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Re: Net abuse complaint: Is Your Web Site A Secret?

On Tue, 8 Jul 1997, Paul Wade wrote:

> I have received the following at several addresses on my domains and am
> now also receiving copies via mailing lists. This is clear evidence that
> the perpetrator is fishing for addresses in the lists. Previous complaints
> have failed to stop the flow of unwanted messages so I am now appealing to
> the next hop up the traceroute, nya.net.

I applaud your efforts, but you should've trimmed the spam from the
copy to debian-changes (actually, you shouldn't have cc'd
debian-changes at all, IMNSHO).  Seeing it once is bad enough.  Seeing
it twice is ridiculous. . . . I hope that whoever is the
owner/moderator/whatever of debian-changes does something about this,
though, because (of course) messages like the original must not be
allowed to pollute an announcement list (or any list, of course).  :)

Fight the good fight,
Kendall :)

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