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Re: uploaded selfhtml 6.1-1 to master

On Jul 4, Manoj Srivastava wrote
> Hi,
> 	So what does selfhtml do? I don't recall any discussion on
>  debian-devel about this package (which I think is required by policy
>  -- if not, the policy is broken); and worsea, initial release tels me
>  nothing!

that reminds me : why not change the changes format to include the
description of a package ? we only need to change dpkg-genchanges ...

there are lot's of packages i don't know, but i'm reading
debian*-changes, and it's a good way to learn something about new
packages. but that only works, if the description is included...

selfhtml is a german text how to create you own homepage / program html.
it's one of the best tests to this topic, as far as i know (i never used
it :-)

regards, andreas

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