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Re: Inability to get any sound with RV player

I don't know about Linux, but it's downloadable from
http://www.microsoft.com/unix/ie/default.asp for Solaris and HP-UX. It's
memory-hungry and slow, but it does give you all the Microsoft features such
as remembering passwords and prompting you with what you last typed, which
Netscape doesn't do on Unix.

You might need your parka, but it still looks like Anne was mistaken about
IE5.5 on Linux.


"bryan allen" wrote:
> Er. Not to be a monkey, but what in the world has this got to do with this
> list? =P
> I'm assuming it's an error and M$ didn't somehow manage to port IE over to
> *nix without hell freezing over.. but uh. Let me go find my parka, eh?
> Bryan.
> tried to save myself but myself keeps slipping away.
> [http://www.mirrorshades.org]
> On Mon, 18 Sep 2000, Anne Glentzer wrote:
> > We have installed Internet Explorer 5.5 and we keep getting an error everytime we try to listen to music downloads - happened with 5.1 also... Says to contact vendor - any help>>>???  thanks
> > 
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