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New Debian powerpc Packages

These powerpc packages were installed into the Debian hierarchy in the
last week:

----- !!! HIGH URGENCY PACKAGES !!! -----

boot-floppies - Scripts to create the Debian installation floppy set.
boot-floppies 2.1.5 -> 2.1.6 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/admin
boot-floppies 2.1.5 -> 2.1.6 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/admin
boot-floppies (2.1.6) unstable frozen; urgency=high
  * Moved whiptail to the drivers disk.
  * Removed superformat form the root disk. dbootstrap uses the one on
    the base system instead.
  * Lots of patches for m68k support by Michael Schmitz.
  * Built using the new util-linux package, to include cfdisk support for
    Extended-WIN95 partitions (Closes #32269, important).
  * If the user skips the "Configure Keyboard" step don't tell him about
    missing /tmp/kbdconf.
  * Fix typo in root's bash_profile that breaks "[Y/n]" default answers.
    (Closes #32324, #32508)
  * debian/control: add dependancies man-db, libpaperg, tetex-bin,
    tetex-extra -- these are for the documentation area (PDF, mostly)
  * documentation: new sections "Organization of This Document", "If You
    Are New to Unix", "Interpreting the Kernel Startup Messages"; heavy
    rework on newly broken out chapter, "Booting the Installation System",
    including new section "Booting from CD-ROM", "Troubleshooting the Boot
    Process";  much more m68k content, including most of Frank's Amiga
    install document (Atari and Mac still quite rough); updates and
    corrections, including conditionalization of Bootable CDs and TFTP by
    platform; advise against running rawrite2.exe from within a DOS box in
    Windows or from Windows Explorer (closes Bug#25975)
    - dselect-beginner.html: added descriptions for acquisition methods,
    mention http_proxy and ftp_proxy env vars (closes Bug#32232)

debhelper  - helper programs for debian/rules
debhelper 1.2.29 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/devel

gettext    - GNU Internationalization utilities
gettext 0.10.35-6 -> 0.10.35-7 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
gettext (0.10.35-7) frozen unstable; urgency=high
  * Applied patch (from glibc-2.1.111) to fix security problem (Bug #28850).
    NMU made by Vincent Renardias.
  * By popular demand, make byte-compiling less verbose.

kernel-package - Debian Linux kernel package build scripts.
kernel-package 6.03 -> 6.05 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/misc
kernel-package 6.03 -> 6.05 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/misc
kernel-package (6.05) frozen unstable; urgency=high
  * This fixes a bug introduced in the previous upload to frozen, in the
    handling of the new extraversion. Most of the changes are bug fixes,
    there is no new code.
  * Tightened the reg exp for determining the extraversion to ignore
    whitespace. Use builtin strip to remove leading and trailing
    space. fixes: BUG#32457
  * If the changelog exists, use it to guess at the debian version (this is
    merely setting the default value). If there is no changelog, the
    default is still 1.00.
  * If the .config file exists, use that to guess the subarch for intel
  * Install debian/rules if it does not exist, regardless of
    stamp-configure or debian/official.  fixes: BUG# 31823.

proftpd    - Versatile, virtual-hosting FTP daemon
proftpd 1.1.7r3-4 -> 1.2.0-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
proftpd (1.2.0-1) unstable; urgency=high
  * New upstream version, including path_exploit.patch.
  * Incorporates patch for ARM architecture (#29805).

sendmail   - A powerful mail transport agent.
sendmail 8.9.1-15 -> 8.9.2-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/mail
sendmail (8.9.2-3) frozen unstable; urgency=high
  * Yet another DOS attack from BugTraq -- patch from sendmail.org
    -- debian/site.config.m4   --
    -- debian/debian.m4        --
    -- src/conf.h              --
    -- src/collect.c           --
    -- src/sendmail.h          --
    -- src/readcf.c            --
    -- src/conf.c              --
    -- cf/m4/proto.m4          --
  * Correct orca (ORBS) address to relays.orbs.org
    -- debian/orbs.m4          -- relays.orbs.org
    -- cf/m4/proto.m4          -- http://www.orbs.org

sysvinit   - System-V like init.
sysvinit 2.76-2 -> 2.76-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/base
sysvinit (2.76-3) frozen unstable; urgency=high
  * Small bugfix to last.c courtesy of Danek Duvall <duvall@emufarm.ml.org>
  * Recompile with latest libs, so dependency on libc6 (>= 2.0.7u) is gone.
  * Fixes bugs:
    #31601: sysvinit: Doesn't wipe new files from /tmp
    #28132: checkroot.sh parsing of /etc/fstab is incorrect.
    #29729: sysvinit: references wrong policy homepage
    #27949: last: should use down instead of crash

termcap-compat - Compatibility package for old termcap-based programs.
termcap-compat into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/oldlibs

tetex-bin  - teTeX binary files
tetex-dev  - kpathsea.a and include files for teTeX
tetex-bin 0.9.981031-4 -> 0.9.981113-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/tex
tetex-dev 0.9.981031-4 -> 0.9.981113-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/tex
tetex-bin (0.9.981113-1) frozen unstable; urgency=high
  * New upstream bugfix (which hopefully fixes some problems)
  * check for parameter of postinst (Bug #22130)
  * tetex-bin now suggest rather than recommends tetex-extra (Bug #29603)

xcircuit   - Draw circuit schematics or almost anything.
xcircuit 2.0a6-2 -> 2.0a6-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/electronics
xcircuit (2.0a6-3) frozen unstable; urgency=high
  * retarget package for frozen to propogate previous fix into stable

----- MEDIUM Urgency Packages -----------

debget     - download source and binary Debian packages
debget 0.01 -> 0.2 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/utils
debget (0.2) unstable; urgency=medium
  * Correct handling for user-specified sections, it was totally hosed.
  * Handle downloading from experimental (use `--dist experimental').

dhcp-beta  - DHCP server for automatic IP address assignment
dhcp-client-beta - DHCP Client
dhcp-relay-beta - DHCP Relay
dhcp-beta 2.0b1pl6-0.1 -> 2.0b1pl6-0.2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
dhcp-client-beta 2.0b1pl6-0.1 -> 2.0b1pl6-0.2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
dhcp-relay-beta 2.0b1pl6-0.1 -> 2.0b1pl6-0.2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
dhcp-beta (2.0b1pl6-0.2) frozen unstable; urgency=medium
  * NMU:
    Fix Grave bug #18322 with the provided patch.
    Fix Important bug #19767: dhcp-client-beta did not contain
    any /usr/doc/dhcp-client-beta directory.
    Fix bug #20532 bad option in /etc/dhcpd.conf.
    Close bug #20533 file location prob (Fixed by previous upload).
    Close bug #22081 dhcpd-beta (Fixed by previous upload).
    Close bug #19768 /etc/dhclient-script is not a conffile
      (Already fixed).
    Fix bug #28164 by included a new dhclient script.

doc-debian-es - Debian FAQ translated to Spanish
doc-debian-es 1.8 -> 1.9 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/doc
doc-debian-es 1.8 -> 1.9 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/doc
doc-debian-es (1.9) frozen unstable; urgency=medium
  * Release to be in sync with the 1.9.x english version.

doc-debian - Debian Manual, FAQ and other documents
doc-debian 1.9.2 -> 1.9.3 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/doc
doc-debian 1.9.2 -> 1.9.3 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/doc
doc-debian (1.9.3) frozen unstable; urgency=medium
  * Changed info to become a developer (Bug #30964).
    Now it simply refers to the developers-reference.
  * Refer to the appropriate web page for the list of CD-vendors.
  * Discourage the use of the cdrom dselect access method.
  * Mention the http://cdimage.debian.org/ site.
  * Refreshed doc directory from ftp.debian.org.
  * Fixed and enhanced a lot of minor things.

gpm        - General Purpose Mouse Interface
libgpmg1   - General Purpose Mouse Library [libc6]
libgpmg1-dev - General Purpose Mouse Library, development files [libc6]
gpm 1.16.0-2 -> 1.16.0-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/misc
libgpmg1-dev 1.16.0-2 -> 1.16.0-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
libgpmg1 1.16.0-2 -> 1.16.0-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/libs
gpm (1.16.0-3) unstable; urgency=medium
  * debian/rules (binary-gpm): install all the info files.  Thanks to
    Kalle Olavi Niemitalo <tosi@ees2.oulu.fi> for noticing the missing
    files.  [#32268]
  * debian/rc (PIDFILE): change the name of the pidfile.  Noticed by
    Neophyte <neo@sitek.windoms.net>. [#32317]
  * debian/gpmconfig (PIDFILE): new variable, correct name of pidfile.
  * debian/gpmconfig: use it.
  * debian/prerm: run start-stop-daemon with both the new and the old
    pidfile name.

gzip       - The GNU compression utility.
gzip 1.2.4-27.0.1 -> 1.2.4-28 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/base
gzip (1.2.4-28) frozen unstable; urgency=medium
  * patch zforce to make it work at all, closes 22760
  * patch to fix decompression of concatenated gzip files, closes 30537

iplogger   - TCP and ICMP event logger
iplogger 1.1-4 -> 1.1-5 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
iplogger (1.1-5) unstable; urgency=MEDIUM
  * Made forking optional: forking can deny service if name resolution fails
  * Made ident checking optionnal: it seems that this feature can cause
    problems (#31094, #31345)

lynx       - Text-mode WWW Browser
lynx 2.8.1-2 -> 2.8.1-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/web
lynx (2.8.1-3) frozen unstable; urgency=medium
  * Applied patch from OpenBSD to prevent lynx captive users from
    spawning a shell using rlogin/telnet URLs.
  * Postinst now checks that the url given is absolute. (Closes bug #29177)
  * Updated README.Debian file. (Closes bug #30488)
  * Added dhelp support. (Closes bug #31159)
  * Included some more files from the lynx source in /usr/doc/lynx
    (Closes bug #30489)
  * Applied upstream bugfix patches. (Closes bug #30487)
  * Version 2.8.1 includes many small security fixes over 2.8
    (Closes bug #31985)

netbase    - Basic TCP/IP networking binaries
netbase 3.11-3 -> 3.11-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/base
netbase (3.11-4) unstable; urgency=medium
  * /etc/services: Added linuxconf 98/tcp
  * ping: change tmin/tmax to unsigned longs (Bug#32196)
  * postinst, init.d/portmap: Make portmap start read
        /var/run/portmap.upgrade-state so registered services don't
        just disappear over an upgrade. (Bug#32314, #32154)
  * postinst: Make `killing portmap' message a little bit more sensible.
        (Bug#32314, #32154)
  * suidmanager: See if debstd does a better job coping with suidmanager
        than I have. (Thanks to Julian Gilbey) (Bug#32120,#32168,#32173)

procmail   - Versatile e-mail processor.
procmail 3.10.7-6 -> 3.10.7-7 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/mail
procmail (3.10.7-7) frozen unstable; urgency=medium
  * New Maildir patches from Bruce Guenter.
    Should fix Bug #30320: procmail: maildir does not use From_ lines.

raidtools  - Utilities to support RAID disks
raidtools 0.42-13 -> 0.42-16 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/admin
raidtools (0.42-16) frozen unstable; urgency=medium
  * mdadd now reports a proper error message if there are "too many"
    elements for a RAID.  The original author thought that nobody would be
    so crazy and using more than 9 disks for an array.  Michael Shields
    seems to be evil to him since he tried to use 12 disks.  Also
    increased static array to 16, who's going to beat that? (Bug#25610)

olvwm      - OpenLook virtual window manager
olwm       - Open Look Window Manager
xview-clients - XView client programs
xview-examples - XView contrib programs
xviewg     - XView shared libraries [libc6]
xviewg-dev - XView development tools [libc6]
olvwm into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/x11
olwm 3.2p1.4-5 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/x11
xview-clients 3.2p1.4-5 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/x11
xview-examples 3.2p1.4-5 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/x11
xviewg-dev 3.2p1.4-5 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/x11
xviewg 3.2p1.4-5 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/x11

----- Low Urgency Packages --------------

aalib-bin  - sample programs using aalib
aalib1     - ascii art library
aalib1-dev - ascii art library, development kit
aalib-bin 1.2-8 -> 1.2-9 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/libs
aalib1-dev 1.2-8 -> 1.2-9 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/libs
aalib1 1.2-8 -> 1.2-9 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/libs
aalib (1.2-9) unstable; urgency=low
  * Applied a patch from Arjan Opmeer <a.d.opmeer@student.utwente.nl> that
    fixes a rather complex problem that was making aalib programs crash if
    aalib was built to use slang and the program was running in text mode
    in an xterm.
  * Re-enabled slang linkage now that all the bugs with it are fixed.

acct       - The GNU Accounting utilities.
acct 6.3.5-4 -> 6.3.5-6 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/admin
acct (6.3.5-6) unstable; urgency=low
  * debian/{rules,postinst,postrm}: Removed support for html documentation
    through menu as it is now provided by doc-base

afterstep  - A window manager with the NEXTSTEP look and feel.
afterstep -> 1.6.6-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/x11
afterstep (1.6.6-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * Fix debian/fix_feels and rules (#31698)
  * Use new debhelper scripts (#32150)
  * Uses personal menus if found (#21148)

amaya      - Graphical HTML Editor from w3.org
amaya 1.3-2 -> 1.4a-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/web
amaya (1.4a-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New Upstream version

apache     - Versatile, high-performance HTTP server
apache-common - Support files for all Apache webservers
apache-common 1.3.3-4 -> 1.3.4-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/web
apache 1.3.3-4 -> 1.3.4-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/web
apache (1.3.4-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream version, fixing Accept-Language: * bug (#29895).
  * The apache-dev package now includes os-inline.c (#31735).
  * Removed possible bashism from apache postinst.

asclassic  - A window manager with the NEXTSTEP look and feel.
asclassic 1.1b-1 -> 1.1b-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/x11
asclassic (1.1b-3) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Rewrote post{inst,rm} for the X reorganization

at         - Delayed job execution and batch processing
at 3.1.8-4 -> 3.1.8-5 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/admin
at (3.1.8-5) unstable; urgency=low, closes=30796 29843
  * Added proper support for time specified with AM/pm.  Thanks to Julian
    Gilbey <jdg@maths.qmw.ac.uk> (closes: Bug#30796)
  * Added more system accounts to at.deny file (closes: Bug#29843)

libaudiofile-dev - The Audiofile Library (Header files for development)
libaudiofile0 - The Audiofile Library
libaudiofile-dev 0.1.5-1 -> 0.1.5-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
libaudiofile0 0.1.5-1 -> 0.1.5-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/libs
audiofile (0.1.5-3) unstable; urgency=low
  * Forgot to add audiofile-config to libaudiofile-dev

libaudiofile-dev - The Audiofile Library (Header files for development)
libaudiofile0 - The Audiofile Library
libaudiofile-dev 0.1.5-3 -> 0.1.5-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
libaudiofile0 0.1.5-3 -> 0.1.5-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/libs
audiofile (0.1.5-4) unstable; urgency=low
  * Added audiofile.m4 to libaudiofile-dev

authbind   - Allows non-root programs to bind() to low ports
authbind 1.1.5 -> into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/utils
authbind ( frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Non-maintainer upload.
  * debian/rules (clean): use tab not spaces, so `debian/rules clean'
    actually works. [#27360]
  * debian/rules (binary-arch): don't compress the copyright file.
  * Makefile: install the shared library non-executable.

autoconf   - automatic configure script builder.
autoconf 2.12-12 -> 2.12-13 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/devel
autoconf (2.12-13) frozen; urgency=low
  * One-liner patch to config.guess to add support for PCA-class Alphas.
    From Christopher C Chimelis <chris@beezer.med.miami.edu>.

autoconf   - automatic configure script builder
autoconf 2.13-2 -> 2.13-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/devel
autoconf (2.13-3) unstable; urgency=low
  * Patch to config.guess to support PCA-class Alphas.  From Christopher C
    Chimelis <chris@beezer.med.miami.edu>.

autofs     - A kernel-based automounter for Linux.
autofs 3.1.1-5 -> 3.1.1-7 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/utils
autofs (3.1.1-7) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * upload to fix bad -6 package(s)

automake   - A tool for generating GNU Standards-compliant Makefiles.
automake 1.4-1 -> 1.4-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/devel
automake (1.4-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * This patch allows the proper use and detection of alphapca56
    machines.  Debian Alpha needs this.  (fixes bug #32390).

bc         - An arbitrary precision calculator language.
dc         - An arbitrary precision reverse-polish calculator.
bc 1.05a-3 -> 1.05a-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/math
dc 1.05a-3 -> 1.05a-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/math
bc (1.05a-4) unstable; urgency=low
  * debian/control (Standards-Version): updated to
  * configure.in: changed test for readline to use READLINELIB and not
    LIBS so we can link just bc with readline (as dc doesn't use it).
  * bc/Makefile.am (LDADD): add @READLINELIB@.

bibtool    - A tool for manipulating BibTeX data bases.
bibtool 2.43-6 -> 2.43-7 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/tex
bibtool (2.43-7) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Moved reference to stdout from an initializer to main().  (Closes:

binutils   - The GNU assembler, linker and binary utilities.
binutils-dev - The GNU binary utilities (BFD development files)
binutils-multiarch - Binary utilities that support multi-arch targets.
binutils-dev -> into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
binutils-multiarch -> into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
binutils -> into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
binutils ( frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Added arm-linux as multiarch target (sorry Jim).
  * Uploaded to frozen to fix strange intermittant kernel
    compilation problems (Fixes #31434).
  * Fixed multiarch's postinst script to check for
    c++filt.single before trying to remove it to prevent
    warning messages if using g++ from egcs.
  * Fixed typo in multiarch's postrm (addr2line) (Fixes: #31533)
  * Added links to .so's for clean removal in the future (Fixes: #31536)

byacc      - The Berkeley LALR parser generator
byacc 1.9-11.6 -> 1.9-11.7 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
byacc (1.9-11.7) unstable; urgency=low
  * New maintainer.
  * Updated to dh_make and standards version, no lintian errors
    or warnings.
  * Added several more files from the upstream distribution to

cam        - Cpu's Audio Mixer for Linux
cam 1.02-10 -> 1.02-11 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/sound
cam (1.02-11) frozen; urgency=low
  * Rebuilt to fix the __register_frame_info problem
  * Fixed bugs in the manual page (fixes #30249)

cfengine   - Tool for configuring and maintaining network machines
cfengine 1.4.12-3 -> 1.4.12-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/admin
cfengine (1.4.12-4) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Reupload (fixes #31578)

cfingerd   - Configurable and secure finger daemon
cfingerd 1.3.2-16 -> 1.3.2-18 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
cfingerd (1.3.2-18) frozen unstable; urgency=low, closes=31488 31489
  * Corrected mail directory to /var/spool in conffile (closes: Bug#31488)
  * Corrected current year to 1999 in all banner files (closes: Bug#31489)

cpio       - GNU cpio -- a program to manage archives of files.
cpio 2.4.2-22 -> 2.4.2-23 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/utils
cpio (2.4.2-23) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Fixed a bug causing cpio to segfault when the tar format is used.
  * Fixed bugs causing cpio to use the wrong minor device numbers.

cron       - management of regular background processing
cron 3.0pl1-49 -> 3.0pl1-50 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/admin
cron (3.0pl1-50) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Fixed rules file *again* so that crontab suidness doesn't get
    stepped on by debhelper under certain kernel versions.

cvs-buildpackage - Debian package scripts for CVS source trees.
cvs-buildpackage 3.01 -> 3.02 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/devel
cvs-buildpackage (3.02) unstable; urgency=low
  * Changed the FSF address in the comments in the man pages. The
    copyright file was already fine. fixes: BUG#32198

cvs        - Concurrent Versions System -- an RCS extension
cvs 1.10.3-1 -> 1.10.4-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
cvs (1.10.4-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * Fixes #20835, #20836, #20687.
  * Newer upstream version.
  * Document weird pserver problems with /root permissions in

cweb       - Knuth's & Levy's C/C++ programming system.
cweb 3.43-1 -> 3.43-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
cweb (3.43-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * Moved macros to a litprog directory (both TeX and Emacs) in line with
    the other literate programming tools.
  * Changed Recommends and Suggests fields to recommend both a C compiler
    and teTeX, and to suggest CWEBx.

dds2tar    - Tools for using DDS features of DAT drives with GNU tar
dds2tar 2.4.21-1 -> 2.4.21-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/utils
dds2tar (2.4.21-2) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * update dependencies, since scsi_vendor apparently needs tcsh, not just
    c-shell... closes 30895

debhelper  - helper programs for debian/rules
debhelper 1.2.27 -> 1.2.28 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/devel
debhelper (1.2.28) unstable; urgency=low
  * dh_link: fixed bug that prevent multiple links to the same source from
    being made. (#23255)

debian-keyring - PGP and GNUPG keys of Debian Developers
debian-keyring 1998.10.11 -> 1999.01.23 into dists/slink/contrib/binary-all/misc
debian-keyring 1999.01.16 -> 1999.01.23 into dists/potato/contrib/binary-all/misc
debian-keyring (1999.01.23) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Sat, 23 Jan 1999 22:37:02 +0000: [PGP/JT] Added the key of Stevie Strickland.
  * Sat, 23 Jan 1999 22:37:25 +0000: [GnuPG/JT] Added the key of Stevie Strickland.
  * Sat, 23 Jan 1999 22:41:31 +0000: [PGP/JT] Updated the key of Hugo Haas.
  * Sat, 23 Jan 1999 22:46:21 +0000: [PGP/JT] Updated the key of Gregory Norris.
  * Sat, 23 Jan 1999 22:46:32 +0000: [PGP/JT] Updated the key of Sven Luther.
  * Sat, 23 Jan 1999 22:49:42 +0000: [PGP/JT] Updated the key of Ossama Othman.

debian-keyring - PGP and GNUPG keys of Debian Developers
debian-keyring 1999.01.23 -> 1999.01.30 into dists/slink/contrib/binary-all/misc
debian-keyring 1999.01.23 -> 1999.01.30 into dists/potato/contrib/binary-all/misc
debian-keyring (1999.01.30) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Mon, 25 Jan 1999 21:19:47 +0000: [PGP/JT] Updated the key of Christoph Le Bars.
  * Thu, 28 Jan 1999 00:12:13 +0000: [PGP/JT] Added the key of Brian Ermovick.
  * Thu, 28 Jan 1999 23:29:07 +0000: [PGP/JT] Added the key of Tibor Koleszar.
  * Thu, 28 Jan 1999 23:38:35 +0000: [PGP/JT] Added the key of Andrew Gray.
  * Fri, 29 Jan 1999 21:32:34 +0000: [PGP/JT] Added the key of Per Lundberg.
  * Fri, 29 Jan 1999 21:37:19 +0000: [PGP/JT] Added the key of Peter Kelemen.
  * Fri, 29 Jan 1999 22:03:25 +0000: [PGP/JT] Added the key of Neale Pickett.
  * Sat, 30 Jan 1999 17:06:09 +0000: [PGP/JT] Updated the key of Peter Kelemen.
  * Sat, 30 Jan 1999 17:13:35 +0000: [PGP/JT] Updated the key of Manoj Srivastava.
  * Sat, 30 Jan 1999 17:18:55 +0000: [PGP/JT] Updated the key of Tibor Koleszar.

debiandoc-sgml - Documentation formatting for Debian manuals
debiandoc-sgml 1.1.11 -> 1.1.12 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/text
debiandoc-sgml (1.1.12) frozen; urgency=low
  * Upload to frozen without any code changes to fix a missing "Suggests"
    on libwww-perl needed for creating the HTML output (fixing bug #32467
    as well as partly bug #32311)

debsums    - Tools to handle md5sums for installed packages
debsums 1.0 -> 1.1.1 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/utils
debsums (1.1.1) unstable; urgency=low
  * Moved to section admin (closes #16165)

dhcpcd     - DHCP client for automatically configuring IPv4 networking
dhcpcd 0.70-5 -> 1.3.17pl2-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
dhcpcd (1:1.3.17pl2-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream version of dhcpcd-sv
  * Merged dhcpcd-sv and dhcpcd into same package.
  * Fixes for unaligned writes on RISC architectures (sparc,arm)

dict       - Dictionary Client
dictd      - Dictionary Server
dict 1.4.8-5 -> 1.4.8-8 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/text
dictd 1.4.8-5 -> 1.4.8-8 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/text
dictd (1.4.8-8) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Removed spurious " character in /etc/init.d/dictd

diction    - Utilities to help with style and diction (English and German)
diction 0.7-1 -> 0.8-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/text
diction (0.8-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream version; minor source changes only.
  * Updated to Standards-Version: (no changes needed).
  * Updated maintainer address to use my debian.org address.

dpkg-multicd - Installation methods for multiple binary CDs
dpkg-multicd 0.12 -> 0.13 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/base
dpkg-multicd 0.12 -> 0.13 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/base
dpkg-multicd (0.13) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Corrected support for loopback mounts.

dvorak7min - Typing tutor for dvorak keyboards
dvorak7min 1.0-1 -> 1.0-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/games
dvorak7min (1.0-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * fixed aoeu/asdf which I got backwards in my head
  * corrected copyright file

eggdrop    - Advanced IRC robot
eggdrop 1.3.22-1 -> 1.3.23-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
eggdrop (1.3.23-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream version.

emacs20    - The GNU Emacs editor.
emacs20-el - GNU Emacs LISP (.el) files.
emacs20 20.3-5 -> 20.3-5.1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/editors
emacs20 (20.3-5.1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * NMU to fix --print-architecture in postinst (#28177).

emacspeak-ss - Emacspeak speech server for several synthesizers
emacspeak-ss 0.5-2 -> 0.7-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/editors
emacspeak-ss (0.7-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * debian/rules: now architechitecture dependent, so must build in
    binary-arch instead of binary-indep (bug#31708)

exmh       - An X user interface for MH mail.
exmh 2.0.2-4 -> 2.0.2-5 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/mail
exmh (1:2.0.2-5) unstable; urgency=low
  * Added new pgp/gnupg patches.
  * Exmh now add Msg-Protect: 600 and Folder-Protect: 700 to the
    .mh_profiles it creates. (fixes Bug#30967)
  * Close Bug#6560 Autocommit now Autopacks (already fixed in 2.0.2-1)
  * Fixed a problem with running more than one exmh at the same time.

expat      - XML Parser Toolkit, demonstration program
libxmltok1 - XML Parser Toolkit, runtime libraries
libxmltok1-dev - XML Parser Toolkit, developer libraries
expat 1.0-2 -> 1.0.2-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/text
libxmltok1-dev 1.0-2 -> 1.0.2-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
libxmltok1 1.0-2 -> 1.0.2-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/libs
expat (1.0.2-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * new upstream version
  * maintainer name change
  * standards-version: bumped to 2.5.0 (no changes required)

festlex-cmu - CMU dictionary in Festival form
festlex-cmu 1.3.0-2 -> 1.3.1-1 into dists/potato/non-free/binary-all/sound
festlex-cmu (1.3.1-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release.
  * Dropped some of the .scm files from binary package.
  * Actually compile the .out file, instead of using the shipped one.

festlex-oald - Festival lexicon from Oxford Advanced Learners' Dictionary
festlex-oald 1.3.0-1 -> 1.3.1-1 into dists/potato/non-free/binary-all/sound
festlex-oald (1.3.1-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release.
  * Removed unneeded .scm files from binary package.
  * Conflicts with old festvox-rablpc{8,16}k packages.
  * Actually built .out file rather than using the shipped one.

festvox-rablpc16k - British English male speaker for festival, 16khz sample rate
festvox-rablpc16k 1.3.0-1 -> 1.3.1-1 into dists/potato/contrib/binary-all/sound
festvox-rablpc16k (1.3.1-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release.

festvox-rablpc8k - British English male speaker for festival, 8khz sample rate
festvox-rablpc8k 1.3.0-1 -> 1.3.1-1 into dists/potato/contrib/binary-all/sound
festvox-rablpc8k (1.3.1-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release.

fetchmail  - POP2/3, APOP, IMAP mail gatherer/forwarder
fetchmail 4.6.9-1 -> 4.7.3-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/mail
fetchmail (4.7.3-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * new upstream version
  * changed description in control file

file       - Determines file type using "magic" numbers
file 3.24-4.1 -> 3.26-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/utils
file (3.26-1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release. Upstream author included many Debian enhancements
    and added some minor fixes. Fixes bug #30692. Bug #30875 was fixed in
    previous NMU.
  * Fixed autoconf use.

filters    - a collection of filters, including B1FF and the swedish chef
filters 1.8 -> 2.0 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/games
filters (2.0) unstable; urgency=low
  * Re-wrote the eleet, chef, b1ff filters in perl, dropped all the rest
    (except jethro); they will be in filters-nonfree now. This was done
    due to copyright problems in the original filters.
  * Fixes important bug #32333

flim       - Library to provide basic features about message
flim 1.12.4-1 -> 1.12.5-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/mail
flim (1:1.12.5-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release

fort77     - Invoke f2c like a real compiler.
fort77 1.15-2 -> 1.15-2.1 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/devel
fort77 (1.15-2.1) unstable; urgency=low
  * Non-maintainer update.
  * Use /lib/cpp instead of gcc as a preprocessor, and added
    dependancy on it (fixes #24423 using method in supplied
  * Return an error code when f2c fails (fixes #31092).
  * Provide fortran77-compiler (fixes #15254).
  * Use /etc/alternatives to provide f77 (fixes wishlist #29818).

fortune-mod - Fortune cookies provided upon demand.
fortunes   - Datafiles containing fortune cookies
fortunes-min - Datafiles containing fortune cookies
fortunes-off - Datafiles containing offensive fortune cookies
fortune-mod 9708-9 -> 9708-10 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/games
fortunes-min 9708-9 -> 9708-10 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/games
fortunes-off 9708-9 -> 9708-10 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/games
fortunes 9708-9 -> 9708-10 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/games
fortune-mod (9708-10) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Fixed typo in copyright (lintian)
  * Fixed typo in literature (#31015)
  * Added Depends: fortunes-min to fortunes to upgrade smoothly from hamm.
  * Added powerpc fix from Hartmut Koptein <koptein@et-inf.fho-emden.de>

freeciv    - A free Civilization clone for Unix and X.
freeciv 1.7.1-1 -> 1.7.2-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/games
freeciv (1.7.2-3) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * ...And once again, a postinst that doesn't work :-) Ignore -1 and -2

freetype-tools - Bundled tests, demos and tools for FreeType
freetype2  - The FREE TrueType Font Engine, shared library files.
freetype2-dev - FreeType development files (static library and headers).
freetype-tools 1.2-2 -> 1.2-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/utils
freetype2-dev 1.2-2 -> 1.2-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
freetype2 1.2-2 -> 1.2-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/libs
freetype (1.2-3) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Applied the upstream freetype-1.2-current.diff.gz as of 1998-01-18
    which fixes a nasty Raster bug occurs only when clipping very large
    outlines to a small target bitmap or pixmap.

gnuplot    - A command-line driven interactive plotting program.
gnuplot 3.5beta6.347-2 -> 3.5beta6.347-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/math
gnuplot (3.5beta6.347-4) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * included documentation with doc-base (fixes #31178)
  * gnuplot only depends on svgalib1g | svgalib1g-dummy iff binary depends on
    any real svgalib. Now the dependencies should be correct for all archs
    (fixes #30071, #27683)
  * several cosmetic changes in debian/rules

gs         - Postscript interpreter with X11 and svgalib preview support.
gs 4.03-6 -> 5.10-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/text
gs (5.10-1) unstable frozen; urgency=low
  * Ghostscript 5.10 is GPL!
    This package essentially corresponds to package gs-aladdin_5.10-12,
    but redistributed under GPL. Changes w.r.t. gs-aladdin_5.10-12
      * Corrected "regulamentations" --> "regulations"
        in description of package.
      * Filenames in script pdf2ps are now enclosed in double quotes
      * Fixed the manpages for bdftops, printafm and wftopfa,
        so that they work with apropos.
    The various patches to ghostscript 5.10 that have been proposed
    by L.P.Deutsch and that appear in gs-aladdin_5.10-12 also appear
    in this package.

libgtk-dbg - Debugging static libraries for the GIMP Toolkit
libgtk-dev - Header files and static libraries for the GIMP Toolkit
libgtk1    - The GIMP Toolkit set of widgets for X
libgtk-dbg 1.0.6-2 -> 1.0.6-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
libgtk-dev 1.0.6-2 -> 1.0.6-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
libgtk1 1.0.6-2 -> 1.0.6-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/libs
gtk+ (1:1.0.6-4) unstable; urgency=low
  * Add a Depends: on xlib6g for libgtk-dev. (Fixes: #32183)
  * Add a Conflicts: with libglib-dev for libgtk-dev. (Fixes: #32215)
  * Make sure we don't build the non-dbg packages with --enable-debug=no
  * Add patch from Changwoo Ryu to fix wcsmbs-locale-xx users' problems
    (Fixes: #30376)

gzip       - The GNU compression utility.
gzip 1.2.4-28 -> 1.2.4-29 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/base
gzip (1.2.4-29) unstable; urgency=low
  * apply patch from Vincent Renardias that improves behavior when trying to
    decompress a corrupted .gz file.  Closes 7472, 16385

hexedit    - view and edit files in hexadecimal or in ASCII.
hexedit 1.0.0-3 -> 1.1.0-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/editors
hexedit (1.1.0-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream version

heyu       - heyu - 2 way x10 communications for the CM11A
heyu 1.19-7 -> 1.19-9 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/electronics
heyu (1.19-9) unstable; urgency=low
  * Fixed bugs caused by fixing Lintian bugs.
  * Corrected Bug #32077

htget      - a file grabber that will get files from HTTP servers
htget 0.9.1-2 -> 0.92-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/web
htget (0.92-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New Upstream version
  * Repaired build scripts slightly

c-client-dev - UW c-client library for mail protocols
imap       - remote mail folder access server for Pine and others
ipopd      - POP2 and POP3 servers from UW
c-client-dev 4.4-4 -> 4.4-5 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
imap 4.4-4 -> 4.4-5 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/mail
ipopd 4.4-4 -> 4.4-5 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/mail
imap (4.4-5) unstable; urgency=low
  * Added some documentation to the c-client-dev package (fixes #30619)

isdnbutton - Start and Stop ISDN connections and display status.
isdnbutton 2.6-970413-1 -> 2.6-970413-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
isdnbutton (2.6-970413-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * powerpc support added by Hartmut Koptein <koptein@et-inf.fho-emden.de>
  * Removed '"black" magic to determine optimal compiler flags for target
    architecture', which isn't needed and may cause problems when the
    package is compiled on i486 or i586 and run on i386 or something like
    this. Closes #32492 and #32493.
  * Added -D_GNU_SOURCE to CPPFLAGS, because memmem(2) is a GNU special.

jed        - Editor for programmers. (textmode version)
rgrep      - Recursive, highlighting grep program.
xjed       - Editor for programmers. (x11 version)
jed 0.98.7-13 -> 0.98.7-14 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/editors
rgrep 0.98.7-13 -> 0.98.7-14 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/text
xjed 0.98.7-13 -> 0.98.7-14 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/editors
jed (0.98.7-14) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * linked against new ncurses version.
  * Someone had problems with an environment variable called $ARCH.

lambdamoo  - a server for an online multiuser virtual world
lambdamoo 1.8.0r5-8 -> 1.8.0r5-9 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
lambdamoo (1.8.0r5-9) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Provide full path to start-stop-daemon since user deamon does not have
    it in its path. This bug prevents lambdamoo from starting and the fix
    is trivial so I'd like to get it into frozen.

latex2html - LaTeX to HTML translator.
latex2html 98.1-pre2-b6-2 -> 98.1-pre2-b8-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/tex
latex2html (98.1-pre2-b8-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * More upstream bug fixes,
  * Ensure that the icons are avalable, even when looking under icons.png

latte      - The Language for Transforming Text (currently to html)
latte 1.0.1-2 -> 1.1-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/web
latte (1.1-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release

lbdb       - The little brother's database for the mutt mail reader
lbdb 0.12 -> 0.14.1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/mail
lbdb (0.14.1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Fixed wrong mawk path (/usr/bin//mawk instead of /usr/bin/mawk)
    created by broken development environment...

ldso       - The Linux dynamic linker, library and utilities.
ldso 1.9.9-5 -> 1.9.10-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/base
ld.so (1.9.10-1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Changed ldconfig to issue a warning and not overwrite a
    regular file with a symlink (Bug#30859).
  * Changed Debian packaging to conflict with and replace the
    ldconfig package (Bug#29398).

leafnode   - NNTP server for small leaf sites
leafnode 1.8-2 -> 1.8.1-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/news
leafnode (1.8.1-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release.
    - Includes the year end bug fix, fixes #16422.

leafnode   - NNTP server for small leaf sites
leafnode 1.8.1-1 -> 1.8.1-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/news
leafnode (1.8.1-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * Added url to new web page to copyright file.

libapache-mod-auth-sys - Authenticate web access against system files
libapache-mod-auth-sys 1.10-4.1 -> 1.10-4.2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/web
libapache-mod-auth-sys (1.10-4.2) unstable; urgency=low
  * Compiled for Apache 1.3.4, added README file.

libapache-mod-dtcl - Allows the use of Tcl as a server parsed language, similiar to PH
libapache-mod-dtcl 0.4-1 -> 0.4.1-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/web
libapache-mod-dtcl (0.4.1-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * Fixed minor bugs in namespace creation.

libdbi-perl - The Perl5 Database Interface by Tim Bunce
libdbi-perl 1.02-1 -> 1.06-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/interpreters
libdbi-perl (1.06-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream version
  * Added authors email address to copyright file

libident   - simple RFC1413 client library - runtime
libident-dev - simple RFC1413 client library - development
libident-dev 0.21-7 -> 0.22-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
libident 0.21-7 -> 0.22-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/libs
libident (0.22-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * new upstream source.
  * added workaround for ident servers that return a different format string,
    i.e. "%u,%U,%g,%G,%l,%L,%p,%c,%C" (Red Hat 5.0?) to prevent possible
    segmentation violation. Fix obtained from exim mailing list, originally
    from Darrell Fuhriman <darrell@grumblesmurf.net>.

libnet-ldap-perl - A Client interface to LDAP servers
libnet-ldap-perl 0.08-1 -> 0.08-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/interpreters
libnet-ldap-perl (0.08-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * Added depends for libconvert-ber-perl (closes #32073)

liburi-perl - Manipulates and accesses URI strings
liburi-perl 1.00-1 -> 1.00-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/interpreters
liburi-perl (1.00-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * Added Conflicts and Suggests lines.

liburi-perl - Manipulates and accesses URI strings
liburi-perl 1.00-2 -> 1.00-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/interpreters
liburi-perl (1.00-3) unstable; urgency=low
  * Delete Changes file from usr/doc (already present in changelog.gz)
  * Delete usr/bin and usr/sbin from dirs
  * Add code to remove cruft from the Perl installer routine.  This
    and the above two changes fix #32524.
  * Update copyright file.
  * Update README.Debian file.

libxml-dev - Header files and static libraries for the XML library.
libxml0    - XML library from the W3 Consortium
libxml-dev 0.30-1 -> 0.99.3-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
libxml0 0.30-1 -> 0.99.3-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/libs
libxml (0.99.3-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream version.
  * Recompile with lastest GNOME libs.
  * Fix #28869.

lincity-x  - X binaries for lincity
lincity-x 1.10-1.1 -> 1.10-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/games
lincity (1.10-4) unstable; urgency=low
  * Revised README.Debian
  * Roman Hodek sent along some patches for easier porting to m68k.
    Modified versions of these patches have been used here in -4
    (modified for correct menu behavior and lincity-svga building on
  * One of these patches rewrote the rules file for debhelper;
    this eliminates the problem of not building with some buggy
    debstd versions.  (applies to source package only)
  * Build "Arch: all" package "lincity" in binary-indep (Fixes: #16416)
  * Build lincity-svga only on platforms with real SVGALIB (i386
    only at the moment)

linleech   - A program to selectively download usenet articles
linleech 2.2.0-2 -> 2.2.1-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/news
linleech (2.2.1-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release

lintian    - Debian package checker
lintian 0.9.5 -> 1.0 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/devel
lintian (1.0) unstable; urgency=low
  * New tags:
      E: non-standard-toplevel-dir
      W: non-standard-dir-in-usr
      W: non-standard-dir-in-var
      W: file-in-unusual-dir
      E: dir-or-file-in-mnt
      E: binary-in-etc
      E: use-of-compat-symlink
      E: subdir-in-bin
    These cover much of the FSSTND and FHS.
  * No longer emit executable-in-usr-doc for scripts.  It's just too
    controversial.  I've added an info-level tag script-in-usr-doc
    for people who are interested.  This closes bug#28560, by
    Stephane Bortzmeyer.
  * Only emit compiled-with-bad-libc if the register_frame symbols
    are UNdefined.  This closes bug#31867, submitted by Michael Meskes.
  * Don't emit compiled-with-bad-libc for binaries linked to
    libgnustep_base.so.0, which also defines __register_frame_info.
    This closes bug#31004, submitted by Matthias Klose.
  * Changed a lot of "error:" messages to "internal error:", to make
    clear that they are errors in Lintian's execution, not in the package
    being checked.  This closes bug#31013, submitted by James Troup.
  * (frontend/lintian) Select STDOUT again after closing OUTPUT_PIPE.
    This fixes bug#31574, reported by Julian Gilbey.  Thanks for the patch!
  * (checks/copyright-file) Lintian was confused by "libident(=0.22-1)",
    i.e. without separating whitespace.  Fixed.  This closes bug#31821,
    reported by Paul Slootman.
  * Man page fix: mention that lintian can be run on .changes files.
  * Depcheck pages: fixed version comparison bug.

lockfile-progs - Programs for locking and unlocking files and mailboxes.
lockfile-progs 0.1.4 -> 0.1.5 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/misc
lockfile-progs (0.1.5) unstable; urgency=low
  * Programs now return more meaningful result codes (Closes: Bug#31254).

login.app  - A login application designed with the NeXTStep look in mind
login.app 1.2.1-4 -> 1.2.1-5 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/x11
login.app (1.2.1-5) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * debian/control: Standards Version: 2.5.0
  * debian/control: Depends: xserver | xserver-vga16.
  * debian/login.app.postinst: Uses parse-xf86config to ensure the system
    is a least configured before attempting to install login.app in
  * debian/login.app.postinst: takes into account the existance of xdm and
    wdm and the fact that xdm might not be installed if xbase is installed.
  * debian/login.app.postrm: ditto.
  * debian/README.Debian: modified to reflect actual setup.
  * App.cc: When the X server is zapped, it generates SIGPIPE.  Removed
    SIGCHLD and changed to signal(SIGPIPE, AlarmSignal).  This stops the
    server cleanly; if I put signal(SIGCHLD, CatchSignal), Login.app will

lout       - Typesetting system, an alternative to (La)TeX.
lout 3.10-1.1 -> 3.12-0.1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/text
lout (3.12-0.1) unstable; urgency=low
  * NMU:
  * Make clean now cleans debian/substvars.
  * compress manpages (Fix bug #15444).
  * Fork the huge Postscript doc in a lout-doc
    package (Fix bug #15491).
  * Make notes.dsc world readable (Fix bugs #15294 & #22574).
  * Remove trace file from the source (Fix bug #23640).
  * Remove obsolete mkchanges script (Fix bug #23641).
  * Close bug #23990 (Compiles fine. Might have been a gcc bug?).
  * Upgraded to upstream version 3.12 (Fix bug #23638).
  * Doesn't make sdc coredump when trying to 'compile' doc-debian 1.8
    (Fix bug #21241).
  * There! No more bugs... _(;

lpr        - BSD lpr/lpd line printer spooling system
lpr 5.9-34 -> 0.33-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
lpr (1:0.33-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream source from Red Hat.
  * Possible fix for many bugs; please test.
  * Cleaned up around the edges.
  * New debian/rules file.
  * Use --name with start-stop-daemon instead of pidfile.
  * Moved pidfile (which is actually a lock file) to /var/spool/lpd.
  * Updated to standards version (no changes).

lprng      - lpr/lpd printer spooling system
lprng 3.5.2-1 -> 3.5.2-1.1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
lprng (3.5.2-1.1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * NMU:
    Fix critical bug #23682 (changed lpd.perms).
    Fix critical bug #31889 (swaped 2 lines in postinst).

lprng      - lpr/lpd printer spooling system
lprng 3.5.2-1.1 -> 3.5.2-1.2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
lprng (3.5.2-1.2) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * NMU to fix my previous NMU :(
  * s/DEFAUT/DEFAULT/ in /etc/lpd.perms (Bug #32527).

lx-gdb     - Dump and load databases from the HP palmtop
lx-gdb 1.03-3 -> 1.03-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/otherosfs
lx-gdb (1.03-4) unstable; urgency=low, closes=22785
  * debian/control, debian/changelog, "New" maintainer.
  * debian/control: Fix depends. [#22785]  Also make Priority part of
    source, not binary, headers.

lxtools    - Allows file management on HP100/200LX palmtops.
lxtools 1.1-3 -> 1.1-5 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/otherosfs
lxtools (1.1-5) unstable; urgency=low, closes=3096
  * lxcopy.c: fix for -a -r user-error coredump, from Vincent Renardias
    <vincent@debian.org>, thanks! [#3096]
  * debian/copyright: updated FSF address; updated maintainer email.

magicfilter - automatic printer filter.
magicfilter 1.2-27 -> 1.2-28 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/text
magicfilter (1.2-28) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * fixed dj550c-filter for Umlaut-printing (fixes Bug#30745: magicfilter:
    DJ 550C does not print German umlauts)
  * Promoted gs from Suggests to Recommends (for PDF printing, fixes
    Bug#30673: magicfilter: Magicfilter should depend on gs)
  * changed "press a key to continue" to the correct
    "Press <ENTER> to continue." (fixes Bug#29491: magicfilter: bad prompt
    in /usr/sbin/magicfilterconfig)
  * added explanatory text as suggested by Carl R. Witty for the
    filter-selection (fixes Bug#29834: magicfilter should describe the input

mailagent  - An automatic mail-processing tool
mailagent 3.63-4 -> 3.65-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/mail
mailagent (3.65-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstrem bugfix release.

mailman    - Powerful, web based list processor
mailman 1.0b4-2 -> 1.0b8-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/mail
mailman (1.0b8-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream version

make       - The GNU version of the "make" utility.
make 3.77-4 -> 3.77-5 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
make (3.77-5) unstable; urgency=low
  * Fixed a minor typo in documentation. fixes: BUG#31506

makedev    - Creates special device files in /dev.
makedev 2.3.1-13 -> 2.3.1-14 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/base
makedev 2.3.1-13 -> 2.3.1-14 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/base
makedev (2.3.1-14) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * additions from Eric Delaunay needed for sparc frozen, closes 32458

libmalaga-dev - Developer's library for automatic language analysis
libmalaga1 - An automatic language analysis library
malaga-bin - A system for automatic language analysis
malaga-doc - Documentation for an automatic language analysis system
libmalaga-dev 4.2.4-3 -> 4.2.5-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-i386/devel
libmalaga1 4.2.4-3 -> 4.2.5-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-i386/libs
malaga-bin 4.2.4-3 -> 4.2.5-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-i386/misc
malaga-doc 4.2.4-3 -> 4.2.5-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/doc
malaga (4.2.5-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream version.
  * The header files basic.h, source/pools.h and values.h
    are now installed into /usr/include/malaga.  Together with
    the libmalaga-dev README.Debian, this addresses bug #32533.
  * libmalaga-dev: Added a README.Debian explaining the situation
    with the header files.
  * malaga-bin: Renamed README.debian to README.Debian.
  * source/transmit_process.c: Kluged around the fact that GNU libc
    version 2 defines index () in <string.h>.  I'm informing upstream
    about this.

manpages-fr - French version of the manual pages.
manpages-fr 0.6-1 -> 0.6-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/doc
manpages-fr (0.6-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * lintian clean:
    - no more lengthy symlinks.

mctools-lite - A CD player and audio mixer for X
mctools-lite 970129-6 -> 970129-7 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/sound
mctools-lite (970129-7) unstable; urgency=low
  * Applied patch from Anders Holst <aho@sics.se> to fix the long-standing
    eject problem (#7947, #8183, #18175).

mew        - Messaging in the Emacs World
mew 1.93-1 -> 1.93-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/mail
mew (1:1.93-2) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Can't display Japanese Info file on XEmacs.
    Added new japanese info file for XEmacs. (#JP/703)
  * Output compile log to logfile. (#28157)
  * Checked with lintian 0.9.4

mgdiff     - xdiff clone
mgdiff 1.0-3 -> 1.0-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/text
mgdiff (1.0-4) unstable; urgency=low
  * I wrote "rmgdiff" to allow the user to recursively diff two
    directories using any graphical diff viewer -- including
  * Compiled using libc6 with new naming convention.
  * mgdiff man page was not in the correct directory.
  * Added "mgdiff.README".
  * Now using original source in tarball.

mkisofs    - CD-ROM authoring tool. Creates CD-ROM filesystem images.
mkisofs 1.11-2 -> 1.12b4-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/otherosfs
mkisofs (1.12b4-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * Removed incorrect reference to -K in the manpage.

modutils   - Linux module utilities.
modutils 2.1.121-12 -> 2.1.121-14 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/base
modutils (2.1.121-14) unstable; urgency=low
  * Rewrote update-module so it does not use anything from /usr anymore.
    This should also make it a bit faster on m68k systems.
  * Moved update-modules back to /sbin
  * Renamed placement.Debian to module-policy.Debian
  * Minor cleanup in debian/rules
  * Removed dependency on debianutils, we don't seem to need it anymore

modutils   - Linux module utilities.
modutils 2.1.121-14 -> 2.1.121-15 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/base
modutils (2.1.121-15) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Add i386-configuration to the list of conffiles (important bug# 32306)
  * Add documentation for our module-configuration system (update-modules)
    to module-policy.Debian
  * Fix typo in update-modules: it's sparc64, not sparc46

mpich      - Parallel computing system
mpich 1.1.0-5 -> 1.1.0-6 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
mpich (1.1.0-6) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Correctly install mpirun.1.gz.

mutt       - Text-based mailreader supporting MIME, GPG, PGP and threading.
mutt 0.95-1 -> 0.95.1-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/mail
mutt (0.95.1-1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release (only bug fixes, the code is frozen).
  * Fixed man pages location (fixes Bug#31463).
  * Added again "Conflicts: mutt-i" field in control.
  * Added doc-base support (fixes Bug#31161).

nas        - The Network Audio System (NAS). (local server)
nas-bin    - The Network Audio System (NAS). (client binaries)
nas-dev    - The Network Audio System (NAS). (development files)
nas-doc    - The Network Audio System (NAS). (extra documentation)
nas-lib    - The Network Audio System (NAS). (shared libraries)
nas-bin 1.2p5-7 -> 1.2p5-8 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/sound
nas-dev 1.2p5-7 -> 1.2p5-8 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
nas-doc 1.2p5-7 -> 1.2p5-8 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/sound
nas-lib 1.2p5-7 -> 1.2p5-8 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/libs
nas 1.2p5-7 -> 1.2p5-8 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/sound
nas (1.2p5-8) unstable; urgency=low
  * Stop nas buggering with the mixer by default. Fixes Bug#29147
  * The nas daemon now does a chdir("/") at startup, which may help when finding core files.

nethack    - Text-based/X11 overhead view D&D-style adventure game
nethack 3.2.2-15 -> 3.2.2-16 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/games
nethack (3.2.2-16) unstable; urgency=low
  * Use Richard Braakman's wonderful patch to fix color support in
    Nethack with ncurses 4.2. (Fixes: #27817)
  * Use Hartmut Koptein's patch for glibc 2.1 prototypes checking.
    (Fixes: #32012)

netpbm     - Graphics conversion tools.
netpbm-dev - Development libraries and header files.
netpbm1    - Shared library for netpbm.
netpbm-dev 19940301.2-4 -> 19940301.2-7 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/graphics
netpbm1 19940301.2-4 -> 19940301.2-7 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/libs
netpbm 19940301.2-4 -> 19940301.2-7 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/graphics
netpbm-free (1:19940301.2-7) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Include non-maintainer diff from -6.1. Fixes Bug#28396.

nmap       - The Network Mapper
nmap 1.51-2 -> 2.02-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
nmap (2.02-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * new upstream version
  * merge README.debian into copyright file, update to reflect current source

nmh        - A set of electronic mail handling programs.
nmh 0.27-0.28-pre8-3 -> 0.27-0.28-pre10-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/mail
nmh (0.27-0.28-pre10-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release.

nqc        - Not Quite C compiler for LEGO Mindstorms RCX
nqc 1.0b4-4 -> 1.0b4-5 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
nqc (1.0b4-5) unstable; urgency=low
  * Move to section `electronics'.

ntp        - Daemon and utilities for full NTP v4 timekeeping participation.
ntpdate    - The ntpdate client for setting system time from NTP servers.
ntp 4.0.91-1 -> 4.0.91-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
ntpdate 4.0.91-1 -> 4.0.91-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
ntp (4.0.91-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * fix typo in ntpdate's postinst, closes 32372
  * tweak ntp's weekly cron to eliminate extra mail to root, closes 32461

nvi        - 4.4BSD re-implementation of vi.
nvi 1.79-8 -> 1.79-9 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/editors
nvi (1.79-9) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * In nviboot, change invocation of sendmail to be in background,
  so that lack of DNS won't hang boot. (closes:Bug#29977)
  * In debian/rules, move definition of CC so that it can be overridden
  by the user. Also re-commented DH_VERBOSE. (closes:Bug#31794)
  * Don't print unnecessary warning about moving conffile in preinst.

pciutils   - Linux PCI Utilities (for 2.1/2.2 kernels)
pciutils 1.07-1 -> 1.10-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/admin
pciutils (1.10-1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream bugfix release.

pd         - Computer Music System and Visual Realtime Programming Language
pd 0.23-6 -> 0.23-7 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/sound
pd (0.23-7) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * OSS full duplex support fixed

phalanx    - Chess playing program.
phalanx 19-1 -> 20-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/games
phalanx (20-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream version.
  * Standards 2.5.0.
  * Lintian 0.9.4 satisfied.

pine396-diffs - Diffs to build a Debianized pine.
pine396-diffs 1 -> 2 into dists/slink/non-free/binary-all/mail
pine396-diffs 1 -> 2 into dists/potato/non-free/binary-all/mail
pine396-diffs (2) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Updated for pine_3.96M-2.
  * Changed the old Suggests line to Recommends (Bug #31636).

pkg-order  - A Package dependency checker and install ordering tool
pkg-order 1.03 -> 1.04 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/misc
pkg-order (1.04) unstable; urgency=low
  * A package should be able to conflict with itself, according to
    dpkg. Who are we to argue? fxes: BUG#32431

psmisc     - Utilities that use the proc filesystem
psmisc 17-2 -> 18-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/admin
psmisc (18-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream source
  * Doesn't try to print null string for proc names (Bug #23645 )

publib-dev - C function library
publib-dev 0.28 -> 0.29 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
publib (0.29) unstable; urgency=low
  * Added tbuf module. Not working yet, however.
  * Changed name of changelog in /usr/log.
  * liw/alloc/alloc.h: Removed prototype for strdup. It isn't included
    in publib, anyway. Fixes bug #31977, although differently than the
    suggested patch in the bug report. Also #29887 and #22561.
  * liw/sbuf: Added code to log the size and position of changes, triggered
    by macro SBUF_LOG. This is needed for optimizing, and is not turned on
    in the release versions.

purity     - Automated purity testing software.
purity 1-7 -> 1-8 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/games
purity (1-8) unstable; urgency=low
  * fixed line length of extended description to conform to policy,
    fixes #30086
  * changed maintainer address to aaron@kitten.net.au

pwgen      - Automatic Password generation
pwgen 1-12 -> 1-13 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/admin
pwgen (1-13) unstable; urgency=low
  * install pwgen in mode 755, not 555.

qpopper    - Enhanced Post Office Protocol server (POP3).
qpopper 2.3-4 -> 2.3-5 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/mail
qpopper (2.3-5) unstable; urgency=low
  * Added option -S to turn on "server mode" at runtime.

quickplot  - X-based data viewer
quickplot 0.2.6-1 -> 0.2.8-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/math
quickplot (0.2.8-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream version.

rinetd     - Internet redirection server
rinetd 0.41-1 -> 0.52-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
rinetd (0.52-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * Add cron.weekly entry for rotating the logs

rolldice   - A virtual dice roller
rolldice 1.1-2 -> 1.3-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/games
rolldice (1.3-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * Fixed documentation, is now as it should be...

sac        - Login accounting
sac 1.7-1 -> 1.8b6-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/admin
sac (1.8b6-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * new upstream release; Fix:
    #23069: Issuing 'sac -r' seg faults and dumps core.
    #18537: sac: segfault with sac -c.
    #17143: sac - return type of main in not int.
    #18536: sac: minor formatting problem.
    #15520: sac: Broken stats.

saytime    - Speaks the current time through your sound card
saytime 1.0-6 -> 1.0-7 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/sound
saytime (1.0-7) unstable; urgency=low
  * Reworked saytime's interaction with /dev/audio.  It should now be
    more robust, and should cope with audio devices with small buffers.
  * Check for errors when closing /dev/audio.
  * Move sound files from /usr/lib/saytime to /usr/share/saytime.

semi       - Library to provide MIME feature for GNU Emacs.
semi 1.13.0-1 -> 1.13.2-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/mail
semi (1.13.2-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release

sendmail-wide - WIDE patch applied /usr/sbin/sendmail
sendmail-wide 8.9.1+3.1W-9.3 -> 8.9.1+3.1W-15.1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/mail
sendmail-wide (8.9.1+3.1W-15.1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * adapt sendmail 8.9.1-15

setcd      - Control the behaviour of your cdrom device
setcd 1.3-1 -> 1.3-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/utils
setcd (1.3-3) unstable; urgency=low
  * Added #ifdef for CDS_MIXED, a 2.1.n define.  Should help to build on
    other architectures.

libsidplay1.36 - SID (MOS 6581) emulation library
libsidplay1.36-dev - SID (MOS 6581) emulation library (development files)
sidplay    - Music player for tunes from C64 and Amiga (console)
libsidplay1.36-dev 1.36.28-1 -> 1.36.31-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
libsidplay1.36 1.36.28-1 -> 1.36.31-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/libs
sidplay 1.36.28-1 -> 1.36.31-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/sound
sidplay (1.36.31-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * Recompiled with fixed libc.
  * Registers with doc-base (removed menu file for dwww).

sitecopy   - A program for managing a WWW site via FTP
sitecopy 0.2.9+ftp-patch-1 -> 1999jan23-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/web
sitecopy (1999jan23-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release.

smb2www    - A Windows Network client that is accessible through a web browser
smb2www 980804-2 -> 980804-5 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/net
smb2www 980804-3 -> 980804-5 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/net
smb2www (980804-5) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Put it also into slink (Bug #32131 )

smtpfeed   - SMTP feed -- SMTP Fast Exploding External Deliver for Sendmail
smtpfeed 0.89-1 -> 0.92-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/mail
smtpfeed (0.92-1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * new upstream version
  * close Bug#31979: 'invalid initializer' bug for glibc-2.1

swish++    - Simple Web Indexing System for Humans ++
swish++ 1.4b2-1 -> 1.4.1-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/web
swish++ (1.4.1-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream source.

sysklogd   - Kernel and system logging daemons
sysklogd 1.3-30 -> 1.3-31 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/base
sysklogd (1.3-31) frozen unstable; urgency=low, closes=28629 30093 31494 30462
  * ``-m 0'' turns off -- MARK -- now. (closes: Bug#28629, Bug#31494)
  * Changed Greg's e-mail address to represent his current one.
  * Shortened line length for kernel logging slightly.
  * Corrected return value of AddModule (closes: Bug#30093)
  * Finally fixed an error with `-a' processing, thanks to Topi Miettinen
    <tom@medialab.sonera.net> (closes: Bug#30462)

t1utils    - A collection of PostScript `type-1' font manipulation programs.
t1utils 1.2 -> 1.2-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/text
t1utils (1.2-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * Patch for glibc 2.1 donated by Hartmut Koptein <koptein@et-inf.fho-emden.de>
  * Manual pages made mode 644 as required by policy.

tama       - Net Tamagotchi server
tama 1.0-3 -> 1.0-5 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/games
tama (1.0-5) unstable; urgency=low
  * really did change maintainer this time.

tar        - GNU tar
tar 1.12-6 -> 1.12-7 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/base
tar (1.12-7) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * merge new version of Italian translation, closes 30284
  * merge README.debian with copyright, closes 22370

tcputils   - Utilities for TCP programming in shell-scripts
tcputils 0.6.1-1 -> 0.6.2-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
tcputils (0.6.2-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * Set architecture to "any" again.  Thanks to Roman Hodek for pointing
    this error out. (Fixes #32111)

time       - The GNU time command.
time 1.7-2 -> 1.7-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/utils
time (1.7-4) unstable; urgency=low, Closes=31767
  * debian/{rules,postinst,postrm}: Removed support for html documentation
    through menu as it is already provided by doc-base (fixes #31767)

tkmail     - An X windows interface to mail.
tkmail 4.0beta9-3 -> 4.0beta9-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/mail
tkmail (4.0beta9-4) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Fixed the bitmap files default path (Fixes: Bug#29991)

transfig   - Utilities for printing figures from xfig.
transfig 3.2.1-5 -> 3.2.1-6 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/graphics
transfig (1:3.2.1-6) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Added a number of includes of stdlib.h for malloc() prototype based on
    a NMU by Paul Slootman <paul@debian.org>

upsd       - UPS Monitor Program
upsd 1.0-7 -> 1.0-8 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/admin
upsd (1.0-8) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * fix syntax error in init.d fragment.  Closes 31402.

mount      - Tools for mounting and manipulating filesystems.
util-linux - Miscellaneous system utilities.
mount 2.9g-1 -> 2.9g-6 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/base
util-linux 2.9g-1 -> 2.9g-6 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/base
util-linux (2.9g-6) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * modify mount.8 manpage to warn that nosuid is useless
    if something like suidperl is installed.
    (doesn't fix the critical bug #31980 reported on suidperl,
    but at least warn about its existance)
  * add missing manpages (ramsize,rootflags,swapdev)
  * #32414: changed a 'rm' into 'rm -f' so the source
    package builds cleanly.
  * also target the upload for frozen since this is the only missing
    package to be able to safely use kernels 2.2.x:
    To the FTP/Release maintainers:
      util-linux_2.9g has been introduced in unstable on Dec, 31st 98;
      so far I received no bug reports about it except for the missing
      manpages. Also compared to the 2.7.1 version from frozen, this
      package fixes _57_ bugs. (see www.debian.org/Bugs/db/pa/lutil-linux.html)

vim-rt     - Vi IMproved - runtime support files
vim-rt 5.3-11 -> 5.3-12 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/editors
vim-rt 5.3-11 -> 5.3-12 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/editors
vim-rt (5.3-12) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * New license: vim is now completely DFSG-free
  * Add forward_decrypt and forward_weed to syntax for mutt (Bug# 32125)

vm         - A mail user agent for Emacs
vm 6.63-2 -> 6.64-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/mail
vm (6.64-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream version. Excerpted changes:
     * vm-mail-mode-insert-message-id-maybe: (stringp
       'mail-host-address) -> (stringp mail-host-address).
     * vm-imap-retrieve-to-crashbox: for From_-with-Content-Length and
       BellFrom_ folder, add a newline to the end of a message if the
       message lacks one.
     * vm-mime-display-internal-text/html: third arg to
       remove-text-properties changed to be a plist as the function
     * new edition of the user manual.
     * updated README, new installation instructions for manual,
       mention Web site
     * vm-search18.el gone, vm-search19.el became vm-search.el.
     * vm-pop-make-session: switched to the trace buffer earlier in
       the function so that MULE coding system is set in correct
       buffer.  Add connection status messages to trace buffer.
     * vm-imap-make-session: switched to the trace buffer earlier in
       the function so that MULE coding system is set in correct
       buffer.  Added connection status messages to trace buffer.
     * vm-submit-bug-report: use 'vm-mail instead of 'mail for sending
       bug reports.  Less confusing, and will work most of the time.

vm         - A mail user agent for Emacs
vm 6.64-1 -> 6.65-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/mail
vm (6.65-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream version. This is trhe forst version ratified for emacs20.

vold       - Volume daemon for CDROM devices.
vold 1.1-6 -> 1.1-7 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/utils
vold (1.1-7) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Added shlib:Depends in control

vrms       - Virtual Richard M. Stallman
vrms 1.0 -> 1.1 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/admin
vrms (1.1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New Maintainer.
  * Now accounts for partially installed packages, closes #32380

vrms       - Virtual Richard M. Stallman
vrms 1.1 -> 1.2 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/admin
vrms (1.2) unstable; urgency=low
  * Fixed bug - did not find all non-free packages.
  * Eliminate execution of 'dpkg -l'.

vrms       - Virtual Richard M. Stallman
vrms 1.2 -> 1.3 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/admin
vrms (1.3) unstable; urgency=low
  * Fixed bug 32394 - unnecessary dependency - an oversight.
  * Re-worded some language in control file.

wdm        - WINGs Display Manager
wdm 1.0-3 -> 1.0-6 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/x11
wdm (1.0-6) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * debian/control: downgraded recommends to suggests for fonts (closes:
  * debian/postinst: fixed unterminated perl substitution (closes:
  * Because of the previous bug, eye-balled scripts for similar things.
  * Recompiled with slink version of libwraster1 (argh! I need a pure
    slink machine!)

webalizer  - Web server log analysis program
webalizer 1.20-4 -> 1.20.11-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/web
webalizer (1.20.11-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release
  * Added some more things to /usr/doc/webalizer

wemi       - Branch of SEMI kernel package using widget.
wemi 1.13.0-1 -> 1.13.1-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/mail
wemi (1.13.1-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release

libwings-dev - Window Maker's own widget set
libwmaker0 - Shared libraries for Window Maker aware applications.
libwmaker0-dev - Static libraries and headers for Window Maker applications.
libwraster1 - Shared libraries of Window Maker rasterizer.
libwraster1-dev - Static libraries and headers of Window Maker rasterizer.
wmaker     - Yet another window manager. This the next step after AfterStep.
libwings-dev 0.20.3-1 -> 0.50.2-0.0.4 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
libwmaker0-dev 0.20.3-1 -> 0.50.2-0.0.4 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
libwmaker0 0.20.3-1 -> 0.50.2-0.0.4 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/libs
libwraster1-dev 0.20.3-1 -> 0.50.2-0.0.4 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
libwraster1 0.20.3-1 -> 0.50.2-0.0.4 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/libs
wmaker 0.20.3-1 -> 0.50.2-0.0.4 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/x11
wmaker (0.50.2-0.0.4) unstable; urgency=low
  * Really fixed the '%a(blah)' bug

wml        - Website META Language by Ralf Engelschall
wml 1.6.7-0.1 -> 1.6.8-0.1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/web
wml (1.6.8-0.1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release (mainly bugfixes).
  * Non-maintainer release.
  * [debian/copyright]: Added a note about the new official WML maintainer
     Denis Barbier <barbier@imacs.polytechnique.fr>.
  * Added the /usr/doc/wml/wml_contrib directory.

wordnet    - English dictionary of synonym sets, much like a thesaurus.
wordnet-dev - English dictionary of synonym sets, much like a thesaurus.
wordnet-dev 1.6-4 -> 1.6-5 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
wordnet 1.6-4 -> 1.6-5 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/text
wordnet (1.6-5) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Added FILES_TO_CLEAN = debian/files debian/substvars
    to rules file (Fixes Bug#30638)
  * recompiled against libc6_2.0.7v-1 to avoid upgrading problems
    from Hamm

wwwoffle   - World Wide Web OFFline Explorer
wwwoffle 2.3a-4 -> 2.4a-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/web
wwwoffle (2.4a-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * Patched new upstream version.
  * Now supports ht://dig search engine for web-cache searching.
  * Now wwwoffle and wwwoffle-htdig related .conf files are in /etc/wwwoffle.

wwwoffle   - World Wide Web OFFline Explorer
wwwoffle 2.4a-1 -> 2.4a-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/web
wwwoffle (2.4a-3) unstable; urgency=low
  * Upload broken.
  * Activated diald compatibility (bug #31038).
  * Fixed postinst (bug #32135). Thanks to tosi@ees2.oulu.fi !

x10        - Operate X-10 electrical power control modules.
x10 1.06-1.1 -> 1.06-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/electronics
x10 (1.06-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * x10-amh.c (x10::readtab): check return from fopen.
  * relink with libstdc++2.9.
  * updated control file for new email address.

xaw3dg     - Adds a cute 3d look to X apps that use the athena widgets
xaw3dg-dev - Adds a cute 3d look to X apps that use the athena widgets (devel)
xaw3dg-dev 1.3-6.4 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/x11
xaw3dg 1.3-6.3 -> 1.3-6.4 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/x11
xaw3d (1.3-6.4) unstable; urgency=low
  * Non-maintainer release at Joost's request.
  * Added support for xaw3dg-dev package.
  * Now xaw3d package is built only for the archs that support libc5.
  * Corrected typos in copyright and in description.
  * Copyright is now uncompressed.
  * Files in /usr/doc are now compressed with -9.

xcin       - Chinese input server for Crxvt in X11.
xcin 2.3.03-2 -> 2.3.03-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/x11
xcin (2.3.03-3) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * The xcin binary was inadvertently installed in /usr/bin instead of
    /usr/X11R6/bin, and xcin could not be started from menu in X.
    Thanks to Anthony Wong <hajime@asunaro.ml.org> for the bug report.
    (closes: Bug#32296)
  * Likewise, moved xcin.1 from /usr/man/man1 to /usr/X11R6/man/man1.
  * Updated Platin's e-mail address: <platin@ms31.hinet.net> in
    the files README.Debian and copyright.

xfstt      - TrueType Font Server for X11
xfstt 0.9.10-2 -> 0.9.10-7 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/x11
xfstt (0.9.10-7) unstable; urgency=low
  * Changes contributed by Steve Haslam
    * fonts can be on read-only partitions
    * build uses deb-helper

xjewel     - match colors on falling columns of blocks
xjewel 1.6-10 -> 1.6-11 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/games
xjewel (1.6-11) unstable; urgency=low
  * Rebuilt with new debhelper to change how sgid binary is registered.

xlockmore  - Lock X11 display until password is entered.
xlockmore-gl - Lock X11 display until password is entered -- GL version
xlockmore-gl 4.11-1 -> 4.12-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/x11
xlockmore 4.11-1 -> 4.12-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/x11
xlockmore (4.12-4) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * xlock nolonger setuid 0 when shadow is not present, reverses stupid change
    introduced in the previous release.
  * Uploaded to slink.

xmaddressbook - X-based address book
xmaddressbook 1.5.3-4 -> 1.5.3-5 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/x11
xmaddressbook (1.5.3-5) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Removed Motif references from package description.

xpaint     - A reasonably versatile X-based bitmap/pixmap editing tool.
xpaint 2.5.1-2.1 -> 2.5.1-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/graphics
xpaint (2.5.1-3) unstable; urgency=low, closes=11833 9263 11817 26929
  * Pull in changes from Vincent Renardias <vincent@waw.com> NMU. (Thanks!)
  * XPaint.ad.in: downcase "lasso" resource. [#11833]
  * Bugs #9263 & #11817 are already fixed.
  * Rebuild with libpng2-dev. [#26929]
  * debian/changelog, debian/README.debian: Update mailing address.

xmpuzzles  - Collection of puzzles for X w/ lesstif
xpuzzles   - Collection of puzzles for X
xmpuzzles 5.4.4-2 -> 5.4.4-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/games
xpuzzles 5.4.4-2 -> 5.4.4-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/games
xpuzzles (5.4.4-3) unstable; urgency=low
  * Fixed lintian/spelling errors

xscreensaver - Automatic screensaver for X
xscreensaver-gl - GL(Mesa) screenhacks for xscreensaver
xscreensaver-gl 2.20-1 -> 3.07-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/x11
xscreensaver 2.20-1 -> 3.07-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/x11
xscreensaver (3.07-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream version

xtend      - xtend - X10 status monitoring daemon
xtend 1.1-5 -> 1.1-6 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/electronics
xtend (1.1-6) unstable; urgency=low
  * Fixed lintian errors

xtide      - provides tide and current predictions
xtide 2.0b3-2 -> 2.0b3-2.1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/math
xtide (2.0b3-2.1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * NMU
    Fix 'Grave' bug #32158 using patch provided in the bug report.

yforth     - A small freeware Forth environment in ANSI C.
yforth 0.1beta-9 -> 0.1beta-11 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/interpreters
yforth (0.1beta-11) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * Hartmut reminds me that yforth compiles and runs on powerpc as well.

yforth     - A small freeware Forth environment in ANSI C.
yforth 0.1beta-8 -> 0.1beta-9 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/interpreters
yforth (0.1beta-9) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * return 0 on successful completion of main() in division.c, closes 32217

----- New Packages ----------------------

2utf       - Translates char-sets and decodes MIME.
2utf 1.08 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/text

blackjack  - Very simple blackjack game
blackjack 1.0-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/games

cdb-src    - a package for creating and reading constant databases (source)
cdb-src 0.55-2 into dists/potato/non-free/binary-all/utils

cdlabelgen - generates frontcards and traycards for CDs
cdlabelgen 0.7.0-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/graphics

circlepack - creation and display of circle packings
circlepack 4.0.1-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/math

cwebx      - C/C++ literate programming system (Marc van Leeuwen's version)
cwebx 3.04-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel

cygnus-stylesheets - Cygnus' flavor of docbook stylesheets
cygnus-stylesheets 0.7-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/text

dhcpcd-sv  - Sergei Viznyuk's DHCP client for 2.1.x kernels
dhcpcd-sv 1.3.16-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net

dip        - Tool for handling SLIP/PPP dialup IP connections
dip 3.3.7p-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net

doc-linux-hr - Documentation in Croatian / dokumentacija na hrvatskom
doc-linux-hr 99.01-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/doc

dvorak7min - Typing tutor for dvorak keyboards
dvorak7min 1.0-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/games

fastdnaml  - [Biology] A tool for construction of phylogenetic trees of DNA se
fastdnaml 1.0.8-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/misc

festvox-ellpc11k - Castilian Spanish male speaker for Festival
festvox-ellpc11k 1.3.1-1 into dists/potato/non-free/binary-all/sound

gforth     - GNU Forth Language Environment
gforth 0.4.0-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/interpreters

libglib1.1.13 - Developers' release of the GLib library of C routines
libglib1.1.13-dbg - Developers' release of debugging libraries for the GLib library
libglib1.1.13-dev - Developers' release of development files for GLib library
libglib1.1.13-dbg 1.1.13-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
libglib1.1.13-dev 1.1.13-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
libglib1.1.13 1.1.13-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/libs

gnome-audio - Audio files for Gnome
gnome-audio 0.1-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/sound

groovycd   - A ncurse based CD player.
groovycd 0.51-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/sound

libgtk1.1.9 - The GIMP Toolkit set of widgets for X, unstable branch
libgtk1.1.9-dbg - Debugging files for the GIMP Toolkit, unstable branch
libgtk1.1.9-dev - Development files for the GIMP Toolkit, unstable branch
libgtk1.1.9-dbg 1.1.9-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
libgtk1.1.9-dev 1.1.9-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
libgtk1.1.9 1.1.9-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/libs

htdig      - WWW search system for an intranet or small internet
htdig 3.1.0b4-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/web

isdnbutton - Start and Stop ISDN connections and display status.
isdnbutton 2.6-970413-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net

isdnutils  - ISDN utilities
isdnutils 3.0-9 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net

lam        - A free, fast MPI implementation for cluster and SMP parallel proc
lam 6.1-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel

libapache-mod-roaming - Roaming Access for Communicator 4.5
libapache-mod-roaming 0.9.1-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/web

libcdaudio - library for controlling a CD-ROM when playing audio CDs.
libcdaudio-dev - developers' libraries for libcdaudio.
libcdaudio-dev 0.6.0-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
libcdaudio 0.6.0-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/libs

libdatatype - file type via magic numbers in a shared library
libdatatype-dev - file type via magic numbers in a shared library
libgfont   - an abstract font handling interface
libgfont-dev - an abstract font handling interface [development files]
libdatatype-dev 980720-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/libs
libdatatype 980720-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/libs
libgfont-dev 980720-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/libs
libgfont 980720-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/libs

libghttp-dev - Gnome HTTP client library - Development
libghttp0  - Gnome HTTP client library
libghttp-dev 0.99.2-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
libghttp0 0.99.2-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/libs

libhtml-embperl-perl - Library for embedding perl in HTML
libhtml-embperl-perl 1.0.0-1.1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/web

liburi-perl - Manipulates and accesses URI strings
liburi-perl 1.00-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/interpreters

lsof-2.2   - List open files.
lsof-2.2 4.37-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/utils

mh         - Rand mail handling system.
mh 6.8.4-28 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/mail

libatalk1  - Appletalk library for GNU/Linux
libatalk1-dev - Appletalk library for GNU/Linux (development files)
netatalk   - Appletalk user binaries for GNU/Linux
libatalk1-dev 1.4b2+asun2.1.1-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
libatalk1 1.4b2+asun2.1.1-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
netatalk 1.4b2+asun2.1.1-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net

nqc        - Not Quite C compiler for LEGO Mindstorms RCX
nqc 1.0b4-4 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel

ntp        - Daemon and utilities for full NTP v4 timekeeping participation.
ntpdate    - The ntpdate client for setting system time from NTP servers.
ntp 4.0.91-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
ntpdate 4.0.91-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net

libopenldap1 - OpenLDAP libraries.
libopenldap1-dev - OpenLDAP development libraries.
openldap-utils - OpenLDAP utilities.
openldapd  - OpenLDAP server (slapd).
libopenldap1-dev 1.1.3-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
libopenldap1 1.1.3-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/libs
openldap-utils 1.1.3-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net
openldapd 1.1.3-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net

p2c        - Pascal to C translator
p2c 1.20-3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel

pcd2html   - Scripts to convert PCD images to commented HTML pages
pcd2html 0.1-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-all/web

rolldice   - A virtual dice roller
rolldice 1.1-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/games

sendfile   - Simple Asynchronous File Transfer
sendfile 2.1-8 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net

egon       - The animator program from Siag Office
siagoffice-plugins - Plugins for Siag Office
xpw        - the Pathetic Writer word-processor
xsiag      - a spreadsheet with an X11 user-interface
egon 3.1.1-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/graphics
siagoffice-plugins 3.1.1-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/misc
xpw 3.1.1-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/text
xsiag 3.1.1-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/math

tkstep8.0  - The NEXTSTEP(tm)-like version of the Tk toolkit - Run-Time.
tkstep8.0-dev - The NEXTSTEP(tm)-like version of the Tk toolkit - Development.
tkstep8.0-dev 8.0p2-3.3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/devel
tkstep8.0 8.0p2-3.3 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/libs

uqwk       - Offline mail and news reader.
uqwk 1.8-2 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/comm

workman    - Graphical tool for playing audio CDs on a CD-ROM drive.
workman 1.3b-1 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/sound

ytalk      - Enhanced talk program with X support.
ytalk 3.1-0 into dists/potato/main/binary-powerpc/net

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