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Re: Latest e2fsprogs breaks dump

On Wed, Apr 30 1997 15:04 CDT Richard Kilgore writes:
> The latest version of e2fsprogs in bo appears to have broken
> dump.  When I downgraded from e2fsprogs_1.10-1.deb back to
> e2fsprogs_1.06-4.deb, the following problem went away, and the
> dump worked just fine.  I take it dump is calling a function or
> using a variable that no longer exists?

Bug#9266: dump-0.3-13 calls ext2_llseek() instead of ext2fs_llseek()

The two calls to ext2_llseek() in dump/traverse.c should be replaced
by calls to ext2fs_llseek().

I've just uploaded a new version a few minutes ago.

Question to the ext2-experts: is the #ifdef linux still needed, i.e. what's
the difference between calling llseek() from libc and ext2fs_llseek() from


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