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Uploaded gnome-libs 1.0.55-0.2 (source i386 all) to master


Format: 1.6
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 18:52:24 +0100
Source: gnome-libs
Binary: libgtkxmhtml-dev gnome-dev-doc libgnorbagtk0 libzvt-dev libgtkxmhtml1 libart-dev libzvt2 libgnomeui32 libart2 libgnome32 gnome-libs-data libgnorba27 libgnome-dev libgnomesupport0 gnome-faq gnome-bin libgnorba-dev
Architecture: source i386 all
Version: 1.0.55-0.2
Distribution: frozen unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Vincent Renardias <vincent@debian.org>
 gnome-bin  - Miscellaneous binaries used by Gnome
 gnome-dev-doc - Gnome developers documentation
 gnome-faq  - Frequently Asked Questions about GNOME
 gnome-libs-data - Data for Gnome libraries
 libart-dev - The Gnome canvas widget -- development package
 libart2    - The Gnome canvas widget
 libgnome-dev - The Gnome libraries -- development package
 libgnome32 - The Gnome libraries
 libgnomesupport0 - The Gnome libraries (Support libraries)
 libgnomeui32 - The Gnome libraries (User Interface)
 libgnorba-dev - Gnome CORBA services -- development package
 libgnorba27 - Gnome CORBA services
 libgnorbagtk0 - Gnome CORBA services (Gtk bindings)
 libgtkxmhtml-dev - The Gnome gtkxmhtml (HTML) widget -- development package
 libgtkxmhtml1 - The Gnome gtkxmhtml (HTML) widget
 libzvt-dev - The Gnome zvt (zterm) widget -- development package
 libzvt2    - The Gnome zvt (zterm) widget
Closes: 37489 42203 46088 49630 50458 50831 52352 52422
 gnome-libs (1.0.55-0.2) frozen unstable; urgency=low
   * NMU for the QA Group.
   * Upstream version (bugfixes only)
   * Lintian cleaned.
   * run autoconf.sh (critical bug: gnome-libs couldn't compile on alpha)
     closes: #50831: gnome-libs: Alpha-Build needs newer libtool.
   * gtkrc.* files are now at the right place.
     closes: #50458: gnome_init() tries to access /usr/share/gtkrc.*.
     closes: #42203: gnome-libs: It doesn't read /usr/share/gnome/gtkrc* files.
   * /usr/share/doc-base/gnome-dev-doc-gnome-dev-info now points to the good file:
     closes: #52422: doc-base file misregisters docs.
   * gnome-pty-helper doesn't need to be setuid(root) anymore. setgid(utmp) is enough.
     closes: #49630: gnome-pty-helper again.
   * Already fixed bugs:
     closes: #52352: libesd-alsa0 dependency problem.
     closes: #46088: libgnomeui32: error in loading shared libraries.
     closes: #37489: gnome-terminal segfaults.
 16105dafc05166670b440be39cb450b3 869 devel optional gnome-libs_1.0.55-0.2.dsc
 a65baf5dd039c86ba1832d2fc247f54f 28754 devel optional gnome-libs_1.0.55-0.2.diff.gz
 130f96d542948b5c4b3c20541a120e88 65734 libs optional libgnome32_1.0.55-0.2_i386.deb
 4e0543ee5cf75bbca03406a2084947d2 403910 libs optional libgnomeui32_1.0.55-0.2_i386.deb
 0570670a3684243a3ab484ff01ba60f7 18404 libs optional libgnomesupport0_1.0.55-0.2_i386.deb
 b3af06abc7c680aa7d57b8bb1d966b29 544148 devel optional libgnome-dev_1.0.55-0.2_i386.deb
 575f7d42656db5cc3c5096d15c18c3d8 37854 libs optional libart2_1.0.55-0.2_i386.deb
 274fe65c295a5e0be25692d951ed654c 64656 devel optional libart-dev_1.0.55-0.2_i386.deb
 fa086b5adc9fe9aeb23f098c53e26da3 44494 libs optional libgnorba27_1.0.55-0.2_i386.deb
 16233c6dcf4a28d7530fee38cfb23a02 34664 libs optional libgnorbagtk0_1.0.55-0.2_i386.deb
 12fa58d4e2e258cf288404cc43c7a9b9 56570 devel optional libgnorba-dev_1.0.55-0.2_i386.deb
 0e5454a6f4ea6be16ba27a73150fe871 76014 libs optional libzvt2_1.0.55-0.2_i386.deb
 aa2663ff51062d94fc7aa56a6802c4f7 66676 devel optional libzvt-dev_1.0.55-0.2_i386.deb
 699afcdd1dcdda9fe44565bdf0c4cb91 166588 libs optional libgtkxmhtml1_1.0.55-0.2_i386.deb
 9c7f738c411f047c8e2c068eee4af533 255754 devel optional libgtkxmhtml-dev_1.0.55-0.2_i386.deb
 ac03752b27715c3647f93ddd5ba3123b 70796 x11 optional gnome-bin_1.0.55-0.2_i386.deb
 a4c81d063cb054e072d86cb541736747 86608 doc optional gnome-faq_1.0.55-0.2_all.deb
 37c62ee4fa92764c2432c8ee72c3f36b 227798 x11 optional gnome-libs-data_1.0.55-0.2_all.deb
 8f51cfd6c75cf2b2ef72b3ab526019b3 332626 doc optional gnome-dev-doc_1.0.55-0.2_all.deb

Version: 2.6.3ia
Charset: noconv


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