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Uploaded vm 6.31-1 (source all) to master


Format: 1.5
Date: Mon, 12 May 1997 18:26:44 -0501
Source: vm
Binary: vm-el vm
Architecture: source all
Version: 6.31-1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org>
 vm         - A mail user agent for Emacs
 vm-el      - A mail user agent for Emacs (uncompiled elsip source files)
 vm (6.31-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New upstream bug fixing release. Excerpted changes:
     * vm-toolbar-support-possible-p: don't check device type, install
       toolbar if the 'toolbar feature is present.
     * vm-toolbar-initialize: check for device-on-window-system-p
       before looking at device-bitplanes, in case the selected device
       is a tty.
     * use '(win) tag sets on toolbar specifiers to prevent toolbars
       from being attached to non-window system frames.
     * vm-multiple-fonts-possible-p: conditionalize checks on
       XEmacs/Emacs to avoid looking at the window-system variable
       under XEmacs where it should not be used.
     * set scrollbar height only if (featurep 'scrollbar) and under
       XEmacs.  Previously we checked if set-specifier was fbound.
     * vm-mime-preview-composition: copy value of enriched-mode to
       the temp buffer so that the MIME encoding code knows what to do.
     * set perms to 600 on MIME tempfiles before writing to them.
       There's still a race window where access can be gained to
       such files, but it should be very small assuming NFS is not
     * added new 'display-error' slot to the MIME layout struct to
       avoid overloading the cache slot... and fixed a bug thereby, due
       to vm-mime-display-external-generic trying to use the contents
       of the cache slot when there was an error message there.
     * vm-mime-display-internal-message/rfc822: bind buffer-read-only
       to nil before trying to insert text into the presentation
     * vm-burst-digest will now descend into nested MIME layouts to find
       digests to burst.
 32363b00f5a4ff2c7967c7d49626435e 654 mail optional vm_6.31-1.dsc
 79a3a175449d4a28b5b312ae9972e7df 262846 mail optional vm_6.31.orig.tar.gz
 8d31bf6fbdd33be324749219cf2d56cb 16641 mail optional vm_6.31-1.diff.gz
 b4f059e5f26b42c0d21e219f1eade3cd 319628 mail optional vm_6.31-1_all.deb
 18d4fc5a0e5dc72f77b140524879d449 239028 mail optional vm-el_6.31-1_all.deb

Version: 2.6.3a
Charset: noconv
Comment: Requires PGP version 2.6 or later.


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