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New Debian m68k Packages

These m68k packages were installed into the Debian hierarchy in the
last week:

----- !!! HIGH URGENCY PACKAGES !!! -----

ae         - Anthony's Editor -- a tiny full-screen editor
ae 962-20 -> 962-21 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/base
ae 962-20 -> 962-21 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/base
ae (962-21) frozen unstable; urgency=high
  * added backspace keybindings to the ae2vi.rc file by request
  *   although this doesn't correct a reported bug, the fix is
  *   valuable enough to include in the frozen distribution as per
  *   discussions with Brian White.
  * remove old, misplaced .rc files in the post install, removing
  *   the chance of being surprized by the faulty keybindings in
  *   these old files.

dwww       - Read all on-line documentation via WWW
dwww -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/doc
dwww -> into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/doc
dwww ( frozen unstable; urgency=high
  * Fix detection of wn webserver to make it work with newer version.

dwww       - Read all on-line documentation via WWW
dwww -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/doc
dwww -> into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/doc
dwww ( frozen unstable; urgency=high
  * Remove reference to i386 and make it build on "any" again
  * Fix postrm to make purge really work this time.

fakeroot   - Gives a fake root environment.
fakeroot 0.0-13 -> 0.0-14.2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/devel
fakeroot 0.0-13 -> 0.0-14.2 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/devel
fakeroot (0.0-14.2) frozen unstable; urgency=high
  * Current hamm version (0.0-13) broke with libc6_2.0.7r-1
    (`fakeroot "anything"' fails; strace shows the process run inside the
    fakeroot environment segfaulting) (Similar to #21669 and #22013).
    Recompiled with libc6_2.0.7r-1 and matching -dev so that it works again.
    The changes between 0.0-13 (hamm version) and 0.0-14.1 (slink version)
    affect only the build process and the alpha architecture, so they do
    not affect stability on the architectures for which hamm will be
    released; therefore this is based on 0.0-14.1 rather than 0.0-13 .
  * [debian/control] Fixed description (Fixes #18954).

libc6      - The GNU C library version 2 (run-time files).
libc6-dbg  - The GNU C library version 2 (debugging/profiling files).
libc6-dev  - The GNU C library version 2 (development files).
libc6-pic  - The GNU C library version 2 (PIC library)
locales    - Locale data files and utilities.
timezones  - Time zone data files and utilities.
libc6-dbg 2.0.7pre1-4 -> 2.0.7r-2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/devel
libc6-dbg 2.0.7pre1-4 -> 2.0.7r-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/devel
libc6-dev 2.0.7pre1-4 -> 2.0.7r-2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/devel
libc6-dev 2.0.7pre1-4 -> 2.0.7r-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/devel
libc6-pic 2.0.7pre1-4 -> 2.0.7r-2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/devel
libc6-pic 2.0.7pre1-4 -> 2.0.7r-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/devel
libc6 2.0.7pre1-4 -> 2.0.7r-2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/base
libc6 2.0.7pre1-4 -> 2.0.7r-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/base
locales 2.0.7pre1-4 -> 2.0.7r-2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/admin
locales 2.0.7pre1-4 -> 2.0.7r-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/admin
timezones 2.0.7pre1-4 -> 2.0.7r-2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/base
timezones 2.0.7pre1-4 -> 2.0.7r-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/base
glibc (2.0.7r-2) frozen unstable; urgency=high
  * Installed forgotten patch for libc6-dev replacing libgdbmg1-dev
  *      fixes #21609, #21987, #22504, #22596 and #22663

libc6      - The GNU C library version 2 (run-time files).
libc6-dbg  - The GNU C library version 2 (debugging/profiling files).
libc6-dev  - The GNU C library version 2 (development files).
libc6-pic  - The GNU C library version 2 (PIC library)
locales    - Locale data files and utilities.
timezones  - Time zone data files and utilities.
libc6-dbg 2.0.7r-2 -> 2.0.7r-3 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/devel
libc6-dbg 2.0.7r-2 -> 2.0.7r-3 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/devel
libc6-dev 2.0.7r-2 -> 2.0.7r-3 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/devel
libc6-dev 2.0.7r-2 -> 2.0.7r-3 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/devel
libc6-pic 2.0.7r-2 -> 2.0.7r-3 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/devel
libc6-pic 2.0.7r-2 -> 2.0.7r-3 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/devel
libc6 2.0.7r-2 -> 2.0.7r-3 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/base
libc6 2.0.7r-2 -> 2.0.7r-3 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/base
locales 2.0.7r-2 -> 2.0.7r-3 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/admin
locales 2.0.7r-2 -> 2.0.7r-3 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/admin
timezones 2.0.7r-2 -> 2.0.7r-3 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/base
timezones 2.0.7r-2 -> 2.0.7r-3 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/base
glibc (2.0.7r-3) frozen unstable; urgency=high
  * set mode bits on /usr/doc/lib6/* to 644: fixes 23847
  * rewrote FAQ to match current practice: fixes 23863
  * fixed details in copyright file: fixes 23861
  * implimented upstream patches to nss
  * cleaned up rules file access to kernel includes
  * added code from David Engel to convert relative symlinks
  *     to absolute symlinks: fixes 21884
  * rejuvinated the insecure use of temp patch, which disapeared
  *     somewhere between execution and release: re fixes 19797
  * installed David Engel's patch for 'env LD_PRELOAD= ls' segfault
  *     and core dump: fixes 23893

kernel-doc-2.0.33 - Linux kernel specific documentation.
kernel-headers-2.0.33 - Header files related to a specific Linux kernel.
kernel-image-2.0.33 - Linux kernel binary image.
kernel-source-2.0.33 - Linux kernel source.
kernel-doc-2.0.33 2.0.33-9 -> 2.0.33-10 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/doc
kernel-doc-2.0.33 2.0.33-9 -> 2.0.33-10 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/doc
kernel-headers-2.0.33 2.0.33-9 -> 2.0.33-10 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/devel
kernel-headers-2.0.33 2.0.33-9 -> 2.0.33-10 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel
kernel-image-2.0.33 2.0.33-9 -> 2.0.33-10 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/base
kernel-image-2.0.33 2.0.33-9 -> 2.0.33-10 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/base
kernel-source-2.0.33 2.0.33-9 -> 2.0.33-10 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/devel
kernel-source-2.0.33 2.0.33-9 -> 2.0.33-10 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/devel
kernel-source-2.0.33 (2.0.33-10) frozen unstable; urgency=high
  * Reversed euid test in fs/fcntl.c.

kernel-doc-2.0.34 - Linux kernel specific documentation.
kernel-headers-2.0.34 - Header files related to a specific Linux kernel.
kernel-image-2.0.34 - Linux kernel binary image.
kernel-source-2.0.34 - Linux kernel source.
kernel-doc-2.0.34 2.0.34-2 -> 2.0.34-3 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/doc
kernel-doc-2.0.34 2.0.34-2 -> 2.0.34-3 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/doc
kernel-headers-2.0.34 2.0.34-2 -> 2.0.34-3 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/devel
kernel-headers-2.0.34 2.0.34-2 -> 2.0.34-3 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/devel
kernel-image-2.0.34 2.0.34-2 -> 2.0.34-3 into dists/hamm/main/binary-i386/base
kernel-image-2.0.34 2.0.34-2 -> 2.0.34-3 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/base
kernel-source-2.0.34 2.0.34-2 -> 2.0.34-3 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/devel
kernel-source-2.0.34 2.0.34-2 -> 2.0.34-3 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/devel
kernel-source-2.0.34 (2.0.34-3) frozen unstable; urgency=high
  * Reversed euid test in fs/fcntl.c.

libtool    - Generic library support script.
libtool 1.0h-2 -> 1.0h-3 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/devel
libtool 1.0h-3 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/devel
libtool (1.0h-3) frozen unstable; urgency=high
  * (postinst) check if there is a /tmp/libtool. Closes Bug#23884.

mailx      - A simple mail user agent.
mailx 8.1.1-9 -> 8.1.1-10 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/mail
mailx 8.1.1-9 -> 8.1.1-10 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/mail
mailx (1:8.1.1-10) frozen unstable; urgency=high
  * correct major security flaw, patch from Alvaro Martinez Echevarria
    <alvaro@lander.es>, bug#23880, bug#23901
  * other potential buffer overflow, patch from Juan-Mariano de Goyeneche
    <jmseyas@selva.dit.upm.es>, bug #22937

plan       - X/Motif day planner (dynamically compiled with LessTif)
plan 1.6.1-4.1 -> 1.6.1-5 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/misc
plan 1.6.1-4.1 -> 1.6.1-5 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/misc
plan (1.6.1-5) frozen unstable; urgency=high
  * New maintainer (till Colin finishes his thesis).
  * Do not install .netplan-acl, which was removed as a conffile.
    -4.2 will override an existing acl file !
  * Fixed postinst test for `netplan' user+group - was only adding
    them if group did not exist, but user did exist ! (Fixes:
    important Bug#23483)
  * Reverted not to install /var/lib/plan/netplan.dir/, which is
    created by adduser.  Bugs #23482 and #23694 were indeed caused by
    #23483, and not by a specific packaging error in -4.1.
  * Documented handling of /var/lib/plan/ hierarchy in README.Debian,
    to prevent such future confusion in the future.
  * Added the "WARNING:" string in postrm error messages afer failed
  * Chown/chmod all files in /var/lib/plan/netplan.dir/ from postinst,
    not just the dir and the ACL, to fully recover from the 777
  * Updated example .xsession to prevent runaround pland's.
  * Updated README.Debian accordingly.
  * Removed from postinst the confusing note about the need to run
    `pland' in order to be able to use `plan'.  This stuff belongs to
    the manpage.
  * All remaining reported bugs seem to be upstream bugs.
  * Bounced Standards-Version to 2.4.1.

sendmail   - A powerful mail transport agent.
sendmail 8.8.8-19 -> 8.8.8-20 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/mail
sendmail (8.8.8-20) frozen; urgency=high, closes=23774
  * Patch collect.c to prevent segfaults in mime8->mime7 (#23774)

xaw95      - Windows 95-like look for X apps using the Athena widgets (libc5)
xaw95g     - Windows 95-like look for X apps using the Athena widgets
xaw95 1.1-4.2 -> 1.1-4.4 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/oldlibs
xaw95 1.1-4.2 -> 1.1-4.4 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/oldlibs
xaw95g 1.1-4.2 -> 1.1-4.4 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/x11
xaw95g 1.1-4.2 -> 1.1-4.4 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/x11
xaw95 (1.1-4.4) frozen unstable; urgency=HIGH
  * Applied 2 sets of patches for buffer overflows from xfree86 - the patch
    from 3 May 1998, plus the patch from 24 May 1998. Both fix important
    security holes.
  * Bumped the version number to .4, becuase I accidentially made a previous
    security NMU that only went into unstable.

xbase      - local clients and configuration required by X
xext       - extensions to X servers
xlib6      - shared libraries required by libc5 X clients
xlib6-altdev - include files and libraries for libc5 X client development
xlib6g     - shared libraries required by X clients
xlib6g-dev - include files and libraries for X client development
xnest      - nested X server
xprt       - X print server
xserver-fbdev - X server for m68k framebuffer-based graphics drivers
xslib      - statically linked versions of the libraries in xlib6
xslibg     - statically linked versions of the libraries in xlib6g
xvfb       - virtual framebuffer X server
xbase -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/x11
xbase -> into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/x11
xext -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/x11
xext -> into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/x11
xlib6-altdev -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/oldlibs
xlib6-altdev -> into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/oldlibs
xlib6 -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/oldlibs
xlib6 -> into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/oldlibs
xlib6g-dev -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/x11
xlib6g-dev -> into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/x11
xlib6g -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/x11
xlib6g -> into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/x11
xnest -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/x11
xnest -> into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/x11
xprt -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/x11
xprt -> into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/x11
xserver-fbdev -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/x11
xserver-fbdev -> into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/x11
xslib -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/oldlibs
xslib -> into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/oldlibs
xslibg -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/x11
xslibg -> into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/x11
xvfb -> into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/x11
xvfb -> into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/x11
xfree86 ( frozen unstable; urgency=HIGH
  * Binary-only non-maintainer upload for m68k.
  * Fix typo in debian/create-server: man/man1 instead of man/man.
    Without this, the xserver-fbdev can't be built.
  * Add set -e to several for loops in debian/rules to detect such
    building failures earlier...

----- MEDIUM Urgency Packages -----------

a2ps       - Anything to PostScript converter and pretty-printer
a2ps 4.10-4 -> 4.10.2-4 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/text
a2ps 4.10-4 -> 4.10.2-4 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/text
a2ps (4.10.2-4) frozen unstable; urgency=medium, Closes=23671
  * Changed texi2dvi4a2ps to use tempfile(1) (fixes #23671)

plan       - X/Motif day planner (dynamically compiled with LessTif)
plan 1.6.1-5 -> 1.6.1-6 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/misc
plan 1.6.1-5 -> 1.6.1-6 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/misc
plan (1.6.1-6) frozen unstable; urgency=medium
  * Do not create an empty .netplan-acl file if one already exists,
    even if the `netplan' user and group does not exist, which may
    surely have arrived to -4.1 users (important part of Bug#23900).
  * Ensure postinst fails if `adduser' fails - problem with bash ?
    (part of Bug#23900).
  * Run `adduser' even if only one of user and group does not exist.
    Also run it if /var/lib/plan/netplan.dir/ does not exist -
    paranoia check (part of Bug#23900).
  * More cosmetics on postinst messages (some from Bug#23900).

----- Low Urgency Packages --------------

cdda2wav   - Creates WAV files from audio cd's
cdda2wav 0.95a17-1 -> 0.95b3-1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/sound
cdda2wav 0.95a17-1 -> 0.95b3-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/sound
cdda2wav (1:0.95b3-1) unstable frozen; urgency=low
  * New upstream source
  * Author reports this Fixes bug #21979 (a nasty core dump) and other
    not-yet-reported-to-Debian bugs.  Should work better anyway..

cpio       - GNU cpio -- a program to manage archives of files.
cpio 2.4.2-16 -> 2.4.2-16.1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/utils
cpio (2.4.2-16.1) frozen; urgency=low
  * Added patch from Evan Harris to fix mt's datcompression.  (Fixes:

debhelper  - helper programs for debian/rules
debhelper 0.95 -> 0.96 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/devel
debhelper (0.96) unstable; urgency=low
  * dh_movefiles: fixed serious breakage introduced in the last version.
  * dh_movefiles: really order all symlinks last.
  * some minor reorganization of the source tree.

debhelper  - helper programs for debian/rules
debhelper 0.96 -> 0.97 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/devel
debhelper (0.97) unstable; urgency=low
  * doc/from-debstd: fixed a typo.
  * examples/*: install-stamp no longer depends on phony build targey; now
    install-stamp depends on build-stamp instead (#24234).
  * dh_fixperms: applied patch from Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
    to fix bad uses of the find command, so it should now work on packages
    with files with spaces in them (#22005). It's also much cleaner. Thanks,
  * dh_getopt.pl, doc/PROGRAMMING: added DH_EXCLUDE_FIND, to make the above
    fix work.

debiandoc-sgml - Documentation formatting for Debian manuals
debiandoc-sgml 1.0.18 -> 1.1.0 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/text
debiandoc-sgml (1.1.0) unstable; urgency=low closes=24026
  * Added <url> tag
  * Added <httpsite> and <httppath> tags
  * debiandoc-sgml.sgml: documented that SUBDOC is not supported (#24026)
  * dtd/debiandoc.dtd: added "id" attribute to <book> tag
  * debiandoc-sgml.sgml: normalized
  * saspconvert: completely overhauled
  * debiandoc2ps: fixed typo in error message
  * debiandoc2ps.1: fixed various typos
  * debiandoc2ps.1: moved copyright statement to separate section
  * debiandoc2ps.1: added mention of language support via LANG
  * Makefile: various minor changes
  * spec/textov: splitted off from spec/text
  * spec-{html,lout,text}: moved to spec directory as {html,lout,text}
  * markup.sgml: renamed to debiandoc-sgml.sgml
  * Added TODO list
  * Maintainer's email address changed

doc-linux-html - Linux HOWTOs and mini-HOWTOs in html format
doc-linux-html 98.04-1 -> 98.06-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/doc
doc-linux-html (98.06-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * new HOWTOs
  * Conflicts: doc-linux-text (bug #22761, #22777)
  * debian/sgml2dhelp: abstract parser changed

emacsen-common - Common facilities for all emacsen.
emacsen-common 1.4.5 -> 1.4.6 into dists/hamm/main/binary-all/editors
emacsen-common 1.4.5 -> 1.4.6 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/editors
emacsen-common (1.4.6) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * debian-emacs-policy: add-on packages may not depend on emacsen-common.
  * debian-emacs-policy: add-on packages must declare install/remove
    script dependencies (i.e. make, etc.)
  * fixed postinst to be cleaner about /usr/local/* (Closes: Bug#21524,
    Bug#22737, Bug#22959)
  * Made /etc/emacs/site-start.el a conffile (Closes: Bug#21934)

fetchmail  - POP2/3, APOP, IMAP mail gatherer/forwarder
fetchmail 4.3.9-1 -> 4.5.0-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/mail
fetchmail (4.5.0-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * new upstream source "gold version"

file-rc    - Alternative one-configfile boot mechanism
file-rc 0.4.3 -> 0.4.4 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/admin
file-rc (0.4.4) unstable; urgency=low, closes=23459
  * Don't check for being executable when referring to a *.sh script

html2ps    - HTML to PostScript converter
html2ps 1.0b1-3 -> 1.0b1-4 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/text
html2ps (1.0b1-4) unstable; urgency=low
  * Cleaned up debian diff to make package easier to take over.

jed        - Editor for programmers.
jedsl      - Sources of Slang runtime files for jed
rgrep      - Recursive, highlighting grep program.
jed 0.98.7-1.1 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/editors
jedsl 0.98.7-1 -> 0.98.7-1.1 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/editors
rgrep 0.98.7-1.1 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/text
jed (0.98.7-1.1) unstable; urgency=low
  * Non-maintainer upload.
  * Includes fix for Bug#24110, creating *.slc files automatically in
    debian/rules so the package compiles and works "out of the box".
  * Also includes fix for bug (mentioned in followup to #24110) that
    site.sl looks for the global jed.rc file in the wrong place on Debian,
    and a fix for the missing os.sl and mouse.sl files in the main package.

lintian    - Debian package checker
lintian 0.4.8 -> 0.5.0 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/devel
lintian (0.5.0) unstable; urgency=low
  * (checks/menus) The menu package doesn't need to check for the
    existence of update-menus :-)
  * (testset/runtests) A harness for running regression tests on Lintian.
  * (testset/*) A collection of broken packages on which to test Lintian.
    Currently, only an empty package is provided for testing.
  * (debian/rules) Run the tests in the build target.
  * (checks/*.desc) Added "Tested: empty" to tags that are tested for
    with the "empty" testpackage.
  * (collection/file-info) Use a better parser for the index file, so
    that weird filenames are handled correctly.  This fixes bug#24079.
  * (collection/md5sums) Adapt index-file parser from file-info collector,
    this saves a "find" operation on the unpacked tree.
  * New test package filenames-1, which contains various evil filenames.
  * (checks/shared-libs, checks/menus, checks/manpages, checks/files,
    Handle filenames that contain spaces correctly.
  * (frontend/lintian, reporting/config)
    Update version number.  This fixes bug #23555, reported by Yann Dirson.
    These will have to be kept in sync manually, because the lintian
    source package has to be directly usable by the lintian web page
  * (checks/changelog-file)
    Allow the upstream changelog to be a symbolic link.
    As a side-effect, allow it for the Debian changelog too.
    This handles bug#23300, reported by Manoj Srivastava.
  * (checks/changelog-file, checks/changelog-file.desc)
    The wrong-name tags are now warnings, not errors, because the
    relevant section of policy uses "should usually".
    This fixes bug#23757, reported by Gregory S. Stark.
  * (checks/changelog-file)
    Limited the changelog-file-not-compressed tag to only complain
    about changelog and changelog.Debian, because policy 5.8 does not
    mention other changelogs.  (These would fall under section 5.3, I guess.)
    This fixes bug#23683, reported by Joey Hess.

motifnls   - Files needed to run some Motif applications.
motifnls 2.1-2 -> 2.1-3 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/x11
motifnls (2.1-3) unstable; urgency=low
  * Fixed unnecessary bash-ism in postinst. Fixes Bug #24111

netcdf-altdev - Development kit for NetCDF. (libc5 version)
netcdf-bin - Support programs for NetCDF.
netcdf3    - An interface for scientific data access. (libc5 version)
netcdfg-dev - Development kit for NetCDF.
netcdfg3   - An interface for scientific data access.
netcdf-altdev 3.3.1-5 -> 3.3.1-6 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/oldlibs
netcdf-bin 3.3.1-5 -> 3.3.1-6 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/math
netcdf3 3.3.1-5 -> 3.3.1-6 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/oldlibs
netcdfg-dev 3.3.1-5 -> 3.3.1-6 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/math
netcdfg3 3.3.1-5 -> 3.3.1-6 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/math
netcdf (3.3.1-6) frozen; urgency=low
  * Fixed dependency.  (Fixes: Bug#23781)

nosql      - a Relational Database Management System for Unix.
nosql-fastops - a Relational Database Management System for Unix, executables
nosql-fastops 1.1-1 -> 1.1-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-i386/utils
nosql 1.1-1 -> 1.1-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/utils
nosql (1.1-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * applied patch from
    to fix bug in nsq-t2html3.c.

picon-domains - Picon (Personal Images) database of for Internet domain logos.
picon-domains 1998.06.13-1 -> 1998.06.23-1 into dists/slink/contrib/binary-all/graphics
picon-domains (1998.06.23-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release.

picon-users - Picon (Personal Images) database of individual Internet accounts
picon-users 1998.06.13-1 -> 1998.06.16-1 into dists/slink/contrib/binary-all/graphics
picon-users (1998.06.16-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release.

samba      - A LanManager like fileserver and simple client for Unix.
smbfsx     - Mount and umount commands for the smbfs and kernels > 2.1.70.
samba 1.9.18p7-4 -> 1.9.18p8-1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/net
samba 1.9.18p7-4 -> 1.9.18p8-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/net
smbfsx 1.9.18p7-4 -> 1.9.18p8-1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/otherosfs
smbfsx 1.9.18p7-4 -> 1.9.18p8-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/otherosfs
samba (1.9.18p8-1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release that fixes _lots_ of "ugly" bugs. The list of
    fixed bugs is too long to include here (see /usr/doc/samba/WHATSNEW.txt).
  * Fixed postinst to quote arguments to if [ arg .. ] constructs
    (fixes #22881).
  * Applied Jeremy Allison's patch (posted to the samba-ntdom mailing
    list) that solves a problem with username maps (the Samba Team did
    not catch this problem before final 1.9.18p8).
  * Made /etc/init.d/samba to print out a warning when Samba is running
    from inetd and the user runs /etc/init.d/samba to start|stop|restart
    Samba (there's no point on doing this because inetd will start the
    daemons again when there is traffic on UDP port 137-139).

tkcvs      - A graphical front-end to CVS
tkcvs 6.0-10 -> 6.0-11 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/devel
tkcvs (6.0-11) unstable; urgency=low
  * Fixed an unterminated string (bug #23885)

libwmaker0 - Shared libraries for WindowMaker aware applications.
libwmaker0-dev - Static libraries and headers for WindowMaker applications.
libwraster0 - Shared libraries of WindowMaker rasterizer.
libwraster0-dev - Static libraries and headers of WindowMaker rasterizer.
wmaker     - Yet another window manager. This the next step after AfterStep.
wmaker-superfluous - WindowMaker compiled with superfluous options
wmaker-traditional - WindowMaker compiled *without* newstyle option
libwmaker0-dev 0.14.1-6 -> 0.14.1-7 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/devel
libwmaker0 0.14.1-6 -> 0.14.1-7 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/libs
libwraster0-dev 0.14.1-6 -> 0.14.1-7 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/devel
libwraster0 0.14.1-6 -> 0.14.1-7 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/libs
wmaker-superfluous 0.14.1-6 -> 0.14.1-7 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/x11
wmaker-traditional 0.14.1-6 -> 0.14.1-7 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/x11
wmaker 0.14.1-6 -> 0.14.1-7 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/x11
wmaker (0.14.1-7) frozen; urgency=low
  * Applied patch to fix aspect ratio bug. Taken from patch to
    0.15.0 and 0.15.1 (uploaded to unstable). This fixes the problem that
    prevents cgoban (and any other application that issues "funny" aspect
    ratio requests) from starting with WindowMaker (I suspect this should
    also fix the old problem with xonix-jahu, but I don't know).
  * Changed Suggests to menu (>= 1.5-10) because that version fixes a
    problem that only shows up with wmaker and kde

zenirc     - Major mode for wasting time
zenirc 2.112-1 -> 2.112-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-all/net
zenirc (2.112-2) unstable; urgency=low, closes=23973
  * Added autoload for ZenIRC through /etc site-start sequence.  Thanks to
    Adam Harris <apharris@onShore.com> for wanting it.  (closes:
  * Removed "set -e" from emacsen install script as Emacs seems to exit
    with non-zero partially
  * Moved zenirc*.elc files one level higher so they're accessible via
    regular load-path

----- New Packages ----------------------

binkd      - FTN TCP mailer
binkd 0.9.2-3 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/mail
binkd 0.9.2-3 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/mail

gperf      - Perfect hash function generator.
gperf 2.7-1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/devel
gperf 2.7-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/devel

gv         - A PostScript and PDF viewer for X using 3d Athena Widgets
gv 3.5.8-7 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/text
gv 3.5.8-7 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/text

imlib-dev  - necessary headers for Imlib development
imlib-nonfree-dev - necessary headers for Imlib development, linked with giflib
imlib-nonfree1 - Imlib is an image library for X
imlib1     - Imlib is an image library for X
imlib-dev 1.3-3 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/graphics
imlib-dev 1.3-3 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/graphics
imlib-nonfree-dev 1.3-3 into dists/hamm/contrib/binary-m68k/graphics
imlib-nonfree-dev 1.3-3 into dists/slink/contrib/binary-m68k/graphics
imlib-nonfree1 1.3-3 into dists/hamm/contrib/binary-m68k/graphics
imlib-nonfree1 1.3-3 into dists/slink/contrib/binary-m68k/graphics
imlib1 1.3-3 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/graphics
imlib1 1.3-3 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/graphics

infocom    - A freely distributable parser for Infocom data files.
infocom 4.01pl2-5 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/games
infocom 4.01pl2-5 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/games

lapack     - a comprehensive set of linear algebra routines - Run-time Package
lapack-dev - a comprehensive set of linear algebra routines - Devel. Package.
lapack-dev 2.0.1-2.1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/devel
lapack-dev 2.0.1-2.1 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/devel
lapack 2.0.1-2.1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/libs
lapack 2.0.1-2.1 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/libs

pinepgp    - Automates the pgp sign, encrypt and decrypt functions within pine
pinepgp 3.4 into dists/slink/contrib/binary-all/mail

quota      - An implementation of the diskquota system.
quota 1.65-2.5 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/admin
quota 1.65-2.5 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/admin

raidtools  - Utilities to support RAID disks
raidtools 0.42-12 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/admin
raidtools 0.42-12 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/admin

regina-rexx - The Regina REXX interpreter.
regina0    - The Regina REXX interpreter, run-time library.
regina0-dev - The Regina REXX interpreter, development files.
regina-rexx 0.08d-2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/devel
regina-rexx 0.08d-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/devel
regina0-dev 0.08d-2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/devel
regina0-dev 0.08d-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/devel
regina0 0.08d-2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/libs
regina0 0.08d-2 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/libs

slang1     - The S-Lang programming library - runtime version.
slang1-dev - The S-Lang programming library, development version.
slang1-pic - The S-Lang programming library, shared library subset kit.
slang1-dev 1.2.2-0.2 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/devel
slang1-pic 1.2.2-0.2 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/devel
slang1 1.2.2-0.2 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/base

slrn       - threaded news reader (fast for slow links)
slrnpull   - pulls a small newsfeed from an NNTP server
slrn into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/news
slrnpull into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/news

the        - THE - The Hessling Editor.
the 2.5-0.2 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/editors
the 2.5-0.2 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/editors

userv      - `user services' - program call across trust boundaries
userv 0.58-1.1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/admin
userv 0.58-1.1 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/admin

v-altdev   - V - a C++ GUI Framework (development files for libc5).
v-bin      - V - a C++ GUI Framework (binaries).
v-dbg      - V - a C++ GUI Framework (library debugging files).
v-dev      - V - a C++ GUI Framework (development files).
v1         - V - a C++ GUI Framework (libc5).
v1g        - V - a C++ GUI Framework.
v-altdev 1.17-4 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/oldlibs
v-altdev 1.17-4 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/oldlibs
v-bin 1.17-4 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/devel
v-bin 1.17-4 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/devel
v-dbg 1.17-4 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/devel
v-dbg 1.17-4 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/devel
v-dev 1.17-4 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/devel
v-dev 1.17-4 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/devel
v1 1.17-4 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/oldlibs
v1 1.17-4 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/oldlibs
v1g 1.17-4 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/libs
v1g 1.17-4 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/libs

wmmixer    - A mixer application designed for WindowMaker
wmmixer 0.8-1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/sound
wmmixer 0.8-1 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/x11

xfaces     - Displays an image for each piece of mail in your mailbox.
xfaces 3.3-12.0.1 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/mail
xfaces 3.3-12.0.1 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/mail

xinetd     - replacement for inetd with many enhancements
xinetd 2.2.1-5 into dists/hamm/main/binary-m68k/net
xinetd 2.2.1-5 into dists/slink/main/binary-m68k/net

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