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Uploaded vm 6.27-1 (source all) to master


Format: 1.5
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 1997 20:57:45 -0500
Source: vm
Binary: vm
Architecture: source all
Version: 6.27-1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org>
 vm         - A mail user agent for Emacs
 vm (6.27-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New upstream Source
   * excerpted changes:
       * vm-mime-rewrite-failed-button: add newline to displayed error
       * vm-menu-goto-event: use event-closest-point instead of
         event-point so that we get locality of point when a click
         occurs over a glyph (XEmacs only).
       * vm-mime-display-button-xxxx: say "attempt to display" instead of
         "display", as the button doesn't know if there is a functional
         display function for the type.
       * vm-mime-xemacs-encode-composition: dropped calls to
         encode-coding-region for now.  They were screwing up marker
       * vm-mime-xemacs-encode-composition: protect value of
         file-coding-system from changes when inserting attachment file
       * vm-mime-display-internal-text/html: don't call w3-region if it
         isn't bound, just set error string and return nil.
       * vm-thread-mark-for-summary-update: don't mark if vm-thread-list-of
         slot is nil; use nil in this slot to mean we've already marked
         this message.
       * added missing application/octet-stream button display function.
       * Shapiro typo fixes
       * copied vm-note-emacs-version to vm-menu.el so that it is
         available at load time for use there.
       * converted mona stamps to XPMs as XEmacs can't display the GIF versions.
       * vm-mime-transfer-encode-layout: mark encoding in transfer
         encoded leaves, forgot this previously (oops).
       * default value of vm-mime-ignore-mime-version now t.
       * restored vm-xemacs-p, vm-xemacs-mule-p and vm-fsfemacs-19-p
         function to avoid breaking third party code that rely on them
         being present (sigh).
       * dropped vm-mime-attach-mime-file from the vm-mail-mode keymap and
       * vm-show-list: binding to button release events in XEmacs didn't
         work.  Should probably use mouse-track hooks instead of binding
         keys but until we do that go back to binding button press events.
       * vm-mouse-get-mouse-track-string: check whether we're running
         Emacs/XEmacs rather than whether functions are defined to avoid
         using the wrong overlay/extent interface.
       * initialize mail-default-reply-to from REPLYTO environmental
         variable if value is nil (used to be if value is t).
       * vm: moved call to vm-preview-current-message after the summary
         generatation/display code.  The summary might completely
         obscure the view of the message buffer, so previewing should
         occur after that so that vm-show-current-message knows whether
         the message was visible and therefore also knows whether to
         mark the message as read.
       * vm-keep-mail-buffer: don't kill a buffer if it marked as
         modified, even if the number of `kept' messages would be
         exceeeded by keeping it.  Presumably if a buffer is modified
         the user has resumed composing in it and so we should not delete
       * added vm-mouse-send-url-to-netscape-new-window and
         vm-mouse-send-url-to-mosaic-new-window functions for use as
         values of vm-url-browser.
       * dropped use of vm-check-for-killed-folder in menubar and
         toolbar enabled-p functions.  We wrap troublesome calls to
         vm-select-folder-buffer in (condition-case ...) now to avoid a
         "Folder has been killed" error from hosing the toolbar/mnunebar
         and XEmacs permanently.
       * don't use application/octet-stream's button function for all
         application subtypes.  Added a separate function to be used for
         subtypes other than octet-stream.
       * vm-mime-attach-object: if type is nil, use text/plain as the
         type when calling vm-mime-set-extent-glyph-for-type.
       * don't fold content-disposition headers if
         vm-mime-avoid-folding-content-type is non-nil.
       * don't add an extra newline after the unfolded content-type of the
         last text subpart.
       * vm-mime-preview-composition: remove mail header separator after
         the message is encoded since the encoder won't work without it.
       * default value of vm-mime-avoid-folding-content-type now t due
         to pervasive broken Solaris sendmail installations that mangle
         the headers of messages with folded Content- headers.
       * vm-mime-make-multipart-boundary: shortened multipart boundaries to
         avoid long header lines when vm-mime-avoid-folding-content-type is
       * include the missing audio_stamp images in the distribution.
       * set version variables at startup and refer to them rather than
         calling vm-xemacs-p, etc. repeatedly.
       * vm-summary-highlight-region: overlays and extents aren't
         interchangable in this context, so behave based on Emacs/XEmacs
         version to avoid any overlay/extent emulations, and also to
         avoid having make-overlay's sudden appearance give us
       * don't fset vm-extent-property, vm-make-extent, etc. unless they
         are undefined.  This is to avoid changing their definition in
         the middle of an Emacs session and thereby mixing usage the
         overlay/extent interfaces.
       * vm-mime-set-extent-glyph-for-layout: fixed reversed colorfulness
       * vm-mime-set-extent-glyph-for-type: mona_stamp is a GIF not an XPM.
       * more overlay/extent interface cleanup.
       * reenabled internal text/html code.
       * vm-yank-message: decode text/html and text/enriched in the
         composition buffer.
       * attach image glyphs to attachment tags in composition buffers
         (XEmacs only).
       * print a warning and continue if x-vm- header seems corrupted.
         old behavior was to just croak an error and wedge the mailer.
       * vm-print-message: default count to 1 if passed no arguments.
       * default value of vm-honor-mime-content-disposition now t.
       * Makefile: default VM build type is now back to `autoload'.
       * vm-rfc1153-or-rfc934-burst-message: use point instead of
         (match-end 0) when deleting the message separator.
       * vm-rfc1153-or-rfc934-burst-message: trim excessive newlines
         only after we know that we are looking at a valid message separator.
       * vm-su-message-id: discard chaff preceding message ID.
       * vm-mime-fragment-composition: 'send -> '8bit to match
         documentation of vm-mime-8bit-text-transfer-encoding.
       * vm-mime-fragment-composition: call vm-add-mail-mode-header-separator
         at the end so the buffer could be sent again.
       * vm-mime-preview-composition: call vm-remove-mail-mode-header-separator.
       * avoid starting new timers if old timers are still active (FSF
         Emacs only).
       * vm-mime-encode-composition: split code into FSF Emacs and
         XEmacs functions.  This should avoid mixing usage of the extent
         and overlay interfaces, which loses with Nuspl's overlay.el
       * default vm-temp-file-directory to C:\ if /tmp is not a directory
         and C:\ is.
       * use insert-file-contents instead of insert-file-contents-literally
         when inserting MIME attachments into compositions when encoding.
       * if vm-auto-displayed-mime-content-types or Content-Disposition
         says to display message/rfc822 or message/news inline and
         immediately display them as text/plain.  If displaying them due
         to button activation, use a folder instead.
       * use different menu for mailto: URLs since the old one didn't
         really do what it advertised, i.e. didn't allow mailto URLs to
         be send to other browsers.
       * added reduced color MIME art for 8-bit displays that used to only be
         used with displays with 16-bit or better displays.
       * cache MIME art image glyphs for reuse to save load time.
       * wrap calls to timezone-make-date-sortable in (condition-case ...)
         to avoid crashing on bad dates.
       * gave up on using frame-totally-visible-p since it is still
         broken in 19.15.
 c8bb58a5f2d67553f4bf1303865e5da3 646 mail optional vm_6.27-1.dsc
 f2f2aa26a222ad4bf373a859f935888f 261559 mail optional vm_6.27.orig.tar.gz
 aeace292d6bb9c497ad1b7e7c5cd0de0 35786 mail optional vm_6.27-1.diff.gz
 592a4cec9c11b095215cfd3a71842255 282446 mail optional vm_6.27-1_all.deb

Version: 2.6.3
Charset: noconv
Comment: Requires PGP version 2.6 or later.


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