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Re: Is Your Web Site A Secret?

Hi Debian people,

I'm sure John E. Rand, the postmaster and suprisingly (not) the root at
owlsnest would like to here your replies to using the debian-changes list
for spam mail.  So why not e-mail him at

OR	root@owlsnest.com

And let him know that this isn't the place, and that he shouldn't send to
this list again.

PS. Sure it's a losing battle, but let's make it a battle.

David Higgins
Mail Admin.
Triple G Corporation

On Tue, 8 Jul 1997 owl@owlsnest.com wrote:

>      Is your web site the best kept secret on the Internet?
>      We'll promote it to 50 search engines and indexes for $85
>      and complete the job in 2 business days.  Satisfaction is
>      guaranteed!
[snip spam]
>    Owl's Eye Productions, Inc.
>    260 E. Main Street
>    Brewster, NY 10509
>    Phone: (914) 278-4933
>    Fax:     (914) 278-4507
>    Email: owl@owlsnest.com

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