps slipping away.

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