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New Debian hurd-i386 Packages

These hurd-i386 packages were installed into the Debian hierarchy in the
last week:

----- !!! HIGH URGENCY PACKAGES !!! -----

arabtex    - Arabic/Hebrew macros for TeX/LaTeX
arabtex 3.09-2 -> 3.09-3 into dists/potato/non-free/binary-all/tex
arabtex 3.09-2 -> 3.09-3 into dists/woody/non-free/binary-all/tex
arabtex (3.09-3) frozen unstable; urgency=high
  * Moved docs to match the new tetex-base.  closes: bug#55225.

birthday   - Display information about pending events on login
birthday 1.0-1 -> 1.1 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/misc
birthday (1.1) unstable; urgency=HIGH
  * Y2K fix for calculation of the current date!  (closes: Bug#53821)
  * Clarify the treatment of two-digit dates in the manpage.
  * The Debian package of this program is it's upstream source, so remove
    the extra component of the version number.
  * Update to the latest standards-version.

console-data - Keymaps, fonts, charset maps, fallback tables for console-tools
console-data 1999.08.29-9 -> 1999.08.29-10 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/utils
console-data (1999.08.29-10) unstable; urgency=high
  * Previous implementation of ppc/m68k subarch detection was broken, so
    this fixed version has to be in potato.  Also closes last important
  * Updated ppc subarch with a mix of Harmut's, Michael's, and my code:
  ** match amiga and atari as prefixes (Closes: #55208, #55210, #55554).
  ** look for "machine" field in /proc/cpuinfo on ppc) (Closes: #55326,
  * Use more efficient "match && set" instead of "regexp subst".
  * Call dpkg --print-installation-architecture instead of
    --print-architecture (Closes: #54798).
  * Added Canada/English as an alias to "us" (Closes: #55659).
  * Clear the registered keymap filename when clearing other choices.
  * Fallback to kbdconfig if debconf mechanism failed to provide a
    filename.  Such conditions include no "machine" field in /proc/cpuinfo
    on ppc, and no "Model" field in /proc/hardware on m68k.
  * Updated Cyr_a8x{8,14,16}.psf, and added koi8-r.acm from
    console-tools-cyrillic-0.6a (Downgrades: #55031).

kernel-patch-2.2.10-powerpc-apus - Diffs to the kernel source for the apus/PowerPC subarch.
kernel-patch-2.2.10-powerpc-apus 2.2.10-2 -> 2.2.10-4 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/devel
kernel-patch-2.2.10-powerpc-apus (2.2.10-4) unstable; urgency=high
  * added vmapus.gz patch, now builds a compressed kernel
    recognized by bootstrap.
  * added bppc_scsi_detect patch.

lists-archives - Web archive for mailing lists
lists-archives 19980617-1.1 -> 20000121-1 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/web
lists-archives (20000121-1) unstable; urgency=high
  * NMU to fix two critical bugs in datesuffix. Closes: #46079, #54249

pointerize - Internationalization utilities, based on gettext
pointerize 0.3 -> 0.4 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/devel
pointerize (0.4) frozen unstable; urgency=high
  * Add an option to trim-mo to use a second *.mo file to provide some
    tranlated messages if the first *.mo file does not contain them
    (patch by Taketoshi Sano <kgh12351@nifty.ne.jp>).

----- MEDIUM Urgency Packages -----------

auctex     - An integrated environment for writing TeX/LaTeX documents.
auctex 9.9p-12 -> 9.9p-13 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/tex
auctex 9.9p-12 -> 9.9p-13 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/tex
auctex (9.9p-13) frozen unstable; urgency=medium
  * control: Sandards-Version: 3.0.0.
  * postinst: Fixed typo.
  * rules: Fixed info files renaming rule; thanks to Ryuichi
    Arafune. (Closes: #51364)
  * update-auctex-elisp: mule2 ad hoc rule added; thanks to Takuo
    Kitame. (Closes: #52016)

global     - Source code search and browse.
global 3.54-1 -> 3.55-1 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/devel
global (3.55-1) unstable; urgency=medium
  * New upstream version.
  * fixes bug in htags which could inadvertantly remove user files
      if an error occurs.

mailcrypt  - Emacs interface to GPG (and PGP) and anonymous remailers.
mailcrypt 3.5.5-5 -> 3.5.5-6 into dists/potato/contrib/binary-all/mail
mailcrypt 3.5.5-5 -> 3.5.5-6 into dists/woody/contrib/binary-all/mail
mailcrypt (3.5.5-6) frozen unstable; urgency=medium
  * control: Added |pgp5i dependence.

newsclipper - Create HTML with dynamic information from the net
newsclipper 1.17-1 -> 1.17-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/web
newsclipper 1.17-1 -> 1.17-2 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/web
newsclipper (1.17-2) frozen unstable; urgency=medium
  * An update to HTML::Parser in Perl broke this package.
    Patched to work.  Going into frozen because the package
    there WILL NOT WORK without this patch.
  * Updated Control file to depend on appropriate version of
    HTML Tree.

----- Low Urgency Packages --------------

addressbook - address manager usable with or without X11
addressbook 0.7-11 -> 0.7-12 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/editors
addressbook (0.7-12) unstable; urgency=low
  * config: fix libdir for FHS, closing RC bug (closes: Bug#54081);
    change config so the default file name copied to ~/ is used
  * addressbook: force new addressbook databases to be mode 0600
    (closes: Bug#35296)

alien      - Install Red Hat, Stampede, and Slackware Packages with dpkg.
alien 6.54 -> 6.55 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/admin
alien (6.55) unstable; urgency=low
  * Patch from Jan Nieuwenhuizen to fix control file extraction on
    non-debian systems. Not for frozen.

alien      - Install Red Hat, Stampede, and Slackware Packages with dpkg.
alien 6.55 -> 6.56 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/admin
alien (6.56) unstable; urgency=low
  * Corrected a problem triggered by wordperfect's deb: rpm can't deal with
    files that have spaces, unless they are quoted. Thus, quote all filenames.
  * Handles empty directories now when converting to rpm.

apel       - A Portable Emacs Library
apel 10.0-2 -> 10.1-1 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/editors
apel (10.1-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release

autoconf   - automatic configure script builder
gnu-standards - GNU coding and package maintenance standards
autoconf 2.13-17 -> 2.13-18 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/devel
autoconf 2.13-17 -> 2.13-18 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/devel
gnu-standards 2.13-17 -> 2.13-18 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/devel
gnu-standards 2.13-17 -> 2.13-18 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/devel
autoconf (2.13-18) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Add back mawk | gawk dependency since someone put original-awk in
    potato, which doesn't provide nawk.  Fixes Bug#55722.

autoconf   - automatic configure script builder
gnu-standards - GNU coding and package maintenance standards
autoconf 2.13-18 -> 2.13-19 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/devel
autoconf 2.13-18 -> 2.13-19 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/devel
gnu-standards 2.13-18 -> 2.13-19 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/devel
gnu-standards 2.13-18 -> 2.13-19 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/devel
autoconf (2.13-19) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Remove mawk | gawk dependency since Santiago Vila <sanvila@unex.es>
    pointed out that although original-awk doesn't provide /usr/bin/nawk,
    it does actually support everything nawk should support.
  * rules: Changed reference to `nawk' to `awk'.

base-config - Debian base configuration package
base-config 0.03 -> 0.08 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/admin
base-config (0.08) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Needs to go info frozen for the same reason new boot-floppies do.
  * Reorder the question flow. Ask about md5 first, then shadow, then root,
    etc. Actually turn md5 on/off in the config script. This allows for m5d
    root passwords.
  * Run adduser noninteractively, meshes much better with the overall feel.
  * Shortened the root password prompt (moving part of it to the add a user
    prompt), so it all fits on one screen in a dialog.
  * Use clear command, so depends on debconf 0.2.77
  * Fixed test for /etc/shadow.

base-passwd - Debian Base System Password/Group Files
base-passwd -> 3.1.7 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/base
base-passwd (3.1.7) unstable; urgency=low
  * Remove qmail accounts, but mark them as special in update-passwd so
    we don't automatically remove them
  * Reserve uids 64010-64016 and gid 64010 for qmail
  * Update README to reflect that we don't always reserve uid&gid pairs

bash       - The GNU Bourne Again SHell
bash-builtins - Bash loadable builtins - headers & examples
bash-doc   - Documentation and examples for the The GNU Bourne Again SHell
bash-builtins 2.03-4 -> 2.03-5.1 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/utils
bash-doc 2.03-5 -> 2.03-5.1 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/doc
bash 2.03-4 -> 2.03-5.1 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/base
bash (2.03-5.1) unstable; urgency=low
  * NMU.  Closes# 54876

bind       - Internet Domain Name Server
bind-dev   - Libraries used by BIND
bind-doc   - Documentation for BIND
dnsutils   - Utilities for Querying DNS Servers
task-dns-server - DNS Server
bind-dev 8.2.2p5-5 -> 8.2.2p5-6 into dists/potato/main/binary-i386/net
bind-dev 8.2.2p5-5 -> 8.2.2p5-6 into dists/woody/main/binary-i386/net
bind-doc 8.2.2p5-5 -> 8.2.2p5-6 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/net
bind-doc 8.2.2p5-5 -> 8.2.2p5-6 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/net
bind 8.2.2p5-5 -> 8.2.2p5-6 into dists/potato/main/binary-i386/net
bind 8.2.2p5-5 -> 8.2.2p5-6 into dists/woody/main/binary-i386/net
dnsutils 8.2.2p5-5 -> 8.2.2p5-6 into dists/potato/main/binary-i386/net
dnsutils 8.2.2p5-5 -> 8.2.2p5-6 into dists/woody/main/binary-i386/net
task-dns-server 8.2.2p5-6 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/net
task-dns-server 8.2.2p5-6 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/net
bind (1:8.2.2p5-6) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * add task-dns-server, target frozen so it is included in potato
  * update postrm to remove the nameserver entry from resolv.conf
    when purging, so that resolution isn't left broken, closes: #55487

binstats   - Statistics tool for installed programs
binstats 1.04-1 -> 1.05-1 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/utils
binstats (1.05-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream version.
  * Conforms to Standards version 3.1.1.

checkbot   - a WWW link verifier
checkbot 1.57-1 -> 1.58-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/web
checkbot 1.57-1 -> 1.58-1 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/web
checkbot (1.58-1) frozen unstable; urgency=low closes=30558
  * New upstream version. (closes: bug#55570)

debconf    - Debian configuration management system
debconf-tiny - Tiny subset of debconf for the base system
debconf-tiny 0.2.76 -> 0.2.77 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/admin
debconf-tiny 0.2.76 -> 0.2.77 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/admin
debconf 0.2.76 -> 0.2.77 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/admin
debconf 0.2.76 -> 0.2.77 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/admin
debconf (0.2.77) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * debconf proper depends on perl5 (not -base), because some utilities
    do use Getopt::Long. debconf-tiny continues to just depend on
    perl-5.005-base, because everything in it will work without debconf.
    Closes: #55381 (important)
  * Added --all option to dpkg-reconfigure, for use by the boot-floppies

debconf    - Debian configuration management system
debconf-tiny - Tiny subset of debconf for the base system
debconf-tiny 0.2.77 -> 0.2.78 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/admin
debconf-tiny 0.2.77 -> 0.2.78 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/admin
debconf 0.2.77 -> 0.2.78 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/admin
debconf 0.2.77 -> 0.2.78 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/admin
debconf (0.2.78) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Woops, I forgot to let the CLEAR command be executed in any of the
    confmodule libraries!
  * base-config needs that command, so this must go to frozen.

debconf    - Debian configuration management system
debconf-tiny - Tiny subset of debconf for the base system
debconf-tiny 0.2.78 -> 0.2.79 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/admin
debconf-tiny 0.2.78 -> 0.2.79 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/admin
debconf 0.2.78 -> 0.2.79 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/admin
debconf 0.2.78 -> 0.2.79 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/admin
debconf (0.2.79) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * dpkg-reconfigure: Now checks each script before running it
    to see if it is a confmodule, if not, runs it as a normal script,
    not under the confmodule interface. base-config shows this is necessary,
    with its non-confmodule postinst. This change is needed in frozen to
    keep base-config working.
  * Fixed debconf's oldest bug report, which turned out to be a bug in how
    IPC::Open3 was being called. It also turns out this bug is tickeled by
    base-config, since it will be reconfiguredd from inittab, so it turned out
    to be a critical bug. Closes: #47659
  * Documented (again) in dpkg-reconfigure.8 that
    "dpkg-reconfigure --priority=medium debconf" should be used to
    reconfigure debconf. Closes: #55706

debian-keyring - GnuPG (and obsolete PGP) keys of Debian Developers
debian-keyring 2000.01.3 -> 2000.01.16 into dists/woody/contrib/binary-all/misc
debian-keyring (2000.01.16) unstable; urgency=low
  * debian/rules (binary-arch): install documentation into /usr/share/doc/.
  * debian/copyright: remove references to Linux.  Update location of the GPL.
  * debian/control (Standards-Version): updated to
  * debian/postinst: new file; install /usr/doc/ symlink.
  * debian/prerm: new file; remove /usr/doc/ symlink.
  * debian/rules (binary-arch): install new postinst and prerm.

dnswalk    - Checks dns zone information using nameserver lookups
dnswalk 2.0.2-2 -> 2.0.2-3 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/net
dnswalk (2.0.2-3) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Changed package priority to extra as it depends on libnet-dns-perl
    wich has priority extra. No other changes.

doc-linux-zh-s - Linux HOWTOs and mini-HOWTOs in Simplified Chinese in HTML
doc-linux-zh-s 2000.01.10-1 -> 2000.01.18-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/doc
doc-linux-zh-s 2000.01.10-1 -> 2000.01.18-1 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/doc
doc-linux-zh-s (2000.01.18-1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Fixed erraneous Description line. (Closes: #55513)
  * Updated HOWTO dated 18 Jan and min HOWTO dated 12 Jan.

doc-linux-zh-s - Linux HOWTOs and mini-HOWTOs in Simplified Chinese in HTML
doc-linux-zh-s 2000.01.18-1 -> 2000.01.18-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/doc
doc-linux-zh-s 2000.01.18-1 -> 2000.01.18-2 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/doc
doc-linux-zh-s (2000.01.18-2) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * There was actually another bug in the Abstract line in the
    doc-base file, fixed it now (Closes: #55513)

dupload    - Utility to upload Debian packages.
dupload 2.4 -> 2.4.1 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/devel
dupload (2.4.1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Non-maintainer upload.
  * Lintian clean.
    * Ported to debhelper.
    * FHS 2.1 compliant
    * Upgraded standards version.
  * Added support for rsync, modeled after scpb.  Patch from Adam Heath
  * Fixed typo in warning message.  Closes: #48812.
  * Don't upload files that have already been uploaded when processing
    multiple .changes.  Closes: #53273.
  * Don't log a successful upload for scpb/rsync until the upload has
    finished.  Closes: #44624, #48577.
  * When cc'ing, display the address that the email is cc'd to.  Closes:
  * Only wishlist bugs now remain on dupload.  :)

ed         - The classic unix line editor
ed 0.2-17 -> 0.2-18 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/editors
ed (0.2-18) unstable; urgency=low
  * debian/copyright: remove references to Linux.  Update location of GPL.
  * debian/postinst: create /usr/doc/ed symlink.  Info docs are now in
    /usr/share/info/; adjust call to install-info accordingly.
  * debian/prerm: remove /usr/doc/ed symlink.  Alter call to install-info
    as above.
  * debian/rules (binary-arch): install documentation into
  * debian/control (Standards-Version): update to
  * debian/rules (binary-arch): install more documentation (README, POSIX,

fetchmail  - POP2/3, APOP, IMAP mail gatherer/forwarder
fetchmail 5.2.0-2 -> 5.2.3-1 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/mail
fetchmail (5.2.3-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * new upstream source

fileutils  - GNU file management utilities.
fileutils 4.0-2.1 -> 4.0l-3 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/base
fileutils (4.0l-3) unstable; urgency=low
  * Policy
  * Correct updated location of GNU license

fortune-mod - Fortune cookies provided upon demand.
fortune-mod 9708-17 -> 9708-19 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/games
fortune-mod (9708-19) unstable; urgency=low
  * Fixed problems with specifying a percentage along with a file
    (closes: #54619)

ftpwatch   - Notifies you of changes on remote ftp servers
ftpwatch 1.8 -> 1.10 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/net
ftpwatch (1.10) unstable; urgency=low
  * Now uses debconf
  * Docs and man pages moved to /usr/share
  * /usr/doc/... links created and removed

gettext    - GNU Internationalization utilities
gettext-base - GNU Internationalization utilities for the base system
gettext-base 0.10.35-11.0.0 -> 0.10.35-12 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/base
gettext 0.10.35-11.0.0 -> 0.10.35-12 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/devel
gettext (0.10.35-12) unstable; urgency=low
  * Use install-strip target instead of just overriding INSTALL_PROGRAM.
    Should make strip happy about shell scripts (Bug #54000).

gnats2w    - Yet another Web interface to GNATS.
gnats2w 0.13.2 -> 0.14.1 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/web
gnats2w (0.14.1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New "upstream" version.
  * Narrow versions of GNATS in dependencies.

gnats      - The GNU problem report management system (central database)
gnats-tk   - Tk interface to the GNU problem report management system
gnats-user - The GNU problem report management system (client tools)
gnatsweb   - Web interface to the GNU problem report management system
gnats-tk 3.113-6 -> 3.113-7 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/devel
gnats-tk 3.113-6 -> 3.113-7 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/devel
gnats-user 3.113-6 -> 3.113-7 into dists/potato/main/binary-i386/devel
gnats-user 3.113-6 -> 3.113-7 into dists/woody/main/binary-i386/devel
gnats 3.113-6 -> 3.113-7 into dists/potato/main/binary-i386/devel
gnats 3.113-6 -> 3.113-7 into dists/woody/main/binary-i386/devel
gnatsweb 3.113-6 -> 3.113-7 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/devel
gnatsweb 3.113-6 -> 3.113-7 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/devel
gnats (3.113-7) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Add user field into the /etc/cron.d script, the script didn't work!

gnujsp     - A free implementation of Sun's Java Server Pages (JSP 1.0)
gnujsp 1.0.0-2 -> 1.0.0-3 into dists/potato/contrib/binary-all/web
gnujsp 1.0.0-2 -> 1.0.0-3 into dists/woody/contrib/binary-all/web
gnujsp (1.0.0-3) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Depend on jserv (>= 1.1-2) which fixes a serious problem with JSP
    files (a class was missing in the sevlet classes)
  * Standards-Version: 3.1.1 (no changes required)
  * Add pagebase=/var/www to the initargs so include directives now work

groff      - GNU troff text-formatting system.
groff 1.12-1 -> 1.15-2 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/text
groff (1.15-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * quick fix to a bug reported only mainstream.
    postscript device fails if paper format is not a4 or letter.
    Fixed using "letter" for all other formats, as it _was_ before.

grub       - GRand Unified Bootloader
grub 0.5.93 -> into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/base
grub ( unstable; urgency=low
  * Update to Standards-Version: 3.0.1, mainly for FHS support.
  * Fix definition of ext2_dir_entry. (closes:bug#49017)
  * Fix rules for cross-compiling. (closes:bug#49034)
  * Update synopsis for grub(8). (closes:bug#48991)
  * Don't clear the line when hitting enter in the GRUB shell.

gsfonts-x11 - Make Ghostscript fonts available to X11.
gsfonts-x11 0.11 -> 0.12 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/x11
gsfonts-x11 0.11 -> 0.12 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/x11
gsfonts-x11 (0.12) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Added some font aliases to fit the font names used in sketch.
  * This wasn't a bug in gsfonts-x11, but it solves some problems with
    sketch, so I would like to see it in frozen as a fix of an
    (unreported) bug in sketch.

horde      - Core elements for the Horde Web Application Suite
horde 1.2.0.pre7-3.0 -> 1.2.0.pre7-3.1 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/web
horde 1.2.0.pre7-3.0 -> 1.2.0.pre7-3.1 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/web
horde (1:1.2.0.pre7-3.1) unstable frozen; urgency=low
  * More upstream fixes
  * Postinst issues along with debconf issues have been fixed (Closes #55310)

horde      - Core elements for the Horde Web Application Suite
horde 1.2.0.pre7-3.1 -> 1.2.0.pre7-4.0 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/web
horde 1.2.0.pre7-3.1 -> 1.2.0.pre7-4.0 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/web
horde (1:1.2.0.pre7-4.0) unstable frozen; urgency=low
  * More upstream fixes
  * Should fix postinst issues: (Closes: #55310, #55380, #55362, #55348, #55303)

horde      - Core elements for the Horde Web Application Suite
horde 1.2.0.pre7-4.0 -> 1.2.0.pre7-5.0 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/web
horde 1.2.0.pre7-4.0 -> 1.2.0.pre7-5.0 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/web
horde (1:1.2.0.pre7-5.0) unstable frozen; urgency=low
  * More upstream fixes
  * New postinst script re-written by Michael Alan Dorman.
  * Fixes sed statements (Closes: #55357)
  * added missing ; at the end of the pgsql script

imp        - Web Based IMAP Mail Program.
imp 2.2.0.pre7-3.0 -> 2.2.0.pre7-3.1 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/web
imp 2.2.0.pre7-3.0 -> 2.2.0.pre7-3.1 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/web
imp (1:2.2.0.pre7-3.1) unstable frozen; urgency=low
  * Fixing ldap.php3 issue
  * Fixes preinst errors (Closes: #55348)

imp        - Web Based IMAP Mail Program.
imp 2.2.0.pre7-3.1 -> 2.2.0.pre7-4.0 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/web
imp 2.2.0.pre7-3.1 -> 2.2.0.pre7-4.0 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/web
imp (1:2.2.0.pre7-4.0) unstable frozen; urgency=low
  * More upstream fixes
  * Fixes postinst errors (Closes: #55378, #55348, #55445, #55446
  * Should include missing locales
  * Fixing some debconf settings

imp        - Web Based IMAP Mail Program.
imp 2.2.0.pre7-4.0 -> 2.2.0.pre7-5.0 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/web
imp 2.2.0.pre7-4.0 -> 2.2.0.pre7-5.0 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/web
imp (1:2.2.0.pre7-5.0) unstable frozen; urgency=low
  * More upstream fixes
  * Redone postinst script using Michael's code
  * added missing ; at the end of the pgsql script
  * added more comments to defaults.php3.in file

inetutils  - GNU networking utilities
syslogd    - System logging daemon
talk-hurd  - Talk to another user.
talkd-hurd - Remote user communication server.
telnet-hurd - The telnet client.
telnetd-hurd - The telnet server.
inetutils 1.3.2-8 -> 1.3.2-9 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/net
syslogd 1.3.2-8 -> 1.3.2-9 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/base
talk-hurd 1.3.2-8 -> 1.3.2-9 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/net
talkd-hurd 1.3.2-8 -> 1.3.2-9 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/net
telnet-hurd 1.3.2-8 -> 1.3.2-9 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/net
telnetd-hurd 1.3.2-8 -> 1.3.2-9 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/net
inetutils (1.3.2-9) unstable; urgency=low
  * Recompiled one more time with ncurses5 now.

jhcore     - Jay's House Core, an enhanced core database for lambdamoo
jhcore 07Dec1998-2 -> 19981207-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/net
jhcore 07Dec1998-2 -> 19981207-2 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/net
jhcore (19981207-2) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * finally figured out changelog

jvim-canna - Japanized VIM (Canna version)
jvim-doc   - Documentation for Japanized VIM
jvim-canna 3.0-2.0-1 -> 3.0-2.0-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-i386/editors
jvim-canna 3.0-2.0-1 -> 3.0-2.0-2 into dists/woody/main/binary-i386/editors
jvim-doc 3.0-2.0-1 -> 3.0-2.0-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/doc
jvim-doc 3.0-2.0-1 -> 3.0-2.0-2 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/doc
jvim (3.0-2.0-2) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Apply kanji code judgement patch ([vim-jp:00169]).
  * Build with libncuses5.

lambdacore - core database for lambdamoo
lambdacore 15Feb99-3 -> 19990215-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/net
lambdacore 15Feb99-3 -> 19990215-1 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/net
lambdacore (19990215-1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * fixed version number to conform to policy
  * orig.tar.gz is now properly created; it wasn't before

lapack-doc - a comprehensive set of linear algebra routines - Documentation
lapack-doc 2.0.1-3.1 -> 3.0-1 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/devel
lapack-doc (3.0-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New maintainer
  * New upstream version
  * blas man pages are now in their own package
  * Moved to section doc. Closes: bug#38885
  * Conflicts with older versions of lapack. Closes: bug#8986
  * Doesn't include empty man page. Closes: bug#9194
  * Remove bad man page. Closes: bug#12073

lasg       - Linux Administrator's Security Guide
lasg 20000110-1 -> 20000119-1 into dists/woody/non-free/binary-all/doc
lasg-snapshot (20000119-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release
  * Put the Doc into System in doc-base, this fits better than Apps/Net

less       - A file pager program, similar to more(1)
less 346-2 -> 346-5 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/text
less (346-5) unstable; urgency=low
  * Compiled against new libncurses5. (closes: #53934)

libltdl0   - A system independent dlopen wrapper for GNU libtool
libltdl0-dev - A system independent dlopen wrapper for GNU libtool
libtool    - Generic library support script
libtool-doc - Generic library support script
libltdl0-dev 1.3.3-6 -> 1.3.4-1 into dists/woody/main/binary-i386/devel
libltdl0 1.3.3-6 -> 1.3.4-1 into dists/woody/main/binary-i386/libs
libtool-doc 1.3.3-6 -> 1.3.4-1 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/doc
libtool 1.3.3-6 -> 1.3.4-1 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/devel
libtool (1.3.4-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream.

liece      - IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client for Emacs.
liece-dcc  - DCC program for liece.
liece-dcc -> into dists/woody/main/binary-i386/net
liece -> into dists/woody/main/binary-all/net
liece ( unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release

m68k-vme-tftplilo - Linux kernel TFTP boot loader for m68k VME processor boards.
m68k-vme-tftplilo 1.1.1-2 -> 1.1.2-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/admin
m68k-vme-tftplilo 1.1.1-2 -> 1.1.2-1 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/admin
m68k-vme-tftplilo (1.1.2-1) unstable frozen; urgency=low
  * Added suggests tftpd.
  * Changed %lu printf formats to %u to avoid compiler warnings.
  * Rebuilt using glibc 2.1.

maint-guide - Debian New Maintainers' Guide
maint-guide-fr - French translation of Debian New Maintainers' Guide.
maint-guide-ja - Japanese translation of Debian New Maintainers' Guide.
maint-guide-fr 0.97 -> 0.97.1 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/doc
maint-guide-fr 0.97 -> 0.97.1 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/doc
maint-guide-ja 0.97 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/doc
maint-guide-ja 0.97 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/doc
maint-guide 0.97 -> 0.99 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/doc
maint-guide 0.97 -> 0.99 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/doc
maint-guide (0.99) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Followed a couple of useful suggestions from Zygo Blaxell, regarding
    the build directory and several technical fixes in the text.
  * Moved description of changelog and copyright files under "Required
    files". The description of control and rules is there, of course, but
    with some things fixed and updated (WRT new dh_make).
  * Changed license to solely GPL.
  * Used several corrections and additions from James R. Van Zandt, most
    notably a new section about updating the package, and several grammar
    and style fixes.
  * Updated for new debiandoc-sgml. Removed postscript files.
  * Added a new file, called "Credits", containing names and mails of
    people involved in making this document. Please contact me if you
    helped and I forgot to add your name there.
  * The French translation wasn't updated, but this upload contains it
    (version 0.97.1) because of these:
    * Fixed French text file byhand entry.
    * Created /usr/doc/maint-guide symlink in maint-guide-fr
      postinst/prerm, closes: #49567.
  * This upload also contains maint-guide-ja package, containing the
    Japanese translation, version 0.97.
  * Standards-Version: 3.1.1. Added Build-Depends: (although it is a bit
    pointless, as this is an arch-indep package :o). Some other fixes
    to debian/*.
  * Currently, I have French and Japanese translation of version 0.97,
    and Spanish of 0.95. When I get updated copies of all of these, I'll
    release 1.0. This is a call for help - please translators, do this
    before release.

mawk       - a pattern scanning and text processing language
mawk 1.3.3-3 -> 1.3.3-5 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/base
mawk (1.3.3-5) unstable; urgency=low
  * debian/postinst: manpages are in /usr/share/man now; forgot to update
    the arguments to update-alternatives.  Thanks to Malcolm Parsons
    <malcolm@ivywell.screaming.net> for noticing.  [#54440]

libncurses5 - Shared libraries for terminal handling
libncurses5-dbg - Debugging/profiling libraries for ncurses
libncurses5-dev - Developer's libraries and docs for ncurses
ncurses-base - Descriptions of common terminal types
ncurses-bin - Terminal-related programs and man pages
ncurses-term - Additional terminal type definitions
libncurses5-dbg 5.0-3 -> 5.0-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-i386/devel
libncurses5-dbg 5.0-3 -> 5.0-4 into dists/woody/main/binary-i386/devel
libncurses5-dev 5.0-3 -> 5.0-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-i386/devel
libncurses5-dev 5.0-3 -> 5.0-4 into dists/woody/main/binary-i386/devel
libncurses5 5.0-3 -> 5.0-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-i386/base
libncurses5 5.0-3 -> 5.0-4 into dists/woody/main/binary-i386/base
ncurses-base 5.0-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/base
ncurses-base 5.0-4 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/base
ncurses-bin 5.0-3 -> 5.0-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-i386/base
ncurses-bin 5.0-3 -> 5.0-4 into dists/woody/main/binary-i386/base
ncurses-term 5.0-3 -> 5.0-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/admin
ncurses-term 5.0-3 -> 5.0-4 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/admin
ncurses (5.0-4) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Revive ncurses-base.
    - Add xterm-* used in fallbacks.
    - Use --with-terminfo-dirs.
  * Fix smcup/rmcup entries for xterm (closes:Bug#55146).

ntp        - Daemon and utilities for full NTP v4 timekeeping participation.
ntp-doc    - HTML documentation for the ntp and ntpdate packages
ntpdate    - The ntpdate client for setting system time from NTP servers.
xntp3      - Empty package to facilitate xntp3->ntp,ntpdate name change
ntp-doc 4.0.99-2 -> 4.0.99b-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/net
ntp-doc 4.0.99-2 -> 4.0.99b-1 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/net
ntp 4.0.99-2 -> 4.0.99b-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-i386/net
ntp 4.0.99-2 -> 4.0.99b-1 into dists/woody/main/binary-i386/net
ntpdate 4.0.99-2 -> 4.0.99b-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-i386/net
ntpdate 4.0.99-2 -> 4.0.99b-1 into dists/woody/main/binary-i386/net
xntp3 4.0.99-2 -> 4.0.99b-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/net
xntp3 4.0.99-2 -> 4.0.99b-1 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/net
ntp (4.0.99b-1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * new upstream release, minor bug fixes only, another release candidate,
    closes: #55213, #55639
  * fix redirection in the cron.daily, so that ntp isn't obnoxious if the
    stats logging has been turned off in ntp.conf, closes: #55488, #55339

libpcre1   - Philip Hazel's Perl Compatible Regular Expression library
libpcre1-dev - Development stuff for libpcre
libpcre1-dev 1.09-2 -> 1.09-4 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/devel
libpcre1 1.09-2 -> 1.09-4 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/libs
pcre (1.09-4) unstable; urgency=low
  * pcreposix.c,pcreposix.h: Redo pcreposix_ changes from 1.09-2, which
    had somehow got lost from 1.09-3, meaning that 1.09-3 wouldn't build
    on glibc2.1 systems (#50046)

pforth     - portable Forth interpreter
pforth 21-5 -> 21-6 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/interpreters
pforth (21-6) unstable; urgency=low
  * add hurd-i386 to supported architectures in control, closes: #55122

pine396-diffs - Diffs to build a Debianized pine.
pine396-diffs 2 -> 3 into dists/potato/non-free/binary-all/mail
pine396-diffs 2 -> 3 into dists/woody/non-free/binary-all/mail
pine396-diffs (3) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Updated for pine_3.96M-5 in potato.

pinfo      - An alternative info-file viewer
pinfo 0.5.9-2 -> 0.5.9-3 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/doc
pinfo (0.5.9-3) unstable; urgency=low
  * Recompilation for libncurses5.

pwgen      - Automatic Password generation
pwgen 1-14 -> 1-15 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/admin
pwgen (1-15) unstable; urgency=low
  * Fix debian/rules;
    closes: #54001: can not build from source.

libqt1g    - Shared Library used by applications linked with libqt.
libqt1g-dev - Environment for QT GUI development.
qt1g-doc   - Comprehensive docs (html), examples, and tutorial for QT.
libqt1g-dev 1.45-0.3 -> 1.45-0.4 into dists/potato/non-free/binary-i386/devel
libqt1g-dev 1.45-0.3 -> 1.45-0.4 into dists/woody/non-free/binary-i386/devel
libqt1g 1.45-0.3 -> 1.45-0.4 into dists/potato/non-free/binary-i386/libs
libqt1g 1.45-0.3 -> 1.45-0.4 into dists/woody/non-free/binary-i386/libs
qt1g-doc 1.45-0.3 -> 1.45-0.4 into dists/potato/non-free/binary-all/doc
qt1g-doc 1.45-0.3 -> 1.45-0.4 into dists/woody/non-free/binary-all/doc
qt1g (1:1.45-0.4) unstable frozen; urgency=low
  * Fixing gif support
  * NMU

scalapack-test-common - Test data for ScaLAPACK testers.
scalapack-test-common 1.6-6 -> 1.6-7 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/devel
scalapack (1.6-7) unstable; urgency=low
  * Apparently, something with scalapack-test-common went wrong. Rebuild and
    reupload to correct this. Closes: #51684.
  * Changed rules to make the testing binaries linked against shared
    libraries where available.
  * Changed the TOTMEM parameter to 64MB as most Beowulf nodes have
    plenty of memory.
  * Experiments with Build-Depens in order to let the build daemon handle
    the package (my box is too small).

scalapack-test-common - Test data for ScaLAPACK testers.
scalapack-test-common 1.6-6 -> 1.6-8 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/devel
scalapack-test-common 1.6-7 -> 1.6-8 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/devel
scalapack (1.6-8) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Reupload to frozen, -7 sat too long in incoming... :-(

passwd     - Change and administer password and group data.
passwd 19990827-15 -> 19990827-16 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/base
shadow (19990827-16) unstable; urgency=low
  * got rid of g+s directories in the source tarball, closes: #54585
  * make su mode 4755 in the package. This way there is no chance of a
    failed dpkg install causing it to be left without suid root perms
    before suidmanager or chmod is called in the postinst.
  * src/login.c: added faillog support to the pam_authenticate loop. This
    loop is now completely rewritten, and should produce better results on
    failures, closes: #53164

squishdot  - Web-based News/Discussion System
squishdot 0.3.2-1 -> 0.3.2-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/web
squishdot 0.3.2-1 -> 0.3.2-2 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/web
squishdot (0.3.2-2) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Run dos2unix on .py files to work around a bug in Python.
    Closes: #46012, #46616, #53138.
  * Forgot to close an old bug.  Closes: #50463.

squishdot  - Web-based News/Discussion System
squishdot 0.3.2-2 -> 0.3.2-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/web
squishdot 0.3.2-2 -> 0.3.2-3 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/web
squishdot (0.3.2-3) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Updated to deal with the rename of zope-tinytable.

suidmanager - Manage File Permissions
suidmanager 0.43 -> 0.44 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/admin
suidmanager (0.44) unstable; urgency=low
  * suidregister now checks the syntax of /etc/suid.conf before doing
    anything. It aborts with an informative error message if it finds an

task-tcltk - Running Tcl/Tk applications
task-tcltk-dev - Developing Tcl/Tk applications
task-tcltk-dev 0.1 -> 1.0 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/devel
task-tcltk-dev 0.1 -> 1.0 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/devel
task-tcltk 0.1 -> 1.0 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/interpreters
task-tcltk 0.1 -> 1.0 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/interpreters
task-tcltk (1.0) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Metapackage standardization changes (Bug#55729).

typespeed  - Zap words flying across the screen by typing them correctly
typespeed 0.3.5-7 -> 0.4.0-1 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/games
typespeed (0.4.0-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream version.  Re-added directory kludges. (see 0.3.4-1)
  * Some descriptions changed to reflect changes in code and gameplay.
  * Uses manpage provided by authors.  (Section changed from 1 to 6.)

vim        - Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor
vim 5.3-14b -> 5.6.000-1 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/editors
vim (5.6.000-1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * No longer beta. There are no changes from the previous package except
    that this version is no longer marked as a beta version.

w3-el-doc  - Documentation for w3-el.
w3-el-e19  - Web browser for GNU Emacs 19
w3-el-e20  - Web browser for GNU Emacs 20
w3-el-lisp - Elisp source for w3-el web browser
w3-el-doc 4.0pre.46-1 -> 4.0pre.46-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/web
w3-el-doc 4.0pre.46-1 -> 4.0pre.46-2 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/web
w3-el-e19 4.0pre.46-1 -> 4.0pre.46-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/web
w3-el-e19 4.0pre.46-1 -> 4.0pre.46-2 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/web
w3-el-e20 4.0pre.46-1 -> 4.0pre.46-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/web
w3-el-e20 4.0pre.46-1 -> 4.0pre.46-2 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/web
w3-el-lisp 4.0pre.46-1 -> 4.0pre.46-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/web
w3-el-lisp 4.0pre.46-1 -> 4.0pre.46-2 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/web
w3-el (4.0pre.46-2) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Change control file to allow emacs20-dl to substitute for
    emacs20.  Fixes Bug#55609, Bug#54068.
  * Source archive was in tarball-only format for Debian-specific
    packages but it should have been as upstream source + Debian
    patch as usual.  Fixed.
  * Removed patch dropping: lisp/css.el.orig not needed.

wget       - utility to retrieve files from the WWW via HTTP and FTP
wget 1.5.3-1.1 -> 1.5.3-3 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/web
wget (1.5.3-3) unstable; urgency=low
  * Added --base option to info documentation with text taken from the
    manpage. Uhm.. someone needs to keep this info file upto-date with the
    manpage... perhaps I should remove the info docs.. =) =)
    (closes: Bug#39808).
  * Added Janapese messages from ja-tans package (closes:Bug#43847).
  * Added `--cut-dirs' to manpage (closes:Bug#42129).
  * Moved docs under /usr/share.
  * Updated `Standards-Version' to 3.0.1.
  * Added call to dh_clean, it was generating repeating maintainer scripts
    without that! =).
  * Updated copyright file.
  * Removed redundant menu entry (closes:Bug#42510).

whois      - whois client
whois 4.4.5 -> 4.4.6 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/net
whois (4.4.6) unstable; urgency=low
  * Fixed bug in parsing the argument of -h.
  * Added new ccTLDs: cl, kg, lu.
  * Added AS-* netblocks. I assume only RIPE uses this format.
  * Some additions to ripe_servers[].

wmaker-usersguide-ps - Window Maker Users' Guide -- postscript format
wmaker-usersguide-ps 0.20.2-1 -> 0.20.2-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/doc
wmaker-usersguide-ps 0.20.2-1 -> 0.20.2-2 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/doc
wmaker-usersguide (0.20.2-2) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * doc-base: document moved to /usr/share/doc. (closes: bug#51020)
  * debian/control: added Build-Depends.
  * debian/control: updated Standards-Version.
  * debian/README: Updated location of Window Maker's FAQ, NEWS and README
  * debian/rules: export DH_COMPAT=2.
  * debian/control: changed Recommends: to Suggests: wmaker (is there a
    global campaign to get rid of Suggests? If you really don't like the
    way dselect works, change dselect! Stop bugging package maintainers
    about this! The packaging manual says: "The `Recommends' field should
    list packages that would be found together with this one in all but
    unusual installations."  IMO, the situation where the documentation
    for a package is not found with the package *is* unusual.  Most
    questions on wm-user can be directly mapped to users not reading the
    documentation) (closes: bug#38671)

----- New Packages ----------------------

ascii      - Prints aliases and tables for ASCII character.
ascii 2.6 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/utils

casio      - Backup utility for the CASIO diary.
casio 2.2-5 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/comm

cbb        - The Check-Book Balancer - a Quicken clone
cbb 0.81-0 into dists/proposed-updates

cweb       - Knuth's & Levy's C/C++ programming system.
cweb 3.43-6 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/devel

flin       - Menuing system with fvwm-like syntax
flin 0.5.1-8 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/shells

gc         - Utility to calculate bearing and range to a location
gc 1.07-3 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/hamradio

inn2       - News transport system `InterNetNews' by the ISC and Rich Salz
inn2-dev   - The libinn.a library and manpages.
inn2-inews - NNTP client news injector, from InterNetNews (INN)
task-news-server - USENET News Server
inn2-dev 2.2.2-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-i386/news
inn2-dev 2.2.2-4 into dists/woody/main/binary-i386/news
inn2-inews 2.2.2-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-i386/news
inn2-inews 2.2.2-4 into dists/woody/main/binary-i386/news
inn2 2.2.2-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-i386/news
inn2 2.2.2-4 into dists/woody/main/binary-i386/news
task-news-server 2.2.2-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/news
task-news-server 2.2.2-4 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/news

libwww-perl - WWW client/server library for Perl
libwww-perl 5.36-1.1 into dists/proposed-updates

macutils   - Set of tools to deal with specially encoded Macintosh files
macutils 2.0b3-7 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/otherosfs

mailto     - WWW Forms to Mail Gateway
mailto 1.2.6-3 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/web

nwrite     - Enhanced replacement for the write command.
nwrite 1.9.2-9 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/utils

pine4-diffs - Diffs to build a Debianized pine.
pine4-diffs 1 into dists/potato/non-free/binary-all/mail
pine4-diffs 1 into dists/woody/non-free/binary-all/mail

pine4-src  - The original source code for pine.
pine4-src 1 into dists/potato/non-free/binary-all/mail
pine4-src 1 into dists/woody/non-free/binary-all/mail

librxp1    - Shared library for XML parsing and validating
librxp1-dev - Development files for librxp
rxp        - A validating XML parser
librxp1-dev 1.1-5 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/devel
librxp1 1.1-5 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/libs
rxp 1.1-5 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/text

sgb        - The Stanford GraphBase: combinatorial data and algorithms.
sgb 1999.08.20-7 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/math

smalleiffel - The GNU Eiffel Compiler
smalleiffel into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/devel

tcs        - Character set translator.
tcs 1-6 into dists/woody/main/binary-hurd-i386/text

zope-tinytable - Present tabular data in Zope
zope-tinytable 0b2-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/web
zope-tinytable 0b2-2 into dists/woody/main/binary-all/web

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