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Re: Uploaded elvis-tiny 1.4-7.1 (source i386) to master

On 00-01-08 Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:
> In article <cistron.20000108120332.3CEB7221A2@seteuid.getuid.com>,
> Christian Kurz <shorty@getuid.com> wrote:
> > elvis-tiny (1.4-7.1) unstable; urgency=low
> > .
> >   * Non-maintainer upload during bug-squashing-party.
> >   * Recompilation with ncurses5.
> >   * Fixed rules-file to work with /bin/ash.

> Yes, very nice and all, but this bug was only reported on Jan 5. Isn't

Oh, I didn't look at the date when a bug was reported but at the

> it normal procedure to give the package maintainer one week to solve
> the bug, then mail him to ask permission for NMU, and only after no
> answer actually do an NMU ?

Right, but I asked the people around in #debian-bugs how to handle NMUs
for fixing packages with RCBs and I only got told to look at the policy
section about how an NMU package should look. They told me nothing that
even while the bug-squashing party we use the normal way for NMUs. So
normally I would have choosen the way described above.

> I don't _really_ mind, but I have a elvis-tiny_1.4.-8 here ready to
> upload .. and the bug is only 2-3 days old ..

Oh, sorry for that.

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