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Re: Uploaded qpopper 2.53-5slink1 (source i386) to master

Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:

>  qpopper (2.53-5slink1) stable; urgency=high
>  .
>    * Version for stable ("slink") release. Same as the potato version,
>      but compiled with slink libraries, and with manpages in /usr/man.
> Files: 
>  cc55f042a588cc4ca70c86f2c063b636 596 mail optional qpopper_2.53-5slink1.dsc
>  3442c278f034c1bfa28cf70421c70c3e 123145 mail optional qpopper_2.53.orig.tar.gz
>  e094cd043ffbdddb5131128c951e56ea 11786 mail optional qpopper_2.53-5slink1.diff.gz
>  50c87c006dfd8cc7a3d573bf5d85e291 51714 mail optional qpopper_2.53-5slink1_i386.deb

sorry for the (probably) dumb question: what is the exact URL to get the
file qpopper_2.53-5slink1_i386.deb? I used to think it was
but it is not there!


Otavio Exel /<\oo/>\ oexel@economatica.com.br

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