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Re: Unix Admin Dream Environment....

> > could you both please stop spamming the rest of us?  the original message
> > was bad enough, i don't need you two making it worse.
> I simply posted a comment.  I would hardly call that "spamming" ... I 
> recieve MANY messages every day from the mail lists that I don't
> particularly care to read (Such as the RPM w/ DEB thread), but I DON'T    
> e-mail everyone back and say "quit spamming the rest of us".  I think you
> are being just a little rude here.  I posted one comment.  I would hardly
> call that spam.

the difference being that this message came from debian-changes NOT
debian-users or debian-devel so you aren't posting to an appropriate place.
had you posted on one of those two lists i would have kept my thoughts to
myself, but you are posting to a low volume announce list (which makes it to
my inbox) rather then to the discussion lists.


ps. since you insisted on puting this back on debian-changes i haven't
removed it from the cc list this time.  

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