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Uploaded elm-me+ 2.4pl25ME+65-0.slink.0 (m68k) to master

Format: 1.5
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 11:39:30 +0100
Source: elm-me+
Binary: elm-me+
Architecture: m68k
Version: 2.4pl25ME+65-0.slink.0
Distribution: stable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Vincent Renardias <vincent@debian.org>
 elm-me+    - MIME & PGP-aware interactive mail reader [enhanced]
 elm-me+ (2.4pl25ME+65-0.slink.0) stable; urgency=low
   * Recompiled the 'potato' version for Debian 2.1 to
     get a (hopefully) y2k-compliant version.
     (http://www.ozone.fmi.fi/KEH/elm-2.4ME+.README says that the last
     y2k fix has been applied to 2.4pl25ME+60)
 cc1e553d352f1b7f2270d0bcea1b16c6 500370 mail standard elm-me+_2.4pl25ME+65-0.slink.0_m68k.deb

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